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Update on the Zipcar / Avios relationship

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(EDIT: until 30th September 2016, you can get a £30 sign-up credit when you join Zipcar if you use this link here.)

I wrote recently about the new partnership between pay-by-the-hour car sharing site Zipcar and / British Airways Executive Club.

It wasn’t clear at the time what would happen if you were an existing Zipcar member.  There is no option on the Zipcar site to add your BA details.

With my own Zipcar membership up for renewal this month, I emailed the company at [email protected] to ask.


It appears that they will not allow you to collect Avios points during your current membership year.  However, as long as your provide the company with a BA or membership number before your renewal date, you will start collecting from that point.

I have now sent over my BAEC details and look forward to receiving a few miles from October onwards.

If you want to join Zipcar, you can sign up via their website here.

Comments (13)

  • Brian says:

    On my offers page, there is an offer for bonus miles with Zipcar. I guess this must be generally available.

  • Nick Burch says:

    I’m on the “free but no weekends” Access Rate Plan. I’ve just emailed, and they said that normally the number can only be added at signup or renewal, but as I’m on the free plan they’ve added my BAEC number straight away.

    Not sure why they won’t add it mid-year for others, but it might be worth pushing as it’s clearly possible within their system!

  • Ryan says:

    Any idea whether this applies to Zip Van memberships as well? I’m planning to join at lunchtime. I’ll give it a go and report back.

    • Ryan says:

      Was told that Zipvan membership doesn’t count. I get the feeling that renting a Zipvan on a Zipcar membership would get you Avios though.

  • Sam says:

    I’m a member of City Car Club – them & Zipcar used to offer free membership if you were a member of the opposition. Does anyone know if this is still the case? Cannot find reference on Zipcar website.

    Not wishing to take advantage of Zipcar’s generosity, but only free membership & free Avios would pursuade me to join them (hell, if I could get a referral from Raffles so we both benefit that would be even better!) – simply because i’m so content with City Car Club.

    • Nick Burch says:

      If you don’t need weekend use of zipcar, then they do have the Access Plan which is free. Can be a bit tricky to sign up for – some countries have it listed, others it’s nominally only available as a downgrade

    • Rob says:

      Ironically I had a big fight with Zipcar on Sunday when they changed the car around the corner for an automatic. I had booked it via the mobile app and didn’t bother digging into the detail of the car because I assumed it was the usual one. Wasn’t happy using an automatic in London with the two kids in the back.

      They gave us another car quickly which was under 10 minutes walk away but we had to get ourselves, the kids and the car seats round there. We did get our rental extended and in theory some credit on the account – no idea how much. They are very good at dealing with complaints in my experience.

      • Alan says:

        Glad they dealt with the complaint well – out of interest, what’s the problem with an automatic though?

        • Rob says:

          I haven’t driven one for at least 10 years and I didn’t want to find myself in a tricky situation with the kids in the back and with a sudden blank about how to operate it.

          • Alan says:

            Ah OK – I only ever drive one when renting a car but find it simpler – worst case scenario you brake and press a non-existent clutch at the same time 😉

          • Waribai says:

            Glad you cleared that up. I was starting to panic thinking you knew about some hidden danger for kids lurking in automatics!

  • ewb says:

    I’ve just renewed my Zipcar membership so I’ll have to wait 11 months until I start collecting points.

    I asked Customer services what would happen if I cancelled my membership and re-joined. This was the answer:

    “Unfortunately that would not be possible as the system would recognise you as a previous member. There is no way to join the scheme earlier than renewal.”