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1000 Clubcard points and a Finest Pizza with ‘Game of Thrones Series 4’!

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It’s good to see that someone at Tesco still has a sense of humour despite the terrible financial results recently!

Blinkbox, Tesco’s ‘video on demand’ subsidiary, is running a new promotion to celebrate the release on ‘video on demand’ of Game of Thrones series four.

Game of Thrones

For £17.99 in standard definition, you receive:

Game of Thrones Series 4 to stream from Blinkbox

1,000 Tesco Clubcard points (2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin Flying Club miles)

A voucher for a free Tesco Finest 10 inch pizza!

The offer runs until 31st July and you have until 3rd August to claim your free pizza.

There is also a less interesting offer of 250 Clubcard points for ordering any previous series of Game of Thrones.

Purely for the Avios points, this is not a bad deal.  Assuming you value the pizza at its cost price of £5 then you are effectively paying £12.99 for 2,400 Avios – just 0.54p each.

Full details can be found on the Blinkbox website here.

And a HP ink deal

This isn’t worth a full post but I will squeeze it in here.

Until July 3rd, Tesco is offering (in-store only) 250 Clubcard points when you buy 2 HP printer inks.

In the past this deal offered 500 points.  I once bought the cartridges and resold them on ebay at a small loss but gaining all of the points.  This won’t work here as the points are not enough to justify it.  If your printer uses HP cartridges you might want to stock up for personal use.

The ink deal runs until July 3rd.  It is not available online even for online grocery orders.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (47)

  • Stuart says:

    I ordered last night and pizza coupon came through this morning.

    Pre-order of games still showing 500 points on the receipt as of 11am today.

    Annoyingly 3Vs wouldn’t activate today thought. Maybe too many offers on one receipt 🙂

  • babyrut says:

    When should I see my blinkbox points appear, this whole thing could get addictive!! lol

  • needroos says:

    Anyone else had any problems making a payment to Blinkbox?

    • Andrew says:

      Only on 3v cards…

    • TimS says:

      Could be your credit card fraud dept getting a bit over-eager due to the transaction value of exactly £1?

      Mine blocked me after about 15 & i had to go back a few days later to do the rest. maybe yours is even more careful and blocks from transaction 1!

  • PJK says:

    Hmmm I seem to be having problems getting things to register on my (sole) Clubcard account. I’ve really only recently started taking advantage of these offers – until this quarter I’d only really ever collected from shopping, 1 mobile account and a Tesco credit card.

    Anyway, having had moderate success with the recent games pre-orders (managed 17 versions) I also found 20 ebooks on Blinkboxbooks which I might (possibly) want to read one day, for £1-2 each. Only 4 of them have appeared as transactions on my Clubcard account but they all say 0 points in spite of showing the correct individual cash values!

    Before anyone thinks I’ve exceeded any limit, I’m only on something like 12000 points currently.

    Oh, and if anyone can help me to register for paidtoshop I’d appreciate it – I keep getting rejected as a spammer but can’t find any way to contact the admin team!

  • Adam says:

    How long are the points for books taking to be credited to accounts please?

    • Rob says:

      None went on for anyone and then they all hit at once last week. Seems they are doing a bit lot every few weeks.

  • JamesW says:

    I have an ipod touch, one generation back from latest I think. Only goes up to IOS 6.1.16 for now and Blinkbox app needs IOS 7 !!

    Couldn’t read the books even if I wanted !!

    • TimS says:

      Same here, which is why I wasn’t too fussed about which £1 books I bought!

  • Caroline says:

    Can you combine the pizza voucher with the 2 for £6 offer? Thanks

    • Col A-B says:

      Yes – I did it the other week. Plus another Tesco voucher I had for Finest pizza meant I only paid about 65p for my 2.