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Amex offers: £10 off £50 train ticket, £5 off World Duty Free and £5 for a TripAdvisor review

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American Express launched a new batch of ‘conditional spend’ offers recently.  You will see these either by logging in to your online account and clicking the ‘Offers’ button on the statement page (different cards may show different offers) or by visiting this website.

Here are a sample:

£5 off £60 spend at World Duty Free (to 31 August) – what is good about this is that it will double up with one of the various £5 off coupons for World Duty Free that tend to float around the internet

£5 off £40 spend at Argos (to 31 August) – a trick here is to buy third party gift cards at Argos, effectively getting a £5 discount at a totally different retailer!

£10 off £70 spent at Fenwick or Bentalls (to 31 August)

An interesting one is this:

£10 off £50 spend at the First Great Western website (to 19 November)

The key here is that you can buy tickets for ANY train company via the First Great Western site.  You are not restricted to travelling on FGW.  This means that it is easily the best choice for buying a train ticket at the moment as long as you will be spending over £50 – the only exception would be if the train company you will be using has exclusive rates which are only on its own site (eg East Coast).

Remember that all of the above offers require pre-registration.

Don’t forget that the ‘£50 back for spending £250 at a UK Hilton’ offer is also still available, details on the same site via the ‘Travel’ tab.

Tripadvisor logo

£5 back with Tripadvisor

American Express has also brought back its Tripadvisor promotion.

If you link your American Express card with the Tripadvisor website and write one review (not necessarily a hotel review, a restaurant or attraction review would do), Amex will give you a one-off £5 statement credit.

Full details on how to register can be found here.   I am pretty sure that if you took part in this last year you CANNOT get it again ….. although you could always register a different Amex card.

Comments (29)

  • Kipto says:

    The difference with the trip advisor £5 credit this year compared with last year is that the terms and conditions state that it is £5 per trip advisor account thereby ruling out multiple entries with different Amex cards like I could do last year. Nothing to stop opening a few new trip advisor accounts with different email accounts though

  • Elena says:

    Sorry where do you register for the First Great Western trains?

    It pops with the offer of the achica spend £25 twice.

    Also do you know which retailers are included, i received an email saying I am half way through but I havent had any shopping done on the ones mentioned.

  • Idrive says:

    Hi i registered a couple o cards yesterday but got no email from amex, does it mean that the offer was not activated?

  • trix says:

    Can you register both a primary Amex card and a secondary Amex card linked to the same Amex account as the primary? If so, do they both count?

    • Trevor says:

      Only primary cards count, it says in the T&Cs that you can’t use a supp card and if you open the supp card on the user’s amex account you should see that the offer doesn’t even show confirming the above.

  • Trevor says:

    Anybody know if the FGW £50 ticket purchases must be done in a single transaction to trigger the bonus? Some of the other offers stipulate a single transaction, others, like FGW, don’t, and it says nothing about it in the T&C’s. Unless you’re travelling pretty far or short notice, £50 is quite a high train ticket value – don’t think I’ve ever paid more than £45 for 2 long tickets ages ago. Generally I spend less than £12 a time on train tickets, but may hit £50 over the next few months if cummulative.

  • Jo says:

    How long does it take to see the credit for a Trip Advisor review in general?

    I signed up with an Amex Amex card plus Barclays Amex and Lloyds Amex and haven’t seen any credits triggered yet. All the offers I’ve done recently have been really slow to credit, very different from the lightning speed credits I used to get on these offers.

    • Trevor says:

      Don’t hold your breath, Jo, I’ve also found they are taking way longer than normal to post the Tripadvisor credits. I’ve been waiting 8 days for an MBNA card credit and 6 days for an Amex one. My emails confirming the first reviews also haven’t arrived consistently, so it just doesn’t seem like as slick an operation as usual.

      • Jo says:

        Thanks for the reply. Sort of glad it’s not just me. Sounds like I experienced the same problem with Tripadvisor too – I wrote the reviews and received a ‘thanks for your review’ in the pop-up window onscreen but no email confirming and when I log back in to that account and check the profile page, it says I’ve written no reviews. Happened six times with the reviews just disappearing! Bit uncertain whether I’ll get the credit now even as I realise that when I googled how long it takes a tripadvisor review to appear I then clicked links through to and wrote the review. We’ll see I guess.

        Certainly recent offers have not been as smooth as Shop Small (emails always received before I even left the store). In fact none of my Foursquare Amex credits appeared after almost a month so I had to phone up and get them added manually. Worked just fine on my Lloyds Amex card though!

        • Simon says:

          I got an email confirming my Tripadvisor review had been published and I’d get £5 credit on my MBNA Virgin card on August 4th but nothing so far, opened another account a week later and linked it to my AMEX Barclaycard, did a review and the £5 appeared a few days later.