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600 Avios for £5 if you pre-order Destiny in Tesco … or not?

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There have been some excellent deals in Tesco recently for pre-ordering video games.  The last couple (see here and here) were very generous – you paid £5 to reserve a video game (which you, ahem, forgot to collect) and received 500 bonus Clubcard points.

The latest offer is now available – or is it?!  The video game is called Destiny:


If you pre-order online (paying the full £40) you will receive 500 bonus Clubcard points, so 1,200 Avios or 1,250 Flying Club miles.

Far better, though, is to pre-order in-store.  You are looking for an empty box in the video games area, which scans at the till – you don’t take the plastic box home though!  You are charged £5 and you receive a coupon which allows you to pick up a copy on the day of release, with a £5 discount.

You will also receive 250 Clubcard points, which are added to your account immediately on the receipt.

So far, so simple.  Tesco ran a lot of press ads on Tuesday promoting this offer.

However …..

The Tesco website only shows 250 points for ordering online, not 500

If you pre-order it instore, you do not receive any bonus points at all!  Only 5 base points.

Clearly the right hand of Tesco has no idea what the left hand is doing, which is unfortunate when the left hand is running up thousands of pounds of bills for newspaper advertising.

I’m sure it will sort itself out, but do NOT do any in-store pre-orders until we know it is working properly.  The offer runs until 27th October.

Do NOT buy more than one copy of each version (there are different versions for different consoles) per Clubcard.  Tesco is likely to remove multiple purchases from your account.  In any event, whilst this is not a bad deal, it is also not a slam dunk like the earlier versions which were half the cost.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (17)

  • Idrive says:

    Anyone please post the codes, if you find them! thanks 🙂

  • James67 says:

    Sorrg OT. Will use this post to give you folks a heads up on the current half price blinkbox giftcards at tesco. These do not appear to attract the 150 bonus clubcard points for spending £50 on giftcards. Yesterday I bought 2x£15 itunes cards plus 2x£20 blinkbox cards plus 2L milk for total £51 39. I got only 1 point. I guess blinkbox cards are treated as tesco cards.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for that James. I was in two minda whether to write about the Blinkbox deal as its not directly relevant.

    • Sinizter says:

      You need to have a total of £50 after discount for it to attract the 150 points.
      I found out the hard way when there was a 20% off for Mother’s Day or some such.
      While I personally have not bought any BlinkBox vouchers to confirm whether they are available, you definitely need to have over £50 after the discount.

      • James67 says:

        I did meet the £50 after discount.

        • Sinizter says:

          Sorry. I only just double checked the figures. I guess the BlinkBox cards do not attract the bonus points. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

          • James67 says:

            No problem, it was a vid point in event they did attract bonuses. Iwas a little disappointed ut didnt take it further like Susan did.

  • Susan says:

    Worth checking what the blinkbox cards actually cost you on the receipt.

    I bought one a couple of months ago as part of a combination with an odd number of 3Vs but it scanned and charged at £5 less than the face-value putting me below the trigger level for the extra CCs (this was not an advertised special deal) but it credited the full amount when I used it on my blink box account. There’s something in the small print on the back of the card about this – Went to the customer service desk to query and explained to a bemused staff member why I was disappointed to be paying less than the face value – CS lady was sympathetic and “because I’d tried to meet the eligibility in good faith” posted the 150 CCs direct to my clubcard anyway.

  • Mike Turnbull says:

    Back to Tesco, has this offer now been sorted ?