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Free AppStore travel apps for UK Amex cardholders

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You have just two days left to download a number of decent iOS apps for free via Amex Handpicked.

Amex launched this a few weeks ago.  I actually downloaded a few of the apps with a view to writing about them after I’d tried them out.  Then I forgot …..!   Luckily reader Stuart gave me a nudge this week.

The Amex Handpicked website is here.


There are six apps available for free download:

Shazam Encore (the £4.99 premium version)

Spark Camera (usually 69p)

Barefoot World Atlas (aimed at children, usually £2.99)

FlightTrack 5 (usually £2.99)

iTranslate Voice 2 (usually £1.49)

Weather HD (usually £1.99)

FlightTrack offers real-time departure information for all of your flights, informing you of delays and gate numbers direct to your phone.  I have a couple of flights next week so I will see how this fares.

My daughter has enjoyed playing with Barefoot World Atlas.  It is a child-friendly atlas app, with the spinning globe interspersed with major global landmarks and offering more information on them if clicked.

You need to download the apps by 31 May, so don’t delay if you are interested.

(Remember that you can download the apps and immediately delete them.  Should you want to download any of them again in the future, Apple will not charge you a second time.)

You will need to give an American Express card number (MBNA and Lloyds Amex cards are OK) in order for the downloads to work.

Comments (18)

  • Mark Pickering says:

    Nothing for android users?

    • Frenske says:

      Some are free on Android anyway (probably with adds).

    • Alan says:

      Nope although I received the credit on my account when I pointed this out to Amex!

      • grex9101 says:

        How did you manage that?

        • Alan says:

          I just complained to them via the webform re the iOS bias. I was more just wanting to make the point (the Android Amex app is also less functional than the iOS one), but they offered me the credit!

    • Paul Lakin says:

      I doubt they will offer this on android because google don’t accept amex as a payment method.

      • Sully says:

        Yes they do – although they only seem to take my MBNA Amex and not my Amex Amex

        • Paul says:

          How odd.
          Google say they only accept Amex in the US. I assumed this meant they only accept Amex for dollar transactions (because you can add a uk Amex to your account, it just doesnt work when you try to buy something).
          Perhaps what they have actually done is just blocked the uk card ranges, and have missed MBNA.

  • Gavin Cooper says:

    Thanks for the tip, I’ve been looking at purchasing FlightTrack 5, nice freebie. Does AMEX run this promotion a lot, as I have never seen it advertised on their website?

  • Roger says:

    This seems to be an Apple promotion accessed via Apple’s ITunes.

    Something similar is happening at the Telegraph whose possibly helpful destination apps are only available to Apple users.

    The market leader is Android whose users are excluded from these selective promotions ostensibly from AmEx and the Telegraph. Pity.

    • Oli says:

      Amongst Amex holders and Telegraph readers I would guess that the ‘market leader’ is not Android.

      • Roger says:

        That may or may not be true. Fact is, I am excluded from the AmEx and Telegraph promotions, which hardly seems wise if AmEx and the Telegraph want to promote their services to users/readers.

        I’m hardly going to buy an iPad just to get a ‘free’ app.

        OTOH BA and many others are happy to service Android and Apple users.

  • Danksy says:

    Don’t get me started on Apple … grrrr 😛

  • jonboy says:

    cheers raffles, also used a second amex card of mine to get them for a mate. he used his email and my credit card number, worked fine.

  • M says:

    No need to give Android users free apps. Most of them will grab them for free anyway…

  • StealthMoose says:

    Hmmmm, downloaded all of these from the App Store (because they were free), only to find that you need to go through the Amex link above to register your card, in order for the redemption codes to be emailed / activated…

  • Joe says:

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