Avios launches generous partnership with No 1 Traveller lounges (and win 18,000 Avios)

If you don’t have airport lounge access via your flight ticket, your elite status or via a Priority Pass card from American Express Platinum, your best fall-back option is usually No 1 Traveller.

The company has the largest network of premium independent lounges in the UK.  I have reviewed a couple of them in the past – here is my very enthusiastic review of Gatwick North and here is what I published about the new Edinburgh lounge.

No 1 Traveller is also in Heathrow Terminal 3, Birmingham and Gatwick South (photo below).  All lounges include free hot food, free drinks (some premium food and drinks carries an extra charge), free newspapers and magazines and free wi-fi.

No 1 Traveller has just announced a tie-up with avios.com.  This allows you to buy access to their lounges at a discount and earn points in avios.com at the same time.

Full details can be found here.

No 1 Traveller Gatwick South

If you pre-book lounge access, you will pay a flat fee of just £20 per person which saves up to £15 depending on airport.  You will also receive 750 Avios points in avios.com.

If you pay on the door – which means you run the very real risk at Gatwick of the lounge being full – you get a fixed discount of £5 on the walk-in price.  You will also receive 500 Avios points in avios.com.

I think this is a decent deal.  Stripping out the value of the Avios takes the net cost down to around £15 and they are definitely worth that if you have a couple of hours to kill.

A new offering at Terminal 5

No 1 Traveller lost the bid to run the new independent lounge at Terminal 5 to Servisair / Swissport.  Instead, they launched a special ‘meal deal’ with the Gordon Ramsey Plane Food restaurant to offer a £30 two-course menu (£15 for children).  The food on offer varies depending to the time of day.

You will earn 500 Avios if you pre-book a Plane Food / No 1 Traveller package.

And a competition

To encourage you to give the new package a try, No 1 Traveller is giving away 18,000 Avios points and lounge entry for two people to five lucky winners.  Everyone who books lounge entry via the special No 1 Traveller / Avios website will be entered automatically.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to see our latest articles on earning and spending your points and click here to see our list of current Avios promotions.)

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  1. Olivula says:

    I have just been in contact with Gatwick no1. I have Priority Pass but if you want to get in you are strongly advised to pay £5 for a reservation fee as well. They claim to honour walk up entry but regularly refuse visitors on the grounds they are too busy. I have watched them send travellers away despite the lounge being below half full. It might appear they are trying to leverage another five quid off PP visitors.

    • I doubt it – if they don’t have guests, they don’t make any money! Assuming that Priority Pass pay them £15, it would be foolish to give that up for the sake of another £5. Some airlines now use it as their official lounge (eg Garuda) so they know when they are expecting an influx of guests who are guaranteed entrance.

      The one time I used it was with a Priority Pass and that was for a walk-up.

      • Olivula says:

        They just refused access again at 13.30 on a Thursday so it is rarely walk up these days. I don’t think my Amex Platinum delivers much for the £450 fee and is past being value for money

  2. The LGW N is a decent deal as it includes priority security, if you value an avios at 1p that makes the lounge fee £12.50 Inc guaranteed entry unlike priority pass.

    Mr only issue is the likes of LGW N and EDI could get very busy.

  3. Trevor says:

    Hi folks
    It must be me but if I go to book LGW Nth Lounge it shows £25 per person. Is that correct?

    • Lionel says:

      It’s £25 but since they advertise it as £20 earlier on the website, you could phone later & get a £5 refund (screenshot advised).

  4. John G says:

    This is the same deal you get with VS gold so it is pretty good that Avios are offering this to anyone.

    • Lionel says:

      Barclays Premier would charge £15/ visit (Airport Angel scheme) so it’s not that exceptional. Good value, agreed.

  5. Nick Haley says:

    Travelling through T5 in a few weeks time. Will that new lounge be open? Priority pass is no good for Servisair is it?

  6. Simmo says:

    Slightly off topic.

    I have a British Airways economy flight from Gatwick in the next few months, its a 9.30am weekday flight, 2 passengers.
    I am BA Silver, and also have a Priority Pass – What are the chances of the BA Lounge being full (there was a caveat when I booked, saying silver lounge access is based on capacity), and being turnt away? Ideally I’d check out the BA Lounge, and then No1.

  7. takke says:

    The risk of the No1 lounge being ‘full’ extends beyond Gatwick – I got turned away from the BHX one with a PP last week on the basis that they were awaiting their airline contract pax. I had to go to the Aspire instead which wasn’t actually that bad.

    • Waribai says:

      I think Simmo is talking about the risk of the Ba Lounge being full and getting turned away which I would say is extremely low. I’ve been in there quite a bit even on the first Saturday of the summer holidays and while it has been full I didn’t see anyone turned away. It wasn’t very pleasant though with everyone crowded round the food and we soon nipped back along the corridor to the F lounge which was a lot less quiet albeit without a kids playroom!

  8. 23Mav says:

    OT – I am looking for some help fellow readers.

    My landlord has stated that he would be willing to accept a paypal payment for rent ( he lives in NZ and the flat is in London. I worked out i would be paying about an extra £22 per month to cover the fees. My rent is £670 a month

    So with a BA Amex 1.5 avios for £1 spend – would it be worth me paying him this way ? I want to fly business / First and would mainly love to take my retired dad on a trip of a life time.

    Thanks for your help. I love this blog. 🙂

    • Lionel says:

      You can choose your exchange rate as suits your circumstances. 1 Avios = 1p works fine for me as I always get more value than that (mostly flights).

      So your £22 = 2200 Avios

      You’d earn (you say) (670 x 1.5) = 1005 Avios

      Might still make sense if you factor in the costs of sending him the money by other means. Do you intimate you are sending him money to NZ? In NZD? & he expects you to bear currency exchange and funds transfer costs?

    • jenecho says:

      Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me- you would be paying £22 for the privilege of receiving 1000 avios. Which would only be worth £10 tops. And you would only get 12k over a year. At a cost of £264. They aren’t even that much to buy, I don’t think, and certainly not if there is a buy avios sale on. Much better to look at getting avios some other way- credit cards etc. Even a subscription to the economist which gets you 12k is much cheaper than that!

      • Danksy says:

        It’s an expensive way *unless* you can get a supercard and fund via your Amex card!

    • James67 says:

      If you are in a position to do then it might be more beneficial to develop a strategy of applying for a new cc every three months and taking advantage of your rent to hit target spends and release more generous signup bonuses. This will result in a much greater return for your £22 fees than passing it all through BA amex. To top up the avios you are obviously collecting you have quite a number of options. Rob has summarised all these in one post so you can search for it. However, timing is a,so important in that ylj have to go for the right cards at the right time. For example that would be virgin and etihad at the moment. This would result in a diversified portfolio with smaller amounts of miles in different schemes. However, you did say that your goal was a trip of a lifetime. To me that often equates to a multisector itinerary so those smaller pools of miles can prove useful for regional one ware flights or even transcontinental flights. At some stage you want to add PRGor SPG cards because they have very useful bonuses and the points are flexible in that you can transfer to many airlines to top up balances to more useful amounts. As always, be sensible with credit. Good luck.

      • Simmo says:

        Yes, this is the route I would take.
        With sign up bonus’ you would be able to make a few Avios in lump sums every few months with guaranteed spend.

        However, I also guess the £10,000 spend on a BA AMEX for the companion voucher is worth say £700-£1000 depending on how it is used.

        AMEX Gold = 22,000 if referred on £2000 in 3 months, £150 fee pro rata refund on cancel
        AMEX Plat = 35,000 if referred on £2000 in 3 months, £450 fee pro rata refund on cancel
        AMEX SPG = 11,000 if referred on £1000 in 3 months, £75 fee pro rata refund on cancel
        (plus any offers for supp cards?)

        Then of course this is just Avios.

        • Danny says:

          And pay.com cards in Tesco have just made getting avios so much easier! I picked up £500 today = 4600 avios (on a 2 point Amex card).

          If you do this you’ll need to register personal details pretty soonish with pay.com as their limits (to prevent money laundering) are much lower than 3V’s. Details online.

        • But where do you get 3vs cards? I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

        • Danny says:

          We’re swimming in pay.coms so it must depend on locality. I noticed they are also already widely distributed (as pay.com not 3V) in Morrisons, so they are definitely around.

        • What is the 2 point amex card? I thought that the gold card just gave 1 point per £1 spent…. or are the terms of the existing gold cards grandfathered?

        • Danny says:

          Ah I see you’re right and Gold is £1:1 for supermarket spend from now on https://www.americanexpress.com/uk/content/gold-card/?sourcecode=MULT000221&cpid=100122274&veid=sZZFrGyyG|dc_pcrid_68133761594_plid__kword_amex%20gold%20card_match_e

          There ARE other cards out there with better earning rates than £1:1 but I’m no expert. My MBNA BMI Amex earns £1:2 from memory.

          Even on £1:1, £500 of pay.com cards = 4100 avios. Not a bad couple of minutes’ work 🙂

        • If you can find them!

        • Danny says:

          People say that who have not looked recently.

          3V got taken over by pay.com.

          There was a gap when there were none around.

          Now there are millions.

          = free avios for all

        • Oliver says:

          I agree with this

  9. Hi there,

    Sorry for the side question, but I’ve made a rookie mistake. I have a BA Amex card and I was close to the 10k spend and I forgot about it and I’ve crossed it now. Stupid, I know!

    If I cancel the last transaction and the money is refunded to the card will the amount spent reflect that and come again below the mark of 10k?

    The plan was to apply for the BA Premium Plus and trigger the Companion Voucher afterwards.

    Many thanks for your help.

    • nick haley says:

      If your BA Blue card spend is £9.5k of 20k then when you convert it to a Premium Plus your spend is £9.5k of £10k. If BA Blue spend is £10k+ of £20k then when you convert it to a Premium Plus your companion ticket is automatically triggered on the date of your acceptance on to the new card.

      I think you think you have to be below £10k to trigger the companion ticket as a ‘true’ Premium Plus holder. Certainly in my experience, not so!

      • Oh, I see. So, I’ll give a try then 🙂 Thanks Nick for the input!

      • AndyGWP says:

        After reading this site for years,I was unaware you could do this! Must pay more attention. Thanks for the tip off 🙂

  10. flyforfun says:

    I have an easyjet flight from GTW N leaving at 6.30am on a Saturday in June. I’m staying the night before in the Bloc hotel so easy access and I’ll be checking my bag in the night before. I usually don’t sleep well the night before early flights so I expect I’ll be up at 4 and in the terminal by 4.30/4.45 at the latest.

    If I can get entry for £20 (not £25 as currently showing) would that be worth it to get a hot meal? The last time I was in GTW over the summer time for this flight it was absolute chaos and I was perched on the end of a bench trying to eat a sandwich. No chance in getting into any place serving freshly cooked meals. Ended up having to buy food on the plane. Hence why I’m considering this offer – unless the lounge is just as likely to be rammed and there not worth it. I’m guessing I’m going to have to exit the lounge at 5.45 or 6 depending on the gate.

    • Danny says:

      Just because the terminal sounds like it will be packed again doesn’t mean the lounge will be. That early you should be OK. The holiday passengers won’t generally be in there.

      No1 free food is more of a snack than a blast (you have to pay for that). But you can order a free hot dish which should keep you going. Basic breakfast selection is OK http://www.no1traveller.com/menus/spring-2015_2.aspx

      What would swing it for good value is if you were likely to neck a few glasses of something! Bit early but you never know 🙂

      • It’s a bacon roll or croissant at most.

        • Danny says:

          Eggs Florentine with a twist(v)
          Poached egg with creamed spinach and potato rosti, topped with hollandaise sauce.

      • Danny says:

        Had a ‘terrible terminal’ moment on the weekend with the children, flying back after half-term holidays.

        No lounge as I’m not paying £15 each for them to drink a Coke & get silly. (Nice lounge there, btw, I have used it courtesy Amex a few times – possibly best airport in Europe in terms of usability and the lounge ain’t too shabby).

        So in the terminal I had to buy a few drinks at the equivalent of WHSmith.

        The 500ml mineral water was exactly the same price as 500ml Lowenbrau! Yet I had to drive home so no can do.

        Very painful.

        Especially on repeat purchases.

      • Danny says:

        BTW you will never get any disapproval these days from the barstaff if you grab a couple of quick early ones.

        They’re all from Eastern Europe.

        Pig killing 5am. Carry the bits for sausages, joints & cuts. Wash the work down with copious wine & schnapps.

        He who drinks early, lives long. You go up the respect ladder with a crafty early one or two.

        • sandgrounder says:

          Any other racial stereotypes you would like to share? As a man with a Latvian OH whose family are 50% teetotal I have to disagree with your analysis! 🙂

        • Danny says:

          I guess if OP (FFF) were heading for a business mtg on the wrong side of noon I might not recommend it 🙂

          OTOH nothing wrong with a snifter before the yardarm has a chance to cast a shadow if you have a long day ahead of you.

          Get some sleep on the plane & some use out of the lounge!

  11. James67 says:

    OT: ETIHAD GUEST DEVALUATION EFFECTIVE 8TH JULY. Miles required for redemptions on flights under 6000 miles increasing but decreasing on flights over 6000 miles. Miles required for upgrades also increasing. Fees being introduced. My sense or forebodding about the proliferation of offers has come to pass, now feeling duped that I pplied for the cc. I believe part of this motivated by their efforts to appeal to USA travellers in light of the growing openskies dispute.

    • Jason says:

      Same here 🙁

      • Jason says:

        Just had a look at the mileage calculator
        Lon-Sydney is 281,608 guest miles for business, if that’s one way, what was it before if it’s gone down!!!!!

        • James67 says:

          AUH-SYD should remain same in J, increase in F, and decrease 25% in Y. LHR-AUH will remain same in Y but increase in both J and F if I read it correctly. I was unaware that calculator was changed already, will need to have a look later. I was confused by effective date. it clearly states existing bookings are unaffected by changes but it is unclear whether the changes apply to all travel after 8th Juy for bookings made from today, or if the changes apply only to bookings made from 8th July. Upgrades were overpriced before when compared to straight redemptions, looks like the will now become almost nonsencical like BA.

        • Jason says:

          lon – Syd in F seems to have increased from 354k to 431k, J the same.
          Lon – AUH doesn’t seem to have changed in business or F.

        • Jason says:

          Lon -AUH
          131k in J
          171k in F

          Approx 50% increase 🙁

      • James67 says:

        Whatever you do, don’t book a breaking deal with a view to an upgrade as they will no longer be eligible.

        • Tom H says:

          That is gutting having been through all the hassle to get the points and sign up bonus from MBNA / Etihad Guest sorted and now they devalue. So what is the going rate for a one way biz to AUH?

  12. James says:

    The link in the article is incorrect – I just checked with No.1 as it was showing £25. Correct link is https://t.co/BEGlJA2tvg and shows £20 It works as I’ve just booked.
    Thanks all.

  13. Kinkell says:

    Can you get into the lounge with the Amex Gold Lounge Pass or just the Servisair Air lounge
    Or are they one and the same at LGW. N. Is the LP the same as
    the PP? For those inthe know, which do you recommend for a very lengthy wait between an EYZ flight from far north connecting with a BA flight ? ( lost silver status a few months ago…..so no lounge access, !)

  14. Chelseafi says:

    We are a family of four travelling out on Fri 24th July,I have my new amex gold card that gives me two free lounge passes and then £15 each. Can anyone tell me if I can pre book, I would like to use the no1 lounge It will be around 9am. Any advice appreciated

    • You can pre-book free visits but they charge £5 each for the privilege. Not sure if they would charge the £5 for a £15 extra guest.

      If you are using Gatwick North, remember that there is also the new My Lounge next to No 1. This is not as posh (it is ‘scruffy chic’, review coming next week) but you will get in. I was there at 10am on Monday and it wasn’t full by any means. It doesn’t have a cinema (!) and the food is served in paper bowls with wooden cutlery! If you were happy to have this as a fall back then you wouldn’t need to pay the £5 to pre-book.

      • Chelseafi says:

        Thank you for the advice yes I am using north. I look forward to your review. I can then decide what I want to then do