£5 off £10 at Tesco, £20 off £60 at World Duty Free – new Amex offers

Two very attractive new offers probably appeared on your American Express account yesterday, although you may not have noticed.  These are a continuation of the special deals that have been running for the last few weeks.

The first is one which almost every Head for Points reader should be able to use – £5 off a £10 spend at any Tesco store (not online).

The second is also a good one if you travelling soon – £20 off a £60 spend at World Duty Free.

Amex card

These offers are limited to a fixed number of sign-ups, so you should register as soon as possible.  Both deals are valid until 28th February, so there is no rush to use them.

To sign up, visit americanexpress.co.uk (or open the Amex app) and log in.  Go to the summary page for one of your cards.  In the right hand margin of the website, you will see a box marked ‘Your Offers’.

Click this, and you will see all the offers available to you.  These two above should be included.  You need to click ‘Save to Card’ to activate the offer, otherwise it is not valid.

If you have multiple Amex-issued Amex cards (eg BA, Starwood, Gold, Platinum etc) then you should be able to sign up under each of them.  I got the offer under all three of my cards, so that is an easy £15 I will save at Tesco.

The money is paid back to you as a statement credit, usually around 5 days after you make the transaction.  Importantly, it will combine with ANY other promotion.

With World Duty Free, for example, it will combine with the ‘£5 off £75 spend’ vouchers which can be downloaded here.  A £75 spend will then only cost you £50 if you use the coupon and register for the Amex offer.

This is essentially free money, especially the Tesco one, so do sign up on as many cards as you can.  Only main cardholders can register, not supplementary cards.

(To see our complete list of all current credit card bonuses, click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Mike turnbull says:

    And another £5 off two more gift cards from Tesco, plus their 100 point bonus coupons, , aswell as other coupons I can use!

  2. Does anyone know if the Tesco statement credit is valid for Petrol purchases?

  3. Thanks!

    Just got pairs of Ray Ban’s with multiple offer combining for £114! That is their individual price at Selfridges. Nice xmas gift to myself. 🙂

  4. Got all offers including those that Worzel mentioned further up, on both my and my partner’s SPG cards (which are both pretty dormant). Oddly, I have no offers at all on my BAPP (which is very active).

    Thanks for heads up. Will be getting the Tesco benefit this weekend most likely and the World Duty Free when we travel next weekend.

  5. Can I buy a £10 Tesco gift card with this? I don’t see gift cards as an exclusion in the T&C.

    • I assume AMEX just track it as a £10 purchase in store, so I’d be surprised if they get access to exactly what’s in the purchase. Obviously only a guess, but I would assume £10 gift card would be fine.

    • Yes, will be fine.

  6. Registered yesterday for the offer on both my SPG and Gold cards. Just been to Tesco and within a few minutes received a confirmation email: “Congratulations. You have spent £10 or more on your Card ending in XXXXX at Tesco. You should receive your £5 statement credit in three to five working days, but it could take up to eight weeks to show on your account.”

    I do find it vaguely ridiculous that they can manage to identify this spend and trigger the email within minutes, and yet the credit could take up to eight weeks! Still, a great deal, and I assume I can still qualify again on my other card.

    • EvilGazebo says:

      Eight weeks should safely cover the returns period for most participating merchants – that’s why.

  7. Did the Tesco spend and received the email like Paul(1:01 pm). Logged in to Amex and the Currys PC World offer(£10 off £50) now not showing for me on Gold or BA basic.

  8. The Harvey Nichols Sepnd £50 get £10 credit is now also available on Foursquare.

  9. olybeast says:

    Done both on my BA PP

  10. Raffles … Just wondering, the current “Amex + Harvey Nichols / Selfridges” promo, are they the same with the “Amex + Foursquare (Selfridges / Harvey Nichols) promo” ?? Since both offering the same “statement credits”. Would be nice, if we can get these x 2 …


  11. I have registered 5 cards, no sign of email confirmations, am I meant to get them ?

  12. I see your World duty Free £5 off £75 voucher, and raise you a £5 off £70 voucher!


  13. World Duty Free is handy, I was going to get dad some Whisky and something for myself on the way out on Tuesday. Thanks!

  14. Adam Exley says:

    Rounded up my small shopping trip with a lottery ticket to go over £10. Ended up winning £91 in last nights draw! Awesome!!

  15. Seems these offers are member specific. As a new AMEX cardholder with only a handful of transactions it appears AMEX have yet to create a spending profile for my account, so currently I have no available offers

  16. Has anyone been able to combine the foursquare offer and the one that is on the account?
    eg: £10 off at Currys and £10 off £50 at Currys?

  17. I never seem to get offers in that section on my BAPP.

    It always says “There are currently no new offers available for this Card”.

    I was a recent sign-up though. Does that make any difference?