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Bonus Hilton HHonors points with the IHG Visa credit card!

If you got the IHG Rewards Club Visa credit card when the sign up bonus was tripled recently, here is an interesting little quirk.

The IHG credit card is issued by Barclaycard, who also issue the Hilton HHonors Visa card.

One of the benefits of the Hilton HHonors credit card is that, during the first year of having the card, you receive 2,500 bonus Hilton HHonors points when you pay for a Hilton hotel stay with the Hilton card.  The maximum bonus is 10,000 points.

However ….

hilton Paris Opera

A HFP reader recently stayed at a Hilton and paid with his IHG Visa (he doesn’t have the Hilton card).  This triggered 2,500 bonus Hilton HHonors points!

It seems that the Hilton system cannot differentiate between an IHG and a Hilton Visa.  It isn’t worth getting the IHG card purely to take advantage of this, but if you have it anyway – and find yourself at a Hilton – you may want to pay with it and see what happens!

PS. The photo is of the new Hilton Paris Opera

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  1. What's the Point says:

    I will be testing this theory out today – just checked into a Hilton and used my IHG Visa card as I am trying to get to 75,000 IHG qualifying points before the 1st of July.

    • Dave R says:

      Why 1st July? I thought we had until the end of the year to hit 75k points to qualify for the new top status. If its 1st July I have no chance.

  2. Anyone know if the 2500 bonus triggers for incidental expenses on top of an award stay?

    • When I first had the card three years ago I did manage to get it to do this. No guarantee of course.

      • It did work for me. I used the Hilton weekend voucher in March and pay incidentals with the Visa card.

        • Yep, I just checked and it’s worked for me too – received the 2.5k bonus for incidentals on a Doubletree Kuala Lumpur award from Monday. Wonder if it would work for purchases as a non-resident e.g. packet of nuts from the bar!?

  3. Also of note, and it isn’t worth doing just for the points, but it’s a nice bonus – I did a balance transfer to the Hilton card on one of the frequent offers that they send me for 0%, and I was awarded 2 HH pts per £ of balance transferred.

    • I assume there was a balance transfer fee which is why you said it wasn’t worth doing just for the points? Otherwise, it clearly is!

      • Yes indeed, 3% fee I think it was – the cost of my screw up because I made a late payment to the card that the balance was on and they took away my previous 0% that had 6 months left to run!

  4. James67 says:

    It probably also works with points and cash stays too. Also on subject of hilton; London Metropole now see s to be a vacation club property. Yesterday I received an email offering two nights with breakfast plus 5000 bonus points vor £229 if I agreed to their 2hr sales pitch.

    • Not the greatest deal ever! £99, yes …

      • James67 says:

        My thoughts exactly. I think at other properties doing this they usually throw in mea.s and more points. At the marfiott ersions I have seen car hire included too. Zpart from anythi g else it was a horrible stay at Metropo,e fo.lowed by Edinburgh Grosvenor that really put me off Hi,ton somes years back. Since then I have only used Hampton i UK.

    • Lady London says:

      that one is heavily discounted. their rates can be excellent with a bit of negotiation for an event. But a more unlikely holiday location would be hard to think of.

  5. Rich Spencer says:

    Out of interest, how do they know your Hilton acc number I can’t imagine they take it when you open the card?

    • John G says:

      I assume Hilton give out the bonus directly and they know your HH number.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I bet that reader at some point had a HHonors barclaycard.

    I did, and for the first stay got my 2500 points by paying with it. I cancelled the hhonors card so could churn in the future. But each time I go and stay at Hilton (about 1/year) I got the 2500 bonus, even when paying with a different visa. Even after 2-3 years.

    The system works by putting a promotion on the hhonors account when you first get the hhonors visa, and then get a 2500 credit on the hhonors account whenever you stay and pay by visa. This does not expire with the hhonors Visa card, or after one year apparently.

    • It’s me. I’ve never had a Hhonors Barclaycard, however, I did have one about two years ago on the old platform (can’t remember at all what that was now).

  7. Regarding the 2,500 points, is this only received if you pay with the HHonors Visa card? If so, then damn I’ve misunderstood some of the other articles/info etc as I thought it was just for booking a hotel, regardless of payment type. Thanks

  8. ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

    Slightly OT but anyone know once you have earned Gold via the Hilton VISA (£10K spend in calendar year) and cancel when your status has updated, do they take the status away?

    I’m trying to find more detailed T & C’s but the benefits are summarised as follows:

    Enjoy HHonors Silver status for as long as you are a cardmember. Earn an upgrade to HHonors Gold status any time your total spending reaches £10,000 in a calendar year.

    It suggests you must be a card member to keep the status but we all know it doesn’t always work like this 🙂

    • You can cancel it and keep Gold status for the rest of 2015 and whole 2016. Mine was cancelled in September 2014 and my Gold status expires on 31/12/2015.

      • ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

        Thanks Opal. I think I’ll take the risk and cancel as soon as I get upgraded to Gold.

        Do you remember how long it took to upgrade your status once you had spent the £10K?

  9. Gabbai says:

    Who knows maybe, as had reportedly happened with the Club Carlson 30k bonus for a paid stay, you could also get this bonus on a free point stay by making a small charge to your [free] room!

  10. I have had a Hilton Visa in the past and collected the maximum 10,000 points. I have the IHG visa too, I have 2 stays next week, I’ll certainly pay using the IHG and see what happens.

  11. Hilton’s only or perhaps a Doubletree might trigger it? Staying at the Doubletree Leeds on a rewards night so it’s already “paid” (just taxes), but I’ll try and put a couple of drinks on the room, pay with my IHG Visa and report back.

  12. Sididdly says:

    I recently took out the IHG card for the 60k sign up with no particular intention to use it extensively. As an IHG Platinum I had no targets to hit but the new elite level made me decide that it was worth putting 7.5k on the card to get there and then obviously another 2.5k for the free night would be a no brainer. As a frequent traveller staying at Hiltons I will be interested to see if my last three stays paid for with my IHG card post.

  13. What's the Point says:

    I can confirm that a 2,500 Visa bonus has appeared in my Hilton account when using the IHG credit card to pay for a points and cash stay at a Hilton!

  14. What's the Point says:

    I also got 4,000 points for a free night redemption at the Waldorf – based on the 2 current promos running!