1,500 Avios auto-convert bonus arrives …. and an Avios / Shell / Avis promotion

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Last month, Avios was offering a 1,500 Avios points if you turned on auto-convert in your Tesco Clubcard account to automatically send your Clubcard points to avios.com each quarter.

A quick heads up that my 1,500 points posted yesterday, so check your avios.com account if you also signed up for this.

Now, as I wrote last week, Tesco messed up when they sent Avios the data file sending the names of people who had activated auto-convert.  I don’t know if this will impact the receipt of the bonus or not, although I have mine.

Don’t forget to turn off the auto-convert in your Tesco account if you don’t want future points to be automatically sent over!

Shell Drivers Club

Whilst I was in my avios.com, I also noticed a special promotion from Shell, apparently targeted at anyone who has ever received Avios points from Shell Drivers Club.

You will have a voucher in your avios.com account offering you £35 off an Avis car rental booked via the avios.com website.  There are no conditions about minimum rental length, so for a short rental you could get a bargain.  You must book by 2nd July for a rental date up to 30th November.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Avios Redemption University – Lesson 17 – What is the cheapest way to buy Avios points?
9,000 Club Carlson points (=1,000 airline miles) for a 3-day Avis rental
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  1. GlennM says:

    Just a quick reminder

    Theres a weekend only Tesco Wine special offer – The Code is XXP44P for £50 spend getting 500 clubcard points. £50 spend also gets you free delivery. This is in addition to the recent wine CC offers.

    I’d be keen to know if anyone gets away using the clubcard statement bonus and this one at the same time.

    Best, Glenn

  2. stu6278 says:

    Just checked, I also got mine yesterday. Now to switch auto-convert off 🙂

  3. Robin says:

    My son opened a Tesco club card account to take advantage of this bonus deal. He wasn’t asked for the Avios account number for the auto-conversion. So we presumed it would go to my Avios account (different first name but same surname and postcode). I guess that a new Avios account has been opened in his name and there’s nothing we can do?

    • Correct. They match by first name AND surname (hence this article – https://www.headforpoints.com/2013/05/24/tesco-has-lost-of-all-of-the-auto-convert-avios-transfers-thats-why-youve-not-got-your-miles/ )

      This is how to fix it. Create an avios.com family account between the two accounts, then in a month or so break it up. You can specify who gets the avios, so tell them that you want 100%. You have then transferred them to yourself.

      • Robin says:

        Hmm … I’ve tried to find information about Avios.com “family acounts” and failed! Are you suggesting a completely new Avios.com account application? Alternatively could we find my sons Avios.com account details, log-in, and transfer the points to my BA executive club? Or did you mean create a BAEC family account ….

        • “Your selected question

          Q: How do I create a Household account?

          A: To create a Household account, all account holders must live at the same address.

          To create a household account you’ll need to complete our form and send it back to us. To request a form you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 0844 49 333 49. ”

          To break it up later, you use this form: https://www.avios.com/pdf/removeorclose.pdf

        • Robin says:

          Thanks again Raffles, I’ll try that.
          PS I often wish your site has “like” buttons !

      • whitenoise says:

        Well this is turning out to be a right PITA! Spoke to Avios this morning and I was going round in circles. Clearly I did it wrong, but I created three accounts at Tesco with different first names, but the same surname, address and postcode.

        I had thought these would all be matched to my account, but this obviously hasn’t happened. No problem, create a household account like you mentioned. But in order to do this you need username and password for each of the accounts. I know what the username is – the email, but how would I know the password?

        I have to say Avios weren’t that helpful as the chap told me that firstly he couldn’t search accounts by email (and thus username??). Then he said that if there were other accounts in different names (which he couldn’t tell anyway), I would need a special form filled in, signed by all members, scanned, blah blah blah…..

        Is it really supposed to be this hard, or and I just doing something wrong?!

        • MaltapointsTom says:

          Don’t worry, Avios haven’t given me the 1500 bonus points yet, despite last week confirming my eligibility for the bonus, and that the points would land by 31 May.

          So no, it’s not supposed to be that hard, but it is, and no, you’re almost certainly not doing anything wrong.

        • I assume if you do ‘Forgotten your password?’ on the site they will email you the password?

        • whitenoise says:

          Yeah tried that it doesn’t recognise any of the accounts via email address or username (which I assume is the email address). Speaking to Avios and yes they can see the three accounts, but in order to disclose the password they need to speak to the account holders, which is obviously not possible.

          Maybe I should have just setup the accounts all in my name, but I thought you couldn’t have duplicate accounts. These points are now lost as there is nothing else I can do. I guess that’s poetic justice for me trying to be greedy 🙁

  4. Can anyone get the £35 voucher to work ?

    • xcalx says:

      You need to book the rental by calling Avios

      • Roger says:

        Book online by clicking on Use This. The detail is unlike Avis bookings though – not much info on car details etc.

        I haven’t priced up a comparison with my normal AWD number.

        FWIW, I had the offer, Mrs Roger didn’t. Have I redeemed Shell points for Avios? No, but I’m still discussing the award of 1,000 Avios from a qualifying transaction from a promortion in 2012. 😀

  5. Logged into my avios.com account but there is no voucher there.

    • xcalx says:

      Have you converted any Shell points to Avios, This voucher seems to be targeted at folk who have.

  6. Alex Fisher says:

    How long do conventional Tesco -> Avios transfers tend to take? I’m used to the BAEC ones taking no more than a few days, but it’s been more than a week and the normal non-bonus points haven’t yet posted.

    (Used Avios this time to get the 1000 point bonus since I haven’t converted in the past year.)

    • Should have appeared by now. There is a risk that you didn’t have a perfect match between the names on both your accounts (Alex/Alexander?) in which case they will have opened a new Avios account for you. If you call them they can search to see if you now have 2 accounts.

      • Alex Fisher says:

        Thanks Raffles – they had created a new account, though the names matched perfectly, so not sure why!

  7. Mike Turnbullu says:

    Is the Avis voucher ‘shareable’; ie any chance i could have the code? Thanks

  8. Avios have to see it on your account to put it through i think…and it’s valid from Monday 3rd June as i tried to use it yesterday for a one way, one day Dubrovnik Airport to Split Airport…only £19

  9. Stephen says:

    Do you think they will be running this promotion again at some point? Just discovered this blog – will be checking daily!

    • Something similar tends to run a few times a year. Keep an eye on Head for Points each day and you’ll be ready to jump in next time!