Tesco Visa gift cards DO now qualify for 150 bonus Clubcard points on £50 spend …. interesting options have opened up!

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For a surprisingly long time now (over six months) Tesco has been offering 150 bonus Clubcard points when you spend £50 on gift cards in-store.

Here is the Tesco webpage which outlines the deal and here is one of my earlier posts on it.

There were two exceptions to which gift cards counted for this promotion. You were not allowed to buy Tesco gift cards (makes sense!) and you were not allowed to buy Visa debit cards.

Tesco has now changed the rules. The Visa debit cards DO now count for the 150 bonus Clubcard points bonus.

Gift Card

In-store signage has not been changed so you will still see notices showing that they do not count. However, it is on the Tesco web site. Go here and scroll down to the section on Visa gift cards, and you will see:

Do I get Clubcard points when I buy a Visa Gift Card?

If you’re a Clubcard customer, you’ll earn 150 Clubcard points for every £50 you spend in a single transaction on Branded Gift Cards (including the Visa branded Cards) at the time of purchase.

I have done a test purchase this morning at Canary Wharf and can confirm that it works. 150 Clubcard points were showing on my receipt.

Visa gift cards come with a huge list of terms, conditions and fees. However, there are only four things you need to know:

A £25 card carries a £2.95 fee, a £50 card carries a £3.95 fee

Tesco limits you to £2,000 of purchases per year (not sure how this is tracked) and 5 cards per transaction

You need to register the card before you can use online or by phone, presumably to put a name on file to match up with the card details the retailer enters, but for face to face transactions it can be used immediately. (When you have registered one card, adding additional cards is very quick and painless.)

It is treated as a debit card when you use it

1 hour after buying a £50 card, I was able to use it to pay £50 off my tax bill and it was treated as a debit card with no fee.

How can I benefit from this?

Let’s assume that you have payments for which debit cards are accepted but credit cards or Amex cards are not.

When you buy a £50 Visa debit card, the maths looks like this:

Fee paid: £3.95

Avios points earned from Tesco: 150 Clubcard points = 360 Avios

Avios points earned from BA Premium Plus (as eg): £54 spend = 81 Avios

Total Avios points earned = 441 Avios, or 0.895p per Avios

This is not a bad deal. However, there is an extra benefit – you can use it to put additional spend through whatever American Express card you use in Tesco, which may help you hit a target for a sign-up bonus.

You would also get an even better deal if you saved the Clubcard vouchers for an Avios (or indeed Virgin Flying Club) conversion promotion.

There may be a better deal as well!

Reader Andrew emailed me to say that Tesco is now selling a different sort of Visa gift card. This one is designed exclusively for online shopping.

The pack contains an authorisation number which you input into a website after purchase. You then receive a ‘virtual’ credit card number which can be used online.

Andrew says that these cards do NOT come with a purchase fee! A £25 Visa debit card costs just £25, which you can pay with your Amex in Tesco! He said that he had managed to successfully pay part of his council tax bill online using one.

I have tried to track down one of these ‘virtual’ cards to test it, but I can’t find them. However, I have only been in a couple of Metro stores. Keep an eye out for these ‘virtual’ gift cards next time you are in Tesco.

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  1. Trevor says:

    I’d heard about the V3 cards before, either here or elsewhere, but never used them. Bought a single £25 card today though and tested successfully on council tax bill. So went back to buy 4 more (pity they are only in denominations of £25), got 300 CC points, and all has gone smoothly – great! Just a shame I hadn’t used for council tax and hence to get spend through on Amex cards previously, or used to keep topping up my prepaid credit card I’ve just spent a bundle on while away. Oh well, can’t know all the tricks from the start, but I’ll certainly be using these free 3V cards in the future as a when I can.

    • What's the Point says:

      I used the £12 off voucher when you spend £80 or more – bought some shopping and £100 worth of the Visa Gift Cards. So more than covered the cost of the card issue fees. It didn’t scan, so the staff member just typed in the £12 off.
      I also put a deposit down for the new Call of Duty Ghosts game (£5 and got 500 points for my troubles!) I wonder if I kept going back and paying £5 I would keep getting 500 CC points? There didn’t appear to be any T&Cs saying I couldn’t. On the pre-order coupon it doesn’t look like I actually have to go and buy the game to keep the 500 points. So 5 quid gets you you 505 CC points = 1,200 Avios = 0.42 pence per point!

      • Post on Call of Duty tomorrow. Don’t buy more than 1 of each (Xbox, PS3) for safety.

        • What's the Point says:

          Raffles – I look forward to your thoughts on the matter!
          Thanks for all the other tips and hints by the way, Virgin Upper Class here we come (well maybe sometime in 2014…)

  2. Greenpen says:

    Well, I plodded down to Covent Garden this luch time and there were none left! Don’t worry, I got them elsewhere but it is a bore paying council tax in £25 stages.

  3. Squillion says:

    I think I’ll take the tedium on the chin 😉

  4. Squillion says:

    I think I can pre-pay my gas & elec bill with EDF over the phone in £25 chunks if I find a patient operator.

  5. Squillion says:

    Looking at my timing I need 2-3 minutes to get £25 away.

    Would be interested if others are faster 😉

  6. I love this. Been reading with jealousy all the posts from US points blogs about the incredible miles that can be gained through Bluebird and Vanilla cards – now we can have a pice of the action too!

    My local Tesco had none but they’ve called round the other local stores and found some with stock. I’ll be maxing this out over the next few weeks…

  7. Love the 3v cards used it today to pay my sky bill. I purchased 10 today at Tesco no problem at the tills

  8. FromTheRail says:

    Just back from work and popped into Tesco on the way home, they had 19 on the shelf so I picked up 18, 2 got rejected which was a bit of a ball ache trying to find out which ones were the duds but the lady was a good laugh and not a dragon and ended up giving me a big roll of Pyrex stickers as well.

  9. Jonny says:

    Bought 8 £25 v3 cards yesterday at tescos in one transaction, no problem, got 600 cc points on receipt. Bought with some shopping and used ba amex
    All no probs.
    Will be interesting to see if they or how they could shut this down? They have the limits in place already, perhaps they drop the cc points.

  10. Squillion says:

    Working nicely with online payments to EDF Energy. The £25 gets posted to your a/c (and is visible) a couple of minutes after you send it.

  11. Squillion says:

    So far the points from yesterday have not posted to my Clubcard a/c. Seems a bit slow, the points would normally be there within 24 hours. Can others kindly confirm that the points on the till receipt are making it to their CC a/cs?

    • Rocky says:

      I’m still waiting for my points to post it usually takes about 48 hours from past experience

    • jonny says:

      yes, I got mine, took a day or two.

  12. Steve says:

    I went to the nearest big Tesco to work on my way home tonight – they only had 1 £50 card, but had 17 £25 cards.
    Through the til they went, 1200 cc points plus another 893 miles for using my Amex 🙂
    And there was a nice council tax bill waiting for me when I walked through my door!

    Surprisingly enough though, there was space on the rack for another 80 or so cards that had obviously been taken already.

    • Steve says:

      ~Just realised that after 2 of the cards got rejected (1 x £50 and 1 x £25) I wasn’t charged for them….. but the lady gave them to me anyway!………… not quite sure what I’m meant to do with them now :S

  13. Singing Dwarf says:

    Six £25 cards obtained from my local Tesco yesterday and a bonus 450 points showing on the till receipt – neither those nor the ‘standard’ points for the remainder of the shop credited to my account online yet though. Successfully managed to use a £12 off an £80 shop voucher that Tesco kindly sent me in the post the same day.

    Scottish Power see these cards as credit cards and so want to apply a credit card surcharge for paying the bill via this means. Neither have I been able to fund my Tesco Savings account via the debit card method – the transaction shows as declined on the 3Vprepaid website.

    It looks as though I will be able to successfully fund a sharedealing account using the prepaid card (using it as a debit card), as the pre-authorisation £1 charge was approved by 3Vpreapid.

    • Simon says:

      In my experience all in-store Tesco transactions take 2 days to show on your account, I got 2 cards on 1st and they showed on my account online on the 3rd.

  14. K SMITH says:

    I bought 4 £25 cards today used 2 towards Council Tax, wanted to use the others for T-mobile but can’t find CVV2 number, tried last 3 of activation code and last 3 of pin, no use. Can anyone help.Thanks

    • Roger says:

      The CVV2 number on the Visa gift cards is the 3-digit number to the right of the signature strip. It worked for me with HMRC a few moments agio.

      (With the 3V certificates, the CVV2 number is e-mailed on registration of the card.)

      • K SMITH says:

        Thank you very much, hadn’t checked email! Done now.
        Thanks for quick response.

  15. Michelle says:

    I’m having trouble paying my water bill online as its asking for the name on the card…so tried my council tax bill…also asks for name on card, PLUS the postcode that the card is registered to, does that mean i cannot use it for either bill 🙁 bought £100 worth to try out, then wanted to pay a couple more hundred on CT bill

    • I paid off a chunk of my council tax putting my name and postcode where requested on the card details paid. It worked just fine. Have you tried doing this with your bills? It’ll probably just work.

    • Works fine. When you register the 3V card, you need to give your name, address and postcode. Use the same details when you make your payment and it will be fine.

      • Alan says:

        I’ve managed Sky OK but Scottish Gas didn’t seem to like it. Will try again another day – they offer Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Delta all as options. First two were rejected and by the third one it said I could only try three payment attempts a day. May just use the card elsewhere.

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks for that raffles

  16. Michelle says:

    Thank you i managed to pay 4 x £25 off my council tax, i already had an account with 3V so went and double checked my addy ect was correct, which it was and used them for the CT 🙂 going to pay more off next week

  17. Does anyone know, if you buy the card with your Tesco Clubcard Credit Card do you just still get the basic 150 points, or do you get the 4x bonus?

    • Scott says:

      I would assume you get only the 150 bonus points as you get 0 points for the £50 spend in the first place.

      • Alan says:

        Indeed so. I just bought one of the £50 VISA cards (no 3V restocking, perhaps as expected, and had a discount voucher to use!)
        Grocery spend = £35.05
        £50 VISA card + £3.95 fee = £53.95
        Grand total = £89.
        ‘Tesco Clubcard Qualifying Spend’ = £35.05 – ie neither the VISA card nor the fee are eligible (but obviously you do get the 150 bonus points).
        However despite not qualifying for Clubcard spend it did count for my “save £7 when you spend £50) voucher plus I still received a 10p off fuel token for spending >£60 🙂