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The disappearing Tesco / Avios competition, and watch out for the Clubcard Flash Sale

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Whilst not necessarily a case for Sherlock Holmes, I feel a search party is required to track down the missing Tesco / Avios competition for Spring.

Last week, British Airways emailed a lot of Executive Club members with details of a competition to win a meal at The Savoy hotel in London.  You would receive one entry for every 500 Clubcard points you exchanged.

A couple of days later, Virgin launched their 30% conversion bonus from Clubcard points into Flying Club miles.  British Airways also announced the Avios devaluation.

Mysteriously, the Clubcard website now features a different Avios competition.  Instead of The Savoy, you can win one of 500 prizes of 1,500 Avios points.  You will receive one entry for every £2.50 of Clubcard vouchers you exchange.

Details can be found on the ‘Tesco to BA’ conversion page here.

Perhaps someone thought that a prize which required you to get to London (flights were not included!) was a bad idea in a week when members who live in the regions have already been given a kick in the teeth via the Avios changes!

However, before you convert ….

Clubcard Flash Sale

Tesco is about to launch a series of six Clubcard Boost ‘flash sales’.  For a very limited period of time you will receive ‘enhanced’ conversion rates with certain partners.

Full details of the Clubcard Boost flash sale can be found here.

The partners are:

Cineworld (February 12th) – usual offer is £4.50 of vouchers for an adult ticket

Ticketmaster (February 16th) – usual offer is £20 of vouchers for £40 code

iTunes (February 18th) – usual offer is £17 of vouchers for a £25 code

Pizza Express (February 23rd) – usual offer is £2.50 of vouchers for a £10 code

Spafinder (February 26th) – usual offer is £10 of vouchers for a £20 code

National Railcards (March 3rd) – usual offer varies, eg £15 of vouchers for a 16-25 yrs card

We don’t know how much better the ‘flash sale’ deals will be, but if you use any of the companies above you might want to keep hold of your vouchers just in case.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (40)

  • Jonathan says:

    Shame there is no goldsmiths bonus

  • Mark T says:

    I got an email from Avios about the current competition on Tesco Clubcard.

    I had assumed Tesco accidentally put it up against BA as well, and then realised many people had converted already so couldn’t exactly take it down.

  • pazza2000 says:

    A little OT. Does anyone know of any issues if transferring Clubcard to an Avios(.com) account that is part of a Household account? I’m not sure why Clubcard don’t allow you to simply enter the Avios account number.

    • Scottnothing says:

      I had this issue as well – it’s easily resolved by a call to Avios (or by using their online chat facility). Tesco didn’t want anything to do with my missing points when I called them about it .

  • Lady London says:

    In case it helps anyone in the regions left bereft by BA, SAS just sent an email this morning saying they are introducing direct flights between some summer dates from Edinburgh to Copenhagen, and Bristol direct to Stockholm.

    • Frenske says:

      Note one needs 30.000 SAS Eurobonus points to fly from London to Copenhagen which cost 9.000 Avios with BA. I doubt Edinburgh and Bristol will be different.

      • pauldb says:

        Just though I’d take a look at the SQ price which is little better at 25k.
        OT but noticed that weirdly J from Europe to Middle East is 50k return (less than Europe-Europe!), even cheaper than AA (F is 70k). Lots of airline choice too.

  • Brendan says:

    OT but I just received response from Amex on my supplementary applications on my Amex Plat and they want certified copies of ID and original bills / bank statement for each supplementary application. Such a pain!

    • Brendan says:

      Also, at the same time I received 2 other letters from them stating that my supplementary application had been unsuccessful – neither letter indicated the name of the applicant that has been unsuccessful though. These points are going to be more hassle than they are worth it seems.

      • RT says:

        I have had all five of mine approved and so far 2 lots of 10k points have come through. (I did two sup card apps earlier in Dec and the remaining three in Jan).

    • Rob says:

      They only do this when they cannot electronically verify the identity of the person. They asked for this when I tried to get our nanny a card a couple of years ago, eventually I gave up.

  • Scottnothing says:

    Sure “every little helps” but 1,500 Avios is a joke of a prize. I’d frankly prefer dinner at the Savoy and would much (much) prefer they give the total prize pool of 750,000 Avios to one lucky punter.

    • Worzel says:

      My thoughts exactly about the 750,000 Avios!!

      • avidsaver says:

        Agree100%. 1500 Avios is a rubbish prize and I’m sure will tempt very few to convert their cc points.

        • Simon says:

          Agree too but only problem is that every quarter I need to convert the oldest ones otherwise they expire.

          Anyone know a way around this?

          • Rob says:

            Yes. You redeem £2.50 per transaction, the minimum per voucher. The rest is given back to you as ‘change’ with another 2 years.

            If your vouchers are £50 vouchers, you can get £47.50 reissued via this method.

  • Simon says:

    Many thanks. Will help me sit on them until a BA bonus period or also thinking about maybe doing Necker Island. Time will tell.

  • David says:

    The chef’s table competition is now showing on the Tesco website for BAEC conversions.