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My review of the Swiss First Class lounge, Zurich

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This is my review of the Swiss First Class lounge at Zurich Airport.

Back to the continuing story of my current US trip!  I have already covered the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport hotel and the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.  Now it is time to review the Swiss First Class lounge at Zurich airport.

After the 35-minute flight from Frankfurt to Zurich, I made my way over to the lounge.  I was not met from the Lufthansa flight and had to make my own way over to the lounge pavilion, which admittedly was not too far.

Swiss (which is owned by Lufthansa) has tried to take a trick or two from its parent.  There is nothing wrong with the facilities in the lounge, but it does lack the air of exclusivity which Lufthansa manages to achieve in its First Class Lounges.  (It is also missing large numbers of young women in dressed in implausibly high split skirts – any Lufthansa First Class Lounge or First Class Terminal visitor will know what I mean!)

The lounge is split into a number of small sitting areas, plus a combined bar / restaurant, a TV area and an open bar / buffet / large seating area.

I know it looks pretty desolate from these pictures, but it wasn’t actually as empty as it seems!  Here is one of the seating areas:

Swiss First Class Lounge Zurich review

This is the bar and restaurant area.  There were no menus available unless I sat down and got someone to bring me one, so I never got to see what was on offer.  I frankly had no interest in any more food at this point after breakfast and lunch in Frankfurt plus another lunch on the Lufthansa flight to Zurich!

Swiss First Class Lounge Zurich review

This is the open bar area.  Veuve Clicquot Rose was my tipple of choice.

Swiss First Class Lounge Zurich review

This is the TV area:

Swiss First Class Lounge Zurich review

and here is another pretty dull photo of one of the other small seating rooms:

Swiss First Class Lounge Zurich review

What did annoy me was the state of IT facilities.  There were 4 tiny offices available, each with a Mac.  However, all 4 had broken keyboards – there was at least one and often two broken ‘lugs’ on the keyboards so they would not stand up.  Swiss also felt that providing pens and paper was beyond them.

The choice of reading material was also pretty weak.  The only UK newspaper they had rustled up was the Daily Mail!

What I DID do was take a quick shower – there are separate male and female shower cubicles in the toilet areas.  The main reason I did this is that Swiss give you a pack of Bulgari toiletries to take in with you, which will come in handy back home!

Finally it was time to board my Boston flight.  As it was departing from an E gate, the four of us in the lounge heading for the flight were driven across.  A lift took us down to tarmac level and we all hopped into a people carrier.  After a drive across the airport, we hopped out and were taken up in a lift to the E concourse, where we were left to make our own way over to the boarding gate.

(To be continued ….!)

Comments (2)

  • James67 says:

    Brings back bad memories. Two years ago I had the misfortune of having to fly 6 return trips to BKK/HKG using both their J (4 times) and F (twice) products. The ever-promised new seats appeared only once on my flights and were nothing to get excited about. The service was typically cold and the meals were unexciting. Also hated the scramble for London connections with short connection times in Zurich. I don’t understand the enthusiasm many people have for this airline or airport. Only Finnair rank below it in my estimation but that is only because I’m currently involved in dispute with AY for compensation for a 12h+ delay due to late arrival of cabin crew and their failure to pump out the toilets before departure, both of which Finnair claim were due to extraordinary circumstances so no compensation! LX, LH, AY … everybody is welcome to them; I’m using Asian airlines wherever I can and I’m so happy MH has joined oneworld. Have not been to north America in two years but if I need to go east coast I would opt for SQ and to west coast NZ. I increasingly get the feeling EU carriers are becoming the same joke as their north American counterparts. Sorry for my rants and pessimism folks, thank goodness it’s the weekend 🙂

  • Me Again says:

    I remember using the Zurich 1st lounge once…there was an awfully long wait for the lift, and when it finally arrived some of the chaps rushed forward only to find the cleaner with her bin occupying the whole space (it was a *big* bin on wheels). Didn’t feel all that first class after then.

    I didn’t think to start in FRA like you though…shame.