1200 Avios with £60 Tesco Grocery spend – new and existing customers

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moneysavingexpert.com has negotiated a special Tesco Grocery code worth 500 bonus Clubcard points.  This is worth 1,200 Avios or 1,250 Virgin Flying Club miles.

The rules are simple.  You must spend £60 excluding tobacco, stamps etc for delivery between Thursday and Sunday this week.  As this is the peak Christmas shopping period, you should act quickly if you want to reserve a delivery slot before Sunday night.

Tesco store

The code will work for both new and existing Tesco Grocery customers.  This is impressive as most codes for bonus Clubcard points with groceries are restricted to first-time users.

Go to the Tesco Grocery website and enter code XXMNGM at check-out.  All should work OK!

The code is capped at 15,000 orders.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Just a suggestion to take up with this deal, if you want a very nice low price Champagne, Tesco Grocery have Andre Carpentier N/V available with 2 bottles for £25.00. I bought a case last year and, IMHO, it was better than a lot of the well known (premium?) brands.

  2. Hmmm, not showing in Scotland, drat!

  3. Globetrotter7 says:

    Thanks Raffles. Code worked for a delivery I had planned for Sunday. Wicked!!

  4. Just worked for me.., good shout on the bubbly too… That’s a good price!

  5. Jon Easthope says:

    Just added for tomorrow delivery. Worked fine. Thanks Raffles. Have a good Christmas.

  6. Does this work with an amex triple point voucher? Voucher states It cant be used with a double points voucher.

    • Blenz101 says:

      Amex voucher or double points etc are only on your base grocery spend.

      • Blenz101 says:

        To be clearer – if you did a £60 spend (60 points) you could use the Amex triple to get 180 cc points. You can’t claim another 120 points by also using the double in the same transaction.

        And whichever voucher you do decide to use it will not affect the 500 point code as bonus point are not base grocery spend.

        • I had a double and triple points voucher that Tesco online seem to have allowed me use on the one order, Just waiting on the points crediting but all receipts and delivery notes have the points on them so far. I made sure it was a decent order to make the most of the offer.. wish Id know about the bonus points offer before or i would have used that also.

        • I also successfully used an Amex triple points as well as a generic double points that I got in the last lot of coupons on this order – ended up with 775 points – not bad!

        • My clubcard account has just updated and has went a bit mental, not only have I gained a double and triple points voucher on the same transaction but it seems to have been applied twice. Merry Christmas from Tesco!

    • Yes it does. It’s just combining multiplication vouchers that doesn’t. And as Blenz says, the tripling is on the base points only.

      Thanks Raffles, worked a treat!

    • EvilGazebo says:

      Amex triple point voucher? Did I miss a meeting?

      • Blenz101 says:

        If you have used an Amex card with your clubcard recently Tesco in their latest mailing sent out a targeted voucher with triple point on your next shop with the line “thanks for being an Amex customer”.

        No requirement to spend on an Amex to use it.

  7. Sean Brennan says:

    It it only giving me 500 points for £60 spend. Hmmm. Not sure if that’s worth the frivolous spend!!

  8. Cheers that’s worked for my delivery on Thursday and my Daughters on Friday.


  9. Amex triple voucher, can some explain!!!!

    • There was a coupon posted out recently which said ‘triple points on your next shop as a thank you for being an American Express cardholder’. Only triples BASE points though, not bonus.

  10. Thanks raffles a great deal!

  11. Frankie McPolin says:

    Slightly OT but very much avios related. Does anyone know if I can earn avios on a Malaysian airlines flight that I’ve booked through expedia and if so how? My partner and I are flying Malaysia on boxing day to Sydney which is a long way (albeit in economy, though upstairs on MH3 which is a380 so not totally awful I hope). They are part of oneworld, so I hoped I might earn avios, or will I not as I booked on expedia?

    • Yes, you earn Avios. With airlines (unlike hotels) you ALWAYS earn miles, wherever you book.

      You may be able to add your BA number via the Malaysia websites equivalent of ‘Manage My Booking’. If not, get it added at check-in.

      You will earn a pile of BA tier points as well.

      • Frankie McPolin says:

        Thanks for this information Raffles

      • I know what you mean when you said ALWAYS, but I wouldn’t use that term in this example.

        Malaysian have several fares that earn zero Avios, so depending on their fare class they may not earn anything. Looking at some random flights on Malaysian from LON-SYD next February, all the cheapest fares are “N” class and so earn nothing.

        • Good point Callum. To be honest I was not fully up to speed with the earnings rates in BAEC – I am surprised some are at zero.

          If that is the case (and if you do have N-class tickets) then it is worth having a look at what % of miles flown you would get in the American Airlines programme or of course Enrich itself. The problem with Enrich is that there is no easy way of topping up your miles if you don’t earn enough for a free flight – there are various ways of getting additional American miles such as through their credit card or a transfer from a hotel scheme.

  12. Peter Hart says:


    The airline added by the airline not the agent so you’ll still get them. See this post here re BA:

    So as far as I can see you just need to join Malaysia’s Enrich Blue tier and then ask the airline to award you the miles.


  13. Peter Hart says:

    Or maybe Frankie they just get awarded to your oneworld account – that would make more sense.

  14. Frankie McPolin says:

    I don’t have a oneworld account or a Malaysia’s Enrich account. I only have a BAEC account.

    • Just do exactly what Rob has said. TBH, It’d be easier to just get your BAEC number added at check in. Keep hold of your boarding pass just in case they don’t get added. You can then scan and send it to BA.

  15. scottydoobuy says:

    Thanks for the heads up just got 629 points for a £63 shop

  16. I also had a £6 off £40 shop plus if you take advantage of the 20% off 3 bottles Tesco’s Finest save even more

  17. 3 bottles of champagne just delivered!

  18. Pommyboi says:

    Thanks! That code worked for a change and I already had an order for this week which I could edit and add the code to.

  19. Worked. Lovely, thanks

  20. There has previously been discussion about double points vouchers on gift card bonus points.
    On 26/12 I bought four gift cards and a few other items earning 700 points with cake vouchers. I also used the double points voucher as I did not expect to buy much else during its currency.
    I have just looked at my statement and, unsurprisingly, I did not receive an additional 700 points.
    I did, however, receive 108 extra points i.e. 1 point per £1 spent. So worth using the voucher.

    Every little helps!

    • stealthmoose says:

      I’ve just bought 2 x £50 Visa Pre-Paid Gift Cards. I tried to top up my Amazon account (Amazon.co.uk) but the cards were declined. Tried again – declined.

      Popped along to Sainsbury’s and tried to buy a £50 Amazon gift card – declined. I gave the card customer services number a call. It turns out that I can’t use the cards on Amazon because it’s not based in the UK, and the cards are for UK use only. Amazon have charged my cards 2 x £1 for the purchases that I attempted online. This will take a week to re-credit to the card. The balance, therefore, was £48 and insufficient when at the till in Sainsbury’s.

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