Last chance to get 4,800 Avios for £20 with blinkbox books

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If this post sounds familiar, it is because I originally ran it last month.

Blinkbox then extended the closing the date of the offer by a month!

It is worth mentioning again though.  You have just two days to take advantage of the Blinkbox Books offer which ends on July 31st.

Blinkbox Books

The Blinkbox Books homepage is here.

This is how the promotion works:

You receive 100 Tesco Clubcard points (worth 240 Avios, 250 Virgin Flying Club miles) for every ebook you buy

The minimum price to qualify for the 100 points is £1

You can receive the bonus on up to 20 books, for a total of 2000 Clubcard points

The last day to order is 31st July

Here are the terms and conditions in full. It works out at 0.4p per Avios point which is clearly a good deal.

It is easy to find books priced at exactly £1.

Go into a category, such as ‘Childrens Fiction’, search by price and you will find 15 titles priced at exactly £1. There are plenty more across other categories.

Unfortunately, you can only buy one book per transaction. You will need to make 20 separate transactions to order the maximum 20 books which are allowed under this promotion.  Use a variety of different credit and debit cards to avoid your card getting blocked due to ‘suspicious transactions’.

The bonus points are posting OK so far. They post in arrears and appear to be posting for everyone at the same time. You may have to wait a few weeks until the next posting run but experience so far shows that you will get them without a fight.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. barney says:

    Is this open to non-UK residents?

  2. Kipto says:

    I did this back in May and got the full 2000 points. I have two different clubcards. Can I use the other clubcard to do it again or is it the case of a new blinkbox account with a different email address ?

  3. Idrive says:

    Task completed last night! If you want to be quicker open multiple tabs by right clicking on the book cover to buy more books at once

  4. There is 1000 points for a £60 spend at Tesco Wine using code XXKART. There are only 5,000 available and the code came from MSE so you’ll probably have to be quick.

  5. Roger says:

    Thanks for the timely reminder. I didn’t jump on this before so wanted to take part now.

    ‘The blinkbox books site is down at the moment because. we’re upgrading. Bear with us – we’ll be back up as soon as possible.’ (Their superfluous full stop, not mine.)

    I’ll try again later.

    • Jonathan says:

      It’s been working fine for me this morning! I realised that this is a good way to get to the points I want to use my 2-4-1 voucher! 🙂

  6. CountryKerry says:

    Just a heads up – I have to different club cards linked to one account.

    Did the promo first time round many weeks ago. Did it again on a different blink box account with the other club card last week and the points posted yesterday. 9,600 Avios for £40 – not bad!

  7. Czechoslovakia says:

    Got my £20`s worth, thanks Rob, another single MAN-PRG, thanks Tesco.

  8. Scott Nelson says:

    Thanks Raffles. Used the tab method and completed deal in under 5 minutes.

  9. Oh a slightly related note, as anyone got their points from the Blinkbox TV Game of Thrones deal? The book ones seem to credit pretty quickly but no sign of the TV ones yet.

    • Simmo says:

      I had an email from them (without prompting) – Saying that they messed up, and will give me the points before next quarter, and to say sorry they have added £5 to my account for my next purchase.

    • Simon85 says:

      My game of thrones points posted a couple of weeks ago. Just waiting for the lego movies ones now.

    • Fenny says:

      Yes, got mine. It took me far longer to redeem the pizza voucher, as none of my local places had the 10″ pizzas. Finally found them in Southam last week.

    • John M says:

      I also got the email saying they messed up my points from the GoT promo, offering £5 credit and saying the points would be in November’s statement.
      I had to chase them for the Pizza voucher too

  10. Blinkbox Books has to be the worst website ever!

  11. Strawb says:

    Noob question. Can you use a Clubcard in a different name to your Blinkbox account? Thx

  12. Strawb says:

    I called my credit card company after the first transaction to notify them that I was going to make a further 19 transactions of £1 through blinkbox and they put an overide system for fraud in place so I was able to use the same card for 20 transactions without any trouble. Thanks!

  13. squills says:

    Raffles et al: this dude got me thinking

    So you buy the 2 CDs for net 200 TCC points = 480 Avios = £4.80 in my books.

    Surely you can get rid of the CDs for better than breakeven?

  14. vindaloo says:

    Just did the triple whammy of Game of Thrones season 4, Blinkbox books (x20) and the Lego Movie. I was surprised that Blinkbox Books required a separate registration, and also that neither site takes Amex. Also, for some reason, my Tesco Clubcard credit card was refused for books and the Lego Movie after I’d used it for Game of Thrones. Another card took all 20 books and Lego though.

    Anyway, it all took a bit longer than I expected and I didn’t finish buying the books until about 20 minutes past midnight, but they were still showing the extra 100 points at the checkout. Maybe they’re extending the offer further, especially as it just said “for a limited time” rather than specifying 31 July as the end date.

  15. The offer has been extended again but now you have to spend £2 or above to get 100 points so it’s nowhere near as good.