Half-price Priority Pass back on Amazon Local

Just a quick heads up that Amazon Local, the ‘daily deals’ / Groupon-style Amazon subsidiary, is repeating the offer it ran last November to get a Priority Pass for half price.

The link to buy is here.

Priority Pass is a network of 600 airport lounges across the globe. Some are run independently whilst others are ‘official’ airport lounges which are happy to sell seats to the general public.

In the UK, the lounges run from dire (Servisair Terminal 1 at Heathrow) through to fantastic (the No 1 Traveller lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 and Gatwick North and South).

Priority Pass

If you are an American Express Platinum member, you receive 2 Priority Pass cards – each admitting two people – for free. These cards also allow unlimited lounge visits.

For everyone else, there is the option of buying a Priority Pass card and then paying for individual lounge visits. The standard cost of a 1-year Priority Pass is £69, but via this Amazon Local deal you pay just £34.

This does not include the cost of your lounge visits, of course. You will still need to pay your £15 per visit, per person.

(Amazon is also offering a £49 version of the deal which includes one free lounge visit.  This is absolutely no different in total cost to buying the £34 version with no visits!)

Whether this makes sense for you depends entirely on what airlines and airports you use. The biggest users of Priority Pass, I think, are companies who gives passes to their employees as a trade-off for having to fly economy.

For an individual, it might make sense if you did – say – 15 visits over a year. This would amortise the cost per visit, including the card fee, down to £17. Only a small number of lounges would be worth that, however – and the more stays you do, the more sense it makes to get an Amex Platinum to get a free Priority Pass. It is also worth remembering that the No 1 Traveller lounges at Heathrow and Gatwick are ‘pay to enter’ for anyone, albeit for more than £15.

On the other hand, if you have been considering cancelling your Amex Platinum, this deal could be a way of retaining the Priority Pass benefit at a fraction of the cost of the Platinum card.

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  1. takke says:

    Do remember that it’s also possible to buy PP cards for more visits directly from them.
    Based on 15 visits, with this deal, 15x£15 + £34 = £259
    With Priority Pass, you can get 10 visits for £159 with 10% off deals widely available… 5x£15 + £159*0.9 = £218.10
    Or unlimited visits, again with a 10% off, £259*0.9 = £233.10 which is what I would go for out of these three options…
    Do just note that neither of the priority pass cards let you bring in guests for free – they’re always £15 each

    • For comparison Amex Platinum gets you two Priority Passes as part of the £450 fee (main + supplementary card holders), each of which allows unlimited visits for the holder and one guest.

      Note that some Lounges turn away PP holders when busy, e.g. the No. 1 lounges. So if you want guaranteed access you may be better off paying a bit more to book direct.

      • Idrive says:

        correct, i could not enter Gatwick recently. I then went to Aspire lounge

      • Andy P says:

        And Natwest Black Legacy gives you two unlimited Priority Passes as part of the £240 fee (main + supplementary card holders).

    • Has anybody used this 20% discount offer from Avis ?


  2. signol says:

    Don’t forget to check the Barclays Premier account and its Airport Angel card perk.

  3. With Heathrow Rewards you can get a Priority Pass card with 10 visits for £129 plus 75 reward points or an unlimited visits one for £219 plus 100 reward points. As far as I recall you can get a free 100 Heathrow reward points just for signing up to Heathrow Rewards.

    The Amex Preferred Rewards Gold card (which is free for the first year) comes with a Lounge Club card including two free visits. From what I remember additional visits are £15.

    Executivelounges.com have a 12 month card for Servisair Lounges for £249.99 that allows unlimited visits including a free guest.

    I think there may be one or two other bank accounts/credit cards that give some sort of lounge access.

    • takke says:

      Good point re Heathrow Rewards – I knew there was an offer but wasn’t sure whether it was worth it, looks like it is though.

      In terms of bank accounts offering access, Barclays Premier as mentioned earlier (and I think another Barclays account as well, albeit still with a fee?), Natwest Black, and Co-Op Privilege Premier (no longer available to new applications, 4 free visits per year) are the ones I am aware of.

  4. aceman says:

    When I cancelled my amex platinum (years ago) I got a letter from PP asking for a credit card number and moving me to the pay as you use model. Might be worth timing the pro rata cancellation!

  5. Andrew s says:

    Priority pass is a god send if you have to fly low cost. As another poster called out, the ability to buy a 10 visit pass for £120ish is good value.

    I will be doing this when i get around to cancelling my Amex platinum – problem is i always seem to have another trip in the short term so keep hanging on to it!

    • Andy P says:

      This is the dilemma though. Travelling long haul business when the company pays is fine. In our case, the company pays Business for trips between London and Hong Kong ( it’s a bank with large offices in both) but for personal travel, I just can’t justify taking a family of four business class!

      As such, it’s economy all the way and the little extras like lounge access and Business Class check-in make it all slightly more bearable after the oasis of Business!

  6. Oliver says:

    On the topic of lounges I’m flying from Gatwick South shortly and have the option of using either the No1 Traveller Lounge or the Servisair Aspire lounge – is one clearly better than the other? I noticed Raffles mentioned it as fantastic above but this is the first time I’ve heard someone not complaining about slow service and the like..

  7. The TasteCard gives 2 for 1 access to many lounges at the walk-in rate. It is free for 30 days or £80 for the year. This may work-out cheaper for two people than the above PP options.

    Also ask about tie-ups with credit cards. I was recently able to use a lounge at Istanbul Ataturk domestic terminal for around £6 instead of €30 just for paying by Mastercard. This is not advertised.

    • craig says:

      Hi-Life Diners Club card offers the same for No.1 lounges, or 20% for Servisair lounges (so around £16). You can pick up the card on your smartphone for just £5 worth of Tesco CC vouchers. Well worth it!

  8. Waribai says:

    I was at Gatwick North a couple of weeks ago and was counting on getting a bacon roll in the Ba F lounge. Kitchen was out of action, but they were giving away vouchers for the restaurant on the main concourse. We didn’t fancy traipsing down there with a toddler in tow so we opted for the No 1 lounge on the floor below. They did have hot food but……..it was very crowded and a long wait and looks a bit worn and tatty now. The problem with a lounge that you can pay to get into is well…lots of people are doing just that! It’s a great business concept as it entices the aspirational desires of most people but TBH it was far from relaxing!
    We had a bite to eat and then headed back upstairs to the BA C lounge which has a better spread IMO albeit no hot food. If you don’t have status the No. 1 is not a bad option I guess.
    Also this was the last Saturday of half term and even the F lounge was full too!

  9. steve says:

    My PP cards, which came with my Platinum card, have a 3 year expiry date – I presume that if I cancel the Amex card now, then they’ll still be good for the next 24 months?

    • Brendan says:

      No they are cut off.

    • No. The cards are only valid as long as they have a credit card guaranteeing them to pay for guest visits. When you cancel Plat the card no longer has a credit card guarantee so it is cut off. PP will not let you swap in another card.

  10. Luc Charmasson says:

    “If you are an American Express Platinum member, you receive 2 Priority Pass cards – each admitting two people – for free” this is only if you have a supplementary platinum Amex card right? It’s only 1 PP card if you only have 1 Amex card?