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You are invited to a weekend of London events sponsored by Amex

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American Express and the Hyatt London Churchill hotel are jointly sponsoring a weekend of focus group / relationship building events later this month.  This is happening over the weekend of Friday October 24th to Sunday October 27th (half-term, annoyingly).

Hyatt Churchill

This is the schedule:

Friday 25th October
09:30 – 11.30 Attendance at an Amex-run focus group
Afternoon – Optional trip to RAF Museum London (free)
Evening – Optional dinner at 4030 in the Gherkin (charged at cost)

Saturday 26th October
19:00 Champagne reception and dinner, sponsored by American Express (free, but £35-50 charitable donation to St Martins-in-the-Fields is requested)

– Crushed peppercorn beef loin, parmesan, rocket and tomato caper vinaigrette
– Mesclun rocket salad, roasted beets, sundried cranberry, warm goats cheese tart and hazelnut dressing
– Cured scallop with artichoke fennel salad, tomato confit and hazelnut vinaigrette

– Rack of lamb, truffled potatoes, baby carrots and thyme jus
– Herb steamed halibut, spinach and saffron-vegetable broth
– Spinach and ricotta ravioli, sage oil and parmesan shaving

– Chocolate fondant with cranberry compote, chocolate-chip mint ice-cream
– Winter berry clafoutis, white chocolate crumble, whipped cream

Sunday 27th October
12:30 Champagne brunch (optional, £60)

As long as you agree to attend the focus groups on Friday morning, the rest of schedule is optional.  You could just attend the gala dinner on Saturday night, in return for a donation to charity (tax deductible ….!).

Sunday champagne brunch and the Gherkin dinner on Friday are charged, but these are optional.

Similarly, there is a special rate at the Hyatt if you want to stay there, but this is not compulsory.  If you do stay at the Hyatt, there is a free champagne reception on the Thursday evening.

Note that the group will be entirely frequent flyers – it is not an event for general Amex customers, it is focussed at the ‘miles and points’ community.

I am not involved in the organising of this event, and nor am I attending as we are on holiday.  However, the organisers (who put together a similar event for Amex / Hyatt last year) have asked me to put the word out, which I am happy to do as I had decent feedback on last years event.

If you are interested in attending some or all of the events, please email [email protected]

Comments (10)

  • andyandy says:

    Contacted. Thanks Raffles for this and for all the other very useful posts. Really appreciate it all even when irrelevant as I know nothing gets past you and your readers (of which I manage to increase by one or two per month!)

  • Alan says:

    Not half term up here, but not planning to travel to London just for this – hopefully they’ll consider some regional events in the future 😛

  • Geoff Richards says:

    In case anyone is wondering if they will score some free MRs in return for the focus group, sadly not. The official response was: “There is no direct incentive to take part in the focus groups, as AMEX are sponsoring the dinner and a champagne reception. Although we are requesting a donation to charity, the Saturday night is worth over £150 per person (a goody bag is provided for each attendee), so the suggested donation represents a large saving. “

    • Rob says:

      To be fair, you don’t get much in London for £35 all-in, inc champagne, drinks and service, on a Saturday night assuming you paid the minimum requested!

      • Geoff Richards says:

        It’s true. I would’ve been happy with some MRs for the two hour focus group and not be so bothered with a fancy dinner, but that’s not their format

        • andy21 says:

          Yes, seems a bit tight of them really – I attended a Business Traveller Magazine focus group for an afternoon (as this one is) and was given £150 cheque.

          • Geoff Richards says:

            That’s a decent return! After speaking to the organiser a bit more, they said they requested to give away MRs but were turned down. Something about there being non-UK people there as well and I’m guessing AMEX UK can’t reward non-UK people with MRs.

            It sounds like they’ve had good interest and good luck to them. For me, the benefit didn’t match the effort, this time.

          • andy21 says:

            I’m with you on that one – always happy to give my views to companies but expect to be compensated appropriately for my time – Amex is hardly a charity! But like you say, sounds like they have a good amount of interest so hope it goes well for them.

          • Andrew says:

            Hi. Just to point out that American Express are not involved with the organisation of the event. The event is about socialising and is a community and charity event. AMEX sponsor a part of the event (the dinner), allowing us to raise some money for charity. As a sponsor, they are invited to use the group as they wish to gain information or feedback. In this case, they are unable to provide a point- or mile-based incentive. We do not feel that a cash incentive is suitable – one aim of the event is to raise money for a homeless charity and the event is completely non-profit. This is the second time that AMEX have sponsored the event and their support is really valuable. We give hundreds of hours of our time to organising the event and request that those who wish to attend and are able to give 2 hours of their time to a focus group.

          • Geoff Richards says:

            That makes a lot more sense. Thanks for the clarification, Andrew.