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More free Avios via the Facebook Avios Suitcase app

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If you have been taking part in the Avios Suitcase ‘game’ on Facebook, a few more badges have been added in recent weeks.

It is a while since I logged in (August?).  The current badges are new and, for me at least, unclaimed:

Flybe – new fan

Rocketmiles – app sharer

Flight Finder app sharer

Avios iOS app sharer

Avios Android app sharer

Rocketmiles goal sharer

Rocketmiles – new fan

Avios Challenge video

Avios Suitcase

Note that you now need to share these badges with your Facebook friends in order to earn the Avios.  Just selecting ‘Only Me’ no longer works.

The above ‘badges’ earn you 20 Avios each.  Remember that these are credited to your account and need to be moved across to British Airways via ‘Combine My Avios’ if your main balance is there.

If you haven’t played Avios Suitcase before, you can earn a couple of hundred Avios points by completing all of the existing tasks. I seem to have 24 badges now!  You can find the game here.

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Comments (12)

  • Danny says:

    Although “Only Me” no longer works, nothing to stop you creating a custom list consisting of only one Facebook friend (who doesn’t mind being spammed with all these badges) and then limiting your Facebook sharing to that.

    • Elena says:

      Thats what I never managed to receive my points, because it was set up on only me.

      I see, smart move on their side! I have been trying for ages to win the rest of the new cases.

    • ankomonkey says:

      Nothing to stop that “friend’s” account being yourself with a different e-mail address…

  • Phil Huff says:

    The points add almost instantly, so there’s then nothing to stop you deleting the message the app creates immediately after…

  • HayMow says:

    Yep, Only Me sharing seemed to stop in the last few weeks/ months so I have created a FB group of 1 person (who I know never checks their FB account so won’t feel bombarded) and just select that as the audience now, as Danny has done. Now up to 27 stickers! Will also delete my Tweet and the FB posts after a short while.

  • JQ says:

    I just share it with my wife and then go on my wife’s account and share it with me.

    If I wasn’t in a relationship I would just use one of my redundant accounts – which if you have nothing better to do is easy to get up to 7 lots of these stickers…

    • Nick says:

      why is it up to 7? Are you able to link more than one facebook account with each avios account?

  • Andy says:

    Ever so slightly off-topic but a point worth raising since ‘Combine my Avios’ was mentioned in the post. Has anyone else been having trouble with ‘Combine my Avios’ on the BAEC site? For the past couple of months I have been unable to transfer anything, meaning that I have 14k of points sat in my Diamond Club account and I’m not able to do anything with them. BA on Twitter couldn’t give a date for when the service would return, but were willing to “have a go” at transferring the points for me, but I didn’t think that was really a long term solution.

    • Rob says:

      It has been working fine for both me and my Mum in terms of getting Diamond Club points across

      Have you changed any data on your BA account, eg email, which means that it may no longer match your DC account properly?

  • Rich says:

    I just shared it on my timeline then immediately deleted the post. Will report back if the Avios credit.

  • Nick says:

    Correct. I had to add my mother’s clubcard account again lastnight as she’s changed details. Transfer was successful.

  • Alastair says:

    I have 29 badges. I think that some of them must only have been available for a short time, so it is worth checking often if you really need every last Avios.