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Craziest Tesco deal ever?! 62 Avios for every 0.9p spent!

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This new Tesco grocery deal is, frankly, mad.  I’m not even sure if Tesco will honour it or not.  It is worth a go though!

Tesco is offering 25 bonus Clubcard points for every purchase of ‘world vegetables’ you make.

Before we go much further, you should check if the store which arranges your deliveries (and which could be real or ‘dark’) and which you cannot amend – is eligible for this offer.

Click on this page.  If you are not logged in, no special offer will show.  If you then log-in and the page is still blank, the store which delivers to your house does not sell these ‘exotic’ items.  Sorry!


Let’s look at the offers available for delivery to my house.  I actually laughed when I saw the price of the first few!  You earn 25 Clubcard points for every item.

The ‘bonkers’ deals:

Tesco Rocket Chillies – 1p each (actually 0.9p)

Tesco Okra – 5p each (pictured above)

Tesco Eddoes – 19p each

Some stores, but not mine, appear to have baby aubergines at 13p

The ‘normal’ deals:

Tesco White Flesh Sweet Potatoes – 62p each

Tesco Plantain – 71p each

Tesco Mooli – 71p each

Tesco Cassava – £1.13 each

Tesco Dudhi – £1.31 each

Tesco Yams – £5.38 each

The screenshot below confirms that, for 50 x 1p chillies, I would receive 1,250 Clubcard points:


I know from the comments on the Tesco post yesterday that some people have already placed orders for 99 individual chillies which is the maximum allowed.  The 25 points per item DO show at checkout, so I am guessing that the points will post as long as the items are delivered.

This offer is theoretically also available in store, assuming your local store sells these.  Despite the posters being up, a couple of readers who tried yesterday did not get their points.  It is not unusual for Tesco to have issues with new promotions – this one launched on Monday.

You can combine these items with the ‘1500 Clubcard points for a £60 grocery order’ that I reminded everyone about yesterday.

This offer runs until 22nd June – although it is hard to believe it will survive that long if they are effectively giving 62 Avios for every 1p you spend! 

You could also convert your vouchers to another partner – theoretically you could spend £90 on chillies and Goldsmiths would give you a £7,500 Rolex …..  However, remember that Tesco is now capping Clubcard points at 30,000 per quarter.  If you earn more than this, it is likely (not guaranteed, but it definitely happens) that you will lose all of the points above 30,000.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (358)

  • James says:

    I’ve just had an email from Tesco confirming that they had cancelled my order “as you requested”. Clearly it was for 99 chillies and I had done no such thing.

    Spoke to CS who said they “are not a wholesaler” so the order was cancelled. He suggested ordering 30 would have been fine, but 99 was not. Apparently it is “not fair on other customers”. Seems like a rubbish excuse; the guy I spoke to sounded fed up, but that is no excuse for his rudeness.

    Was always a long shot – nothing ventured nothing gained!

    • Rob says:

      Does buying 99 chillies count as wholesale?! That’s only a few handfuls surely!

      • James says:

        Indeed – and I did say that it seemed odd that the online system would allow me to put in 99 but not 100 of something. If they can do that, why not limit it to 25 of something as they can clearly do it. I bet if I ordered 99 mushrooms or grapes there wouldnt be an issue…

  • Karl Ransom says:

    After to-ing and fro-ing for the past 5 days with emails and phone calls to Tesco, trying to get my points as payment was taken after being cancelled, they have “honoured” me 200 clubcard points. I also have a till receipt for 326 for the same offer which has not been credited to my clubcard acc, which I will redeem once my 200 have been received.

  • PZE says:

    I don’t have many points yet (about to begin the fight) but my order *was* delivered, a day late. Reminded me why I don’t use Tesco in London, which probably makes this a double marketing fail. On the plus side, I had a fantastic okra and chorizo gumbo for dinner last night.