Amex wants you to show your love for the favourite places you use your card!

Yes, be warned …. it is another weird American Express gimmick.  But I honestly don’t know the point of it yet!

If you have an Amex-issued Amex card, go to the website, log in and bring up your current month transactions on one of your cards.

Across the top of the transaction list, you will see:

  • Date
  • Description
  • Category
  • Amount
  • ‘+’ (in a blue square)

Click on this ‘+’.  You will be given the option of adding a ‘Favourites’ column.  Click it.

Distrurbingly, a ‘heart’ shape will now appear next to each retailer on your statement!  If you click on the heart, it turns blue and literally starts to pulse!

It looks a bit like this:

Amex Favourites

although the screenshot isn’t pulsing so you don’t get the full effect!

Who knows what the point of this is?!  I’m sure Amex will let us know in time!

My obvious starting point is this – since I have chosen to spend money at all of the retailers on my Amex statement, surely they are ALREADY my favourite shops?!  Why does clicking on a heart on a website add anything else to the fact that I’ve already put my money on the table to show how much I like a retailer?  I wait with baited breath to see the point of this.

(Thanks to Andrew)

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  1. Hingeless says:

    Maybe a 5 pound bonus next time you use them

    Click on everything !!

  2. There’s a bit of blurb about it when logged in to my Amex account:

    ‘Favourites’ has been created to help you do more of the things you enjoy more often. It’s a collection of the places you’ve most enjoyed whilst you were out travelling, shopping, dining, or maybe something else. Just click the heart next to places where you have used your American Express card to start building your own collection of Favourites.

    To reveal the Favourites column, select it from the blue ‘+’ menu, and then click the heart symbol next to places you love. Once you’ve selected a few Favourites you can add your own comments (such as ‘delicious seafood’ or ‘great range of Italian shoes’) to help you remember exactly what it was that you liked about that place.

    Everything is completely private and secure and only you can see your Favourites collection.

  3. Speaking of Amex – I see the x2 or x3 MR points on the Platinum card has ended – seemed to be around the 20 August on my account that restaurants stopped earming x3 – not actually made any travel purchases since so don’t know it that is continuing or not.

    • Yes, it has stopped. Seems to have been some sort of experiment by Amex to see if it drove behaviour change.

      • Oh well, was nice while it lasted, got an extra 2500 MR points from a flight I booked and those x3 restaurant points added up quickly to boost my total. Not sure it affected my spending behaviour though, was just a nice little bonus.

        • Bugger! I was loving the random points I was earning in bars and restaurants, as well as some freakish supermarket points as well. It certainly changed my behaviour in that I used my gold Amex in preference to my BA Amex.

          That’s a real pity. I was expecting to get at least a European flight out of the extra bonus points.

      • It changed my behaviour – I decided to buy lunch from a shop instead of our canteen (cash only), but too late – the bonus had ended.

        • Also noticed that when the x2 and x3 membership reward points stopped they also stopped x2 points on all travel transactions (for preferred gold customers) looks like it will be another phone call to membership rewards customer service to get them all credited.

          Not sure if any of this was intentional. Think it was more of an error on Amex part.

        • I emailed Amex when I noticed this.
          They were very apologetic and said IT were working on the known issue.
          As an apology they gave me 500 MR points.

  4. David Butcher says:

    Looks like all the extra points on Platinum have ended. What a mystery! Nothing was ever said by Amex – with my £450 due this month, it would have helped my decision if the extra points had continued. I can’t help thinking I’d get a lot more from Platinum if I lived in London but can’t justify a move there on those grounds!

  5. Lady London says:

    I’ll take a guess that what it’s about is Amex selling this information.

  6. It won’t let me display the favourites column unless I hide the cardmember column (which I need to find out what my wife has been spending my money on)

  7. What I don’t understand is why some Starbucks gave me x3, others gave me x2 and some were just the normal amount – and they were all in the same city.

  8. Filled the tank with petrol from Tesco week. Just noticed I got x 4 bonus with Amex Gold.

  9. Hi,

    I am thinking of applying for the Amex Preferred rewards gold card via your referral link. However I am my partner’s Amex BAPP supplementary card holder two months ago. Will I still get the introductionary bonus (20k+2k) points?


    • Yep, BAPP is a non-MR earning card anyway (thus OK), but also being a supp cardholder doesn’t count against you when it comes to determining bonus eligibility, so fine on both counts!

    • Yes you will, 100% guaranteed. The only cards that stop you getting the 22k bonus would be if you had a Platinum or Green Amex charge card, or if you have already had a Gold card within the last 6 months.