Avios sale – 2nd list of '50% off hotel' deals NOW LIVE inc London

(EDIT:  The sale is now live!  Click here for the ba.com booking site.)

(EDIT 2:  Avios appears to have backtracked on the terms and conditions of the sale.  London hotels are only offering a 15% discount.  This is contrary to all of the promotional material.)

The fifth deal in the Avios sale launched today at noon!

For 48 hours, until noon on Friday, you will be able to book selected hotels using your Avios points for 50% off the standard rate.

(Don’t forget that, until noon today, you can still book flights to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Jersey, Lisbon, Madrid, Nice and Rome for just £1 of taxes.  Click here for full details on that deal.)

The list of cities available will be:

  • London
  • Venice
  • Edinburgh
  • Guernsey
  • Florence
  • Milan

You will be able to book for stays up to 30th September.

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Is this a good deal?

This is a great deal, because you are getting a 50% discount on what is already a competitive price.  Be very clear about this bit.

However, because Avios is reducing BOTH the ‘pay with Avios’ and ‘pay with cash’ rates, it does NOT necessarily make sense to pay with Avios.

If you do the maths, you will see that your Avios are being valued at 0.57p each.  This is not great, to be honest.  I would recommend, unless you are Avios-rich and cash-poor, that you pay cash for your room and save your Avios for a better-value redemption.

How to book

There were some issues with the hotel booking websites when this offer ran last week.

In theory, you can book either via avios.com or ba.com, using their ‘spend your Avios on hotels’ links.

Last week, the avios.com booking page was flakey and did not display many of the participating hotels.   The ba.com booking link is here, you may want to try both.

The participating hotels are often not clearly marked – you need to work it out by looking at the price they want and then comparing with Expedia.


The small print says “Amendments and cancellation are permitted subject to the Avios cancellation and amendment terms where a fee as stated on avios.com will apply.”  This appears to be a £25 fee for cancellation with 72 hours of arrival with all Avios and cash returned, although PLEASE clarify this before booking.

Good luck – there should hopefully be some good deals available.

(One final point.  Redeeming Avios for a chain hotel via avios.com, or paying for one via Expedia, is likely to mean that you will not earn hotel points from your stay.  You may also not receive any status benefits.  You should bear this in mind when booking, especially if your status would otherwise get you free breakfast or free internet.  For what its worth, Hilton is generally seen as the best chain for giving you your status benefits when booking via a third party.)

Triple Avios with Le Club Accorhotels (Novotel, Sofitel, Ibis) to 31st March
25% bonus when you buy, transfer or gift Virgin Flying Club miles (as low as 0.75p!)
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  1. It looks like someone has hastily added in “up to” in the T&C’s on the BA site ba.com/ecoffers. I’d hazard a guess that this wording wasn’t there originally…

  2. Rich. S says:

    Very shabby deal. They must have taken a hit last week…

  3. I’m quite disgusted also, after seeing some great offers in European cities last week I held out for a two night stay in London. Like others have said, the prices are more expensive than booking them direct with the hotel… Not a penny to be saved. It is really misleading for them to change the promotion in the middle of the game!

  4. Waribai says:

    “Dems the breaks” We saw some amazing deals last week thanks to the glitches and many of us managed to get Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental at amazing prices. Yes, it is underhand of BA this time round but for me life’s too short to be fretting about such a trivial issue!

  5. Does anybody have the original advertising? I booked flights to Venice yesterday, because I’d be able to get 50% off the hotel prices. All I can see through the link above on ba.com are avios rates, including car hire. Are there any discounted cash rates? I know it’s a bit petty, but I’m going to have a whinge about this with them. I’d have booked flights to Dubrovnik had it not been for the Venice hotel offer.

    • Have you checked avios.com? They are not showing inclusive cars.

      • Great – thanks Raffles. I try to use BA.com wherever possible (if only because of the 3 avios per £1 on the BA Amex), but it seems Avios.com has a MUCH greater selection of hotels, and doesn’t insist on taking a hire car.

        The hotel I’ve booked via avios.com does have a decent discount, to be fair. 25% is not to be sniffed at, but obviously the fact that the sale was advertised as 50% off does sour it somewhat.

  6. I booked 2 nights in Florence in April 2014, using Firefox (46700 Avios >> 23850)

    Below failed for me
    Using BA.com and Avios.com in IE AND Chrome @@ not sure why, I don’t see 50% off rates at all
    I could see 50% off on Avios.com but couldn’t successfully book

    Hotel offers in Milan and Venice are very bad so I didn’t bother changing my existing reward stays

  7. To be fair to BA and Avios (unless there was that mistake on the BA website on the launch day) did not say to anyone that it would be 50% of the hotels, it was an unauthorised leak.

    • It was meant to be 50 per cent. They changed the text yesterday AFTER 12 o’clock.

      The person who changed it didn’t even do it properly – if you look at ba.com/ecoffers and click through, one mention of ’50 per cent off’ has been changed to ‘up to 50 per cent off’ whilst the second reference still says a firm ’50 per cent off’.

      I suspect the fact that none of the offers were available before noon, unlike the other deals, was part of this, as everything was repriced.

      Interestingly, someone sent me some prices he wrote down last Monday for Venice for a specific weekend. These hotels have actually gone UP in price for the ‘sale’!

      My best guess at explaining all this will be published on Saturday ….

  8. Raffles,

    I did 6 pre-sale costings- London hotels for 8/2/14.

    Once the sale had gone live, 2 of the hotels became more expensive.

    It became evident fairly soon(to me) that the London offers were not at a 50% discount and more like 15%.

    I look forward to your overview in due course,

    Many thanks,