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Exclusive: Amex ‘Small Business Saturday’ cashback details revealed

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Two months ago, I ran this post on ‘Small Business Saturday’.  This has been running in the US for a few years, and is a nationwide attempt to promote smaller retailers.

It is of interest to Head for Points readers because American Express is the main sponsor.  In the US, Amex offers generous discounts on transactions made on the day.

As per my original post, the first UK ‘Small Business Saturday’ will be on Saturday 7th December.

I have now found out what the American Express promotion will be.

Small Business Saturday

For all purchases made at participating shops on the day using an American Express card, you will receive a £5 statement rebate.  The minimum purchase required will be £10. 

The exact details are not yet available.  I am guessing that you will need to register your Amex card in advance, and I am guessing that you WILL be able to use MBNA and Lloyds cards as well.  I am also guessing that it will be ‘one statement credit per card per retailer’.  (This means that if you have 5 Amex cards, you could buy 5 x £10 gift vouchers in each shop and use them for a larger purchase.)

The list of participating shops appears to be same list as was used for the ‘Shop Small’ promotion earlier this year.

More details will undoubtedly emerge from Amex as we get closer to the date.

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Comments (16)

  • PTM101 says:

    Just one day? It’s going to be tricky to earn back the Platinum fee in just one day, but will give it a go! I miss the the foursquare and shopsmall promos of last year. Discounts aside, it is excellent that American Express promotes it’s smaller merchants with these offers. From last Novembers shop small we found a number of excellent retailers that we didn’t know existed, let alone that accept Amex, and have been back regularly ever since.

    • John says:

      The Platinum fee? Do you have 90 Amexes?

      I’ve only managed to earn £10 of the potential Gold fee (tripadvisor) back so far, as all the previous offers have made me spend more than I otherwise would…

      • PTM101 says:

        Not quite 90, but with Mrs PTM’s accounts, MBNA accounts and additional cards, we have taken full advantage of recent promotions! Living in Manchester we’re forgotten by Amex when it comes to Platinum offers (unless they think all members have a second home in London), so we take any scraps they throw up here!

        • Phillip says:

          Isn’t it up to merchants to sign up rather than Amex going after them? Maybe a few flyers are needed in Manchester to get merchants more involved! 🙂

          • Alan says:

            For ShopSmall perhaps, but for the main Platinum offers it sadly seems to be just a bit of South East myopia from Amex that’s to blame!

          • PTM101 says:

            Shop small was used very effectively by Amex to attract new merchants to accept their cards. In many of the business we visited Amex had actively targeted them stating that the promotion would win new customers, and they enjoyed free promotion from the offer. It worked well as far as I can see. As mentioned earlier we have become regular customers to several businesses that I would never have otherwise visited, and certainly wouldn’t expect to accept Amex. To their advantage Amex have worked hard to build up the number of merchants that accept the card, and are starting to rid themselves of the perception that only large multiple outlet retailers accept their cards.

            Of course a number of retailers particularly those who use a third party for merchant services such as payment sense, knew nothing of the Shop small promotion and where perplexed by the sudden increase in Amex turnover! Payment Sense and other similar providers must have put all of their customers into the promotion, and didn’t tell them.

            And yes I was referring to the many London only Platinum perks that us Northern cardmembers subsidise!!

          • Mummy55 says:

            Your right! Try living in Newcastle it’s a ‘black hole’ for Amex Platinum perks!!!!!!

  • Phillip says:

    Oopsy, wrong country 😛

  • Mike Turnbullu says:

    Happy belated birthday !

  • Simon says:

    Can’t complain although reading AMEX in the US offered $25 statement credit for any purchase of $25 or more I was being greedy and hoping for a little more!

    I’m still drinking my way through all the half price booze purchased during the last small shop promo!

  • thesaver79 says:

    All details and registration form have now been published

    • Rob says:

      Good spot, confirmed at an unlimited number of £5 rebates!

      • thesaver79 says:

        The website is much better this time, by the way. I like the fact that you can filter by “Food and Drink” and “Shopping”.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks – as you say a much easier website this time. Filtering also seems to let you see a list too, making it even easier. This time round they seem to have a lot more locations outside of London – shame it’s only for a single day though rather than a weekend – predictably I’m abroad on the Saturday so miss out 🙁

      • thesaver79 says:

        My plan so far is to have three meals out that day and possibly some drinks during the day 🙂

  • Will says:

    registered. going to france on that day so trying to work something on the way down. searched around the M20 and find a Tesco store included. surely that’s a mistake given the nature of this promotion?!