£5 cashback on £10 Post Office spend with BA, SPG etc Amex cards

American Express has launched a new cashback deal in association with the Post Office – and a pretty generous one at that.

I wrote back in April about how the Post Office had begun to accept Amex cards.  This offer is presumably part of that deal.

You can receive £5 cashback on your American Express card when you spend £10 at a Post Office before 29th July.

Post Office

At the time of writing this deal is NOT on the cardmemberoffers.co.uk website.  This means that you can only access it via the ‘Offers’ section of your online American Express statement.  Only Amex-issued American Express cards (Gold, Platinum, BA, SPG, Nectar etc) will count.

You cannot register supplementary cards separately because the offer is only visible via the online Amex account of the main cardholder.

20,000 registrations will be accepted.  Given that you have two months to make a £10 purchase, it would be sensible to register all of your applicable cards.

The obvious thing to purchase is £10 of stamps, but any purchase for which American Express is accepted at the Post Office will do the trick.  Most Post Offices sell ‘One4all’ gift cards, usable in many High Street retailers, which is another possible option.

The main restriction is that online transactions and transactions made via a self-service machine in a Post Office branch do not count.

If you only have an Amex card issued by MBNA, Lloyds or TSB don’t be too concerned – there is a decent chance that this offer will eventually migrate to the cardmembersoffers.co.uk site.

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  1. Lionel says:

    I’ve got 5 on mine but 4 are useless.

    Other people seem to be getting 12% on Shell which would be good

  2. Lionel says:

    I shouldn’t hang about on the free £50 for Gold cardholders (travel) – there are only 5000 up for grabs.

    Too good to be true, really. (See earlier comments here).

    A genuine free £50 for virtually all of us 🙂

    • polly says:

      Let’s hope the plat card holders get our offer later this week. It’s a really good one. Got our CPH raddisson down to £58 for our overnight in October. Just need the plat offer now for night on the way back!

      • Lionel says:

        Yep. Luckily it has gone down like a lead balloon on the people’s deals site so not much competition from there. The users don’t get it/ appreciate it.

        I get the impression Amex marketing doods watch registration rates then roll out deals a bit more widely when it looks like they won’t hit capacity very soon.

        Might just be a window for supps though I guess plats would be higher up the pecking order. They (plats) should have been higher in the first place, I guess – makes me think maybe there’s hope yet for supps as maybe thinking is plats are catered for well enough already and no need for them to get every deal first if at all.

      • Lionel says:

        CPH Radisson £58 sounds a bit like £100+ off not £50 off

        • Polly says:

          Basic room! But we have status with our plat cards which will give us an upgrade. Def a bargain!

        • Lionel says:

          Sounds good.

          Is there a place for him & her to have separate Gold cards, given the deals? Ie x2, no supp.

          Is there a place to enrol a few kids/ the dog as supps, given the deals?

          I’m certainly reconsidering cancelling, waiting 6 months, re-applying. The deals are too good to miss.

        • Polly says:

          We wish, we refer each other each year for plat, so always one main plus supp, and our daughter gets a gold every 20/12 sadly, holds it for a year, then cancels, then applies after 8/12. Usual pattern on this site. So answer is no, unfortunately. Or you both hold it for a year, etc. etc

  3. Waribai says:

    With the Amex deal, I’m looking at a £200 hotel booking. Any chance do you think of splitting it across my card and my wife’s card to get £100 off?

    • Not unless it’s £100 per night for 2 nights

      • Waribai says:

        No…it’s £200 per night but I thought they might split it if I phoned them up!

        • Lionel says:

          It might work as I don’t think there’s the slightest chance the Amex machine does anything but recognise a qualifying transaction over £100.

          x 2

  4. Lionel says:

    Bought a £10 One4all giftcard (which already triggered my £5) but I have currently got a zero balance.

    Was planning to buy a £10 Amazon voucher.

    Apparently you need to wait 24 hours for the balance to show.

    • mark2 says:

      I bought two yesterday and 25 hours later they still don’t work.
      Will keep trying, and hold off on the other cards.

      • Lionel says:

        Bit odd but the PO is clearly beyond reproach etc

        Also the fact that their website doesn’t seem to mention 24 hrs wait before activation…

        Got my receipt in any case.

        • Lionel says:

          My £10 balance was there this morning.

          FAILED in buying a £10 Amazon giftcard.

          SUCCEEDED in buying a £9.01 giftcard.

          FAILED in buying a 98p giftcard.

          Still showing a 99p balance, not sure what the issue is. (I thought the 99p transaction charge would be applied to my £9.01 purchase but this does not seem to be the case.)

        • Lionel says:

          Very odd, after several failed transactions, now my 99p balance was fine to buy another giftcard.

          Reported elsewhere that you can phone up Amex and get supps manually added for the Post Office offer.

        • Amazon puts a 99p temporary charge on your card as a fraud measure. After a week it will fall away.

        • mark2 says:

          If you go to this page https://www.one4allgiftcard.co.uk/amazon you can buy an Amazon gift card for the balance of the card. They give you a code to enter into the Amazon site.

        • That works fine, I did it last year to empty the last £5 on a one4all.

  5. Be careful if you put the Post Office spend through as Contactless. I bought four One4All cards on Saturday, once as a Chip & Pin transaction and three as contactless.

    The contactless transactions haven’t registered even though they are now showing – the offer status is still showing as ‘saved to card’ not ‘redeemed’.

    Have asked Amex to investigate.

    • I have had this same issue. I paid via contactless yesterday & the £5 credit hasn’t been acknowledged. Still showing as “Saved to card” on my Etihad Amex

    • Roger says:

      Me too, I think. I bought 4 on 4 different cards (and – probably unnecessarily – 4 different e-mail addresses and passwords 🙁 ). 2 credits have been made; 2 not (I waited for statements.)

      I need to claim for 2x retroactive credits. Did your claim work, and if so, is there an e-mail address to use? Thanks.

  6. There’s not much VAT on food

    • Fenny says:

      Exactly! And nothing on any receipt to tell you how much it is.

      • There is.

        The * after certain items on the receipt indicstes that those items are VATable.

        • Although I don’t think it tells you what rate of VAT? (some items are at a reduced rate)

          Agree with earlier posters that for this sort of purchase it should be the whole sum that counts

  7. VAT is a pass-through. The company does not see it, in effect. To you, as a customer, it feels like real money because you cannot reclaim it. To a business person, it is a pure pass-through. You pay VAT to your suppliers, you charge it to your customers and you pay the difference to HMRC.

    • Fenny says:

      Or reclaim it, if most of your sales are out of the country. That nice Mr HMRC used to give us back £500K a month in VAT.

  8. Polly says:

    Got 2 of them, and bought e gift cards via their own amazon link. Wouldn’t work through the amazon link in your site Rob, sorry! Think that’s the only way to buy amazon.

  9. The Post Office deal is now on Cardmemberoffers.co.uk if you want to load it to amex amex supplementary cards or others that weren’t targeted.