Buy Avios points for 0.83p via Iberia Plus!

A very interesting opportunity has popped up on the Iberia Plus website which allows you to (effectively) buy Avios for 0.83p each!

First, let me say that you can ONLY take part in this if you have an Avios balance in Iberia Plus already or you have an Iberia Plus account which is over 90 days old.

(If you don’t have an Iberia Plus account which is 90 days, then you can’t take part.  I have mentioned on a number of occasions on Head for Points that you should have an Iberia Plus account for occasions such as this.  If you don’t have a 90-day old Iberia Plus account, the only thing you can do is to open one now so you can benefit from similar deals in the future.)

Anyway, assuming you do have an Iberia Plus account which is over 90 days old, this is the deal:

Iberia Plus is offering a 50% bonus if you transfer your Avios points from one Iberia Plus account to another. 

This bonus runs until January 5th.

Iberia new 2

Most airlines allow you to transfer your points from one person to another.  However, they always charge a fat fee for this, and the fee usually makes the transaction pointless – especially as you can always redeem for another person from your own account anyway.

This offer is different though.  Here are Iberia’s transfer fees:

1 – 6,000 Avios – €30

7,000 – 12,000 Avios – €75

13,000 – 18,000 Avios – €115

19,000 – 24,000 Avios – €160

These prices are crazy, but that is Iberia for you.  What is point of charging you more per Avios for a larger transaction?!

But remember – until 5th January, you receive a 50% bonus on the Avios you transfer!

Transferring 6,000 Avios from one Iberia Plus account to another will generate a 3,000 Avios bonus.  The transfer will cost €30.  This means you are paying €30 for 3,000 Avios, so 1 cent per Avios (0.83p).

Assuming that your Iberia Plus account is empty, you will need to transfer Avios across from British Airways or to do this.  However, only Iberia Plus accounts which are over 90 days old can use ‘Combine My Avios’.  This is why you cannot take part in this promotion unless you have a old Iberia Plus account.

You will, of course, need another Iberia Plus account in the name of someone else.  This is so you can transfer your Avios to that person to generate the bonus.  That person can then either send the Avios points back to you, or move them back into their own BA or account.  (They would have to wait 90 days to do this if it was a new Iberia Plus account.)

To find this offer, you need to:

a) go to and log in to Iberia Plus

b) under the Iberia Plus menu, select ‘My Iberia Plus’

c) in the left hand menu, you will see ‘Buying or transferring Avios’ at the bottom

There is obviously a bit of faffing around to do here, but – fundamentally – it should be very straightforward.  As long as you are transferring in chunks of 6,000 Avios each time, you will be paying just 0.83p per ‘new’ Avios generated.

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  1. It’s a reasonable price albeit less straightforward the the offer

    • do you know how it works? i went across that last month but i do not understand how they handle the fees and if that’s trustworthy, anyone did it?

  2. Mike Turnbull says:

    Would somebody care to do a back to back with me ? To post them over, you need first and last names and email address of recipient and of course the IB number. I am ready to push the button now if anybody is interested.
    ( nb I guess Raffles would be good enough to forward on this sort of detail unless there is an easier way to ‘get together’)

  3. Wel the first 5 movements were immediately. The last 2 did not get out for the moment.

    • Hi Manuel,

      I have exactly the same issue, 5 transfers went fine, but number 6 and 7 are ‘stuck’. Got confirmation number on the screen, but no email. Checked with CC company and they informed me I was charged for transaction 6 and 7. Looks like Iberia Plus / have a validation/lock after 5 transfers…

  4. thesaver79 says:

    I would like to take advantage of this…. but I don’t have a second account I can use. I would be up for doing it with someone from here, provided that Raffles can vouch for their identity 🙂

  5. Mike Turnbullu says:

    If there are no objections I am going to post my Iberia details here for someone to post me 6k (9) and I will reciprocate. Time is running out.

  6. Johnny5a says:

    looks like an issue, i’ve only just got back from hols

    “Important information
    Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to combine your Avios online due to a technical error. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes you. Please contact your local Executive Club service centre to combine your Avios.”