Earning Avios with Bupa – is it a good deal?

I have looked at various avios.com partners recently, to see if you are genuinely getting a good deal when you use their services and earn Avios on the side. Click to read earlier posts on mytrainticket.com, Avios Cash Passport, Shell and Avios Recycling.

Bupa has partnered with Avios (EDIT: the BUPA deal is no longer available) to offer bonus Avios points to anyone signing up for health insurance or a health assessment. The headline numbers of Avios earned do look attractive:


Bupa By You options Collect during year 1 Collect during Year 2
Comprehensive 9,000 Avios 4,500 Avios
Treatment & Care 7,000 Avios 3,500 Avios
Prompt Diagnosis 5,000 Avios 2,500 Avios
Bupa health assessment options
Advanced Health 5,000 Avios – and get 10% off
Complete Health 4,000 Avios – and get 10% off
Essential Health 2,500 Avios – and get 10% off
Mature Health 4,000 Avios – and get 10% off
Female Health 2,000 Avios – and get 10% off
Fitness Assessment 1,000 Avios – and get 10% off


It is difficult to make a judgement on the ‘health assessment’ options, except to say that it is not worth having one just for the Avios! The ‘Advanced Health’ assessment – which I have actually had in the past via an employer, and it is a thorough check – has a list price of £752 for 2013, so 5,000 Avios is a drop in the ocean. A quick internet search also pulled up a few other special offers, although to be fair I couldn’t find one open to the general public that was better than the 10% discount plus Avios offered here.

Similarly, there is clearly no reason to sign up for the health insurance just for the deal. If you are a member of a professional body or group, you may find a better deal available through them. (Ironically, I found that Bupa offers doctors a 20% discount on Bupa By You packages for their personal use, should they have no faith in the NHS!).

Experienced Avios collectors will already have thought: “Can I cancel after 1 month and still receive the Avios?“. The answer is no, as they are paid to you in monthly installments.

In conclusion …. if you are thinking of private health cover, you might as well include Bupa in your price comparisons. Given the high cost of cover and the number of Avios involved, though, it is unlikely to be a big factor in your decision.

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  1. Raphael says:

    We already are covered by BUPA. There isn’t any way we can pick these up is there?

  2. Dr Max says:

    I would look for an alternate PMI provider – BUPA will not cover the full sum of most consultants fees and are in some ‘trouble’ with the ombudsman

  3. Mark Priest says:

    Dr Max, Who do you suggest as I’m thinking of taking out a policy for my business.

  4. Mark Priest says: