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The first Heathrow Rewards sign-up bonus emerges!

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I dedicated a few posts recently to covering the transition of BAA WorldPoints to Heathrow Rewards.  The scheme is now only valid when you spend money (on pretty much anything) at Heathrow.

The old BAA WorldPoints scheme always had a number of decent sign-up promotions, and the first one for Heathrow Rewards has now appeared.  The sponsor is British Airways.

(Avios is a partner with WorldPoints, and you can transfer your points 1:1 from WorldPoints to Avios.  You can also transfer to Virgin Flying Club and Lufthansa Miles & More.)

Heathrow Rewards

Here are the details.

In summary, you will receive 500 bonus points (= 500 Avios) when you join Heathrow Rewards via the BA link and spend £30 at Heathrow in one day before 30th September.

We have seen more generous offers than this (I think there was 1,000 points for a £10 spend last year) but this one is not bad.  Remember that Heathrow Rewards now lets you transfer points to other people so you could get an account in a different name and merge the points with your own.

Comments (14)

  • Linda says:

    Thanks Raffles. We’ll be going through LHR next month. Signed up today and have been credited with 100 points straight away. Will also get hubby an account.

  • Idrive says:

    Thanks! Although i do not plan to fly from Heathrow at the moment, this is excellent news as it adds a way to top up Luthansa Miles and More from Amex.
    I will signup, transfer miles from AMEX MR to BA. Then combine to Avios and ultimately send the points to Miles and More. DO you think this will work?:-)

    • Alan says:

      The transfer can only go from WP to Avios, not vice versa so I’m afraid that plan wouldn’t work 🙁

      • John says:

        Not sure what either of you are proposing. You can’t send Avios to M&M. Neither can you send MR points to Heathrow points.

        You can of course earn 250 M&M (via Heathrow Rewards) AND at least 250 avios (via MR) per £250 spent at Heathrow on an Amex…, plus loyalty points from the shop if they have one e.g. boots

        • Alan says:

          Ermm that was precisely the point I was making in my reply to Idrive! It was him/her not me that was suggesting it was possible 😉

  • Idrive says:

    Ah! that’s a pity!!

  • paul says:

    How do you transfer points to family?

    • Rob says:

      It is mentioned in the new T&C’s – I think it is simply a case of contacting the service centre. There is no online form AFAIK.

      • John says:

        And (as Raffles has said) the service centre when it was Worldpoints responded to emails very promptly and efficiently, which hopefully has not changed with the renaming, so there shouldn’t be much difficulty in doing the transfer.

  • cloud says:

    How do you close an existing account? The new layout is different and I don’t see the link to opt out from the newsletter… Would be good to close the 10+ existing accounts and go for new sign-up bonuses again…

    • Rob says:

      Opting out of emails no longer works. Here are the new rules:


      You may close your Heathrow Rewards account at any time by writing to Heathrow Rewards Customer Services, PO Box 71707, London, W2 7ZQ, UK.

      We reserve the right to close your Heathrow Rewards account automatically if (a) there has been no Points collection activity and no redemption of Points for a continuous period of three (3) years, or (b) you are found to have more than one Heathrow Rewards account registered in your name (in accordance with Clause 1 above), or (c) if as result of our investigations we believe the account is not being operated in accordance with these Terms. If we have a valid email address for you, we will notify you by email in advance of closing your account in accordance with this Clause 9. Former Members whose accounts have been closed pursuant to subsection (a) can request that their account is reinstated by calling Customer Services on 0500 844 844 (UK). Lines are open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm excluding English Bank Holidays.

  • Oliver says:

    Just wondering if anyone else has encountered problems with linked BAA Worldpoint card numbers since the transition to Heathrow Rewards. It appears since the transition to Heathrow rewards there has been a disconnect!

  • Squillion says:

    Raffles, I guess you saw the latest HR newsletter with 100 points for updating your details?

    • Rob says:

      I did – rather small print though, missed it when I skimmed down it until I saw it in the rules at the bottom!