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New Amex offers: £25 off £100 at Eurostar and £25 off £50 at Argos (buy gift cards!)

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On Saturday I ran through the latest run of American Express cardholder offers – including a generous £50 cashback on a £500 Apple purchase – and surmised that this would be it for the year.

I was wrong.  A very generous offer with Argos turned up yesterday.

You can find the offer on the website under ‘Shopping’.  If you go via this route you will need to register via the Foursquare smartphone app.  Alternatively, you may find it on your American Express online account on the statement pages of one of your cards.

You will receive £25 cashback when you spend £50 at Argos before 31st December.

Only 20,000 registrations are available.  I recommend registering all of your American Express cards sooner rather than later as this target is likely to be hit.  Head for Points readers are likely to take 2,000 or so.

What should you buy at Argos?  Gift cards!  Most Argos shops stock a range of gift cards for other retailers.  Some even stock the £53.95 Visa gift cards which come with a £50 Visa credit you can pay into a bank account, to HMRC, to a utility etc.

Note that this is an ‘in-store only’ offer.  Transactions on the Argos website will not count unless they are ‘click and collect’ and you pay in-store.

You can only register one American Express card per Foursquare account.  If you open multiple Foursquare accounts, each requires a different email address.

Eurostar 6

Meanwhile, a new Eurostar offer is about to launch.  It does not yet show up online but you can register by clicking here.

The deal is worth £25 cashback on a £100 Eurostar sale (either online or at a Eurostar ticket office in the UK) before the end of January.  There is no limit to the number of people who can register for this.

Eurostar no longer sells gift vouchers online.  You can buy paper vouchers via the phone but this could well be run by a third party and not trigger the cashback.  Your best option to maximise the bonus is to break down a trip into chunks of £100, potentially booking each passenger separately.  As you can select seats after booking there is no risk of your party being split up.

(Thanks to Tim for Eurostar)

Comments (188)

  • Robin says:

    I’m struggling to find a place to ‘add to card’ for any offer. I can see the amex logo for just one offer (not Argos), no ‘add to card’ to click. I’m a little puzzled–could mean the offer is over, but then why show it if FS works in real time? The ‘how to add a card’ instructions aren’t helpful, as they just say to click. I’ve had the email confirmation that my card is synced. Any thought?

  • Simon says:

    Has the Argos deal run out or been pulled? I registered the other day but have just got round to picking up my wife’s phone to load it on her foursquare and it’s not there…

  • Alantmcf says:

    I have a supplementary card on my wifes PP account. I made a purchase at Argos, does anyone know if it will track or does it need to be purchaed using her card?

    • TimS says:

      The purchase needs to be on the specific card the offer was loaded on to, not just a card within the same group account.

  • grex9101 says:

    Local argos only had £15 m&s, so bought £105 worth. After much grumping, and the request for a supervisor, they agreed to split total over the two gold cards – £50+£55.

    Weird thing is, the mrs. got an email that the offer had gone through, nothing on my supplementary card. She activated hers through the amex site, I had to go down the foursquare route. They definitely both showed under “my offers” on our individual accounts. Should be ok, right?

    • Andy says:

      My to purchases today that were loaded through my offers on Amex confirmed before I even left the till. The one sup card that registered via foursquare shows nothing yet, but this is normal pattern.

  • Andy says:

    Only 2 visa gift cards left on the rack in the Argos in Nottingham. took them to the till, lady swiped them, all good so far, then she presses a couple of buttons and gets a confused look on her face. She tells me the “computer says no” gets the manager over he tries the same thing and says that the machine is not letting him sell them to me, left empty handed

  • What's the Point says:

    Confirmed, all my £25 credits have now posted for my Argos spend. Even the Virgin AMEX that I linked via the useless app which is called 4 square.

    £88 in profit, as I bought 3x £53.95 Visa cards and 1 x £50 M&S card

    • elisa says:

      was the offer still on foursqquare when u used it …. i think i added it to my card but now i’ve logged into foursquare the offer has gone ?? doesn’t even say if i already have it loaded ??

      • Andy says:

        Looks like they have reached the quota. I just looked to add another card and the offer isnt there anymore. I spent £50 today in Argos with a loaded card so hopefully it will still go through

        • Elisa says:

          Thanks problem is I don’t remember if I loaded it or not ?? When/if u log onto four square today does it say loaded to card ? Or does it just not appear as the deal is reached it’s limit…..

  • ms says:

    I have bought visa debit card in Argos. When trying to settle my credit card bill with this, I got the below message: Sorry, we are not able to complete this payment. Please go back and check that all Card details provided are correct and that they match your bank’s records.

    I have registered my card online & input correct data. Has someone had similar problem?
    Thank you.

  • squills says:

    Sounds like you are not allowed to do this 😉 they disallow certain transactions esp to pay ‘finance’ counterparties.

    • Rob says:

      HMRC will work, council tax should work, all utilities etc. You can try a bank account as well but the only main one we know works is National Savings Direct Saver.