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New Amex offers: £25 off £100 at Eurostar and £25 off £50 at Argos (buy gift cards!)

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On Saturday I ran through the latest run of American Express cardholder offers – including a generous £50 cashback on a £500 Apple purchase – and surmised that this would be it for the year.

I was wrong.  A very generous offer with Argos turned up yesterday.

You can find the offer on the website under ‘Shopping’.  If you go via this route you will need to register via the Foursquare smartphone app.  Alternatively, you may find it on your American Express online account on the statement pages of one of your cards.

You will receive £25 cashback when you spend £50 at Argos before 31st December.

Only 20,000 registrations are available.  I recommend registering all of your American Express cards sooner rather than later as this target is likely to be hit.  Head for Points readers are likely to take 2,000 or so.

What should you buy at Argos?  Gift cards!  Most Argos shops stock a range of gift cards for other retailers.  Some even stock the £53.95 Visa gift cards which come with a £50 Visa credit you can pay into a bank account, to HMRC, to a utility etc.

Note that this is an ‘in-store only’ offer.  Transactions on the Argos website will not count unless they are ‘click and collect’ and you pay in-store.

You can only register one American Express card per Foursquare account.  If you open multiple Foursquare accounts, each requires a different email address.

Eurostar 6

Meanwhile, a new Eurostar offer is about to launch.  It does not yet show up online but you can register by clicking here.

The deal is worth £25 cashback on a £100 Eurostar sale (either online or at a Eurostar ticket office in the UK) before the end of January.  There is no limit to the number of people who can register for this.

Eurostar no longer sells gift vouchers online.  You can buy paper vouchers via the phone but this could well be run by a third party and not trigger the cashback.  Your best option to maximise the bonus is to break down a trip into chunks of £100, potentially booking each passenger separately.  As you can select seats after booking there is no risk of your party being split up.

(Thanks to Tim for Eurostar)

Comments (188)

  • ms says:

    Thanks Squills. Much appreciated. Will use it somewhere else:-)

  • waribai says:


    Did this a few times last week on my posted without any problems but the MBNA one registered via foursquare didn’t.
    Any chance of getting the credit? I know itch amex cards you can call their customer centre but I guess that doesn’t work with mbna issued cards?

    • pazza2000 says:

      Yes the same case at my end. I also have some small shop credits waiting to post on my MBNA, I think it takes them a little longer. I’m guessing you would comtact MBNA.

  • MagicByNature says:

    Has anyone successfully used the Visa giftcard from Argos to pay off Amex/MBNA bill? I tried both, and it doesn’t work for either. I have registered on the website given on the giftcard. How can I even know if my card is active? On the packaging, it seemed a portion of it was supposed to be torn off by the seller in order to be activated, but it hasn’t been done in my case.

    • Alan says:

      The packaging also has a magnetic strip on the outside which they probably swiped instead – as long as they gave you an activation slip along with your receipt the card will have been activated. Some financial transactions seem to be blocked – I paid in to my NS&I savings account without an issue but I don’t know if anyone has had success paying off their Amex bill with it.

    • Andy says:

      You can not pay off your credit card with the gift card,. Argos do not have hand held scanners which is what you need to use for the tear off strip. They run the brown strip at the bottom of the card through their card reader. You should have been given a receipt with an “activation successful” slip

    • MagicByNature says:

      From what I remember, I got a standard receipt and a card payment receipt. Was there supposed to be a third one? Nevertheless, the card got added to the online account and I can see the balance, so hopefully that’s okay. I’m out of the country for now so can’t test it if it works in any store.

      A bit of a pity about not being able to pay a CC bill, but I suppose it’s understandable from the credit card supplier viewpoint. I guess I’d have to use it all up on regular in-store shopping.

      • Alan says:

        There’s no separate credit card slip with Argos, that’s part of the main receipt, so the second slip was probably the card activation receipt!

  • mark2 says:

    I bought an Amex gift card for the Argos £25 back and have used it at Tesco and House of Fraser. I was amazed that it was refused at Waitrose and John Lewis. Has anyone else had this experience at these usually exemplary retailers please?

    • Pid says:

      I had an issue redeeming an Amex giftcard, bought from Amex not Argos, last year at Tescos. Strange it worked straight away when then the girlfriend used it in a shoe shop.

    • mark2 says:

      I have just hade a reply from Waitrose customer services stating that the gift cards should be accepted.

  • Simon P says:

    Does anyone know if the Eurostar offer is valid for purchases of Eurostar vouchers?

    • Simon P says:

      Sorry ignore that, just re-read the post that states it may not post.