My experiences with using my Travelex Supercard

I was over in Amsterdam last week which gave me an opportunity to test out my new Supercard from Travelex.

As I outlined here, this is a revolutionary new Visa card which translates your foreign currency purchases into Sterling and then recharges them (in £) to another Visa or MasterCard.  You earn full reward points from the card where your transaction ends up and you save 3% on foreign exchange fees with each purchase.

(Travelex is not currently taking new applications for Supercard.  The card is currently in a beta phase where a few thousand people are trying it out.)

The first thing to note is:

You can change the PIN of your Supercard at any UK ATM

Travelex does not tell you this but it works fine.

Whilst in Amsterdam I made a number of transactions:

A cash withdrawal in Euros

Machine-based transactions (ie train ticket vending machines)

Manual transactions (eg hotel, restaurants)

I had set up my Supercard so that all of the transactions were recharged to my IHG Rewards Club Premium Visa card, as I am currently working towards the free night voucher for spending £10,000.


The good news is that the Supercard worked fine every time.  It is thinner than a standard credit card, and your personal details are printed on it rather than embossed, but that was not a problem.

The even better news is that it does seem to work as promised.  The InterContinental cheekily tried to charge me €32 in £ without giving me the € option – the credit card machine showed £25-ish.  I insisted on paying in Euro and it eventually went through my Supercard at £23-ish.

The bad news is that the Supercard app has been very troublesome.  Every time I try to bring up a list of recent transactions it crashes.   I have never managed to bring up a transaction list successfully.  I am able to view my last transaction but not the full list.

Transactions are taking some time to reach my credit card statement – they process at the same speed as a normal card purchase.  The transactions were all done on Monday and Tuesday last week.  They started to hit my IHG credit card statement on Friday and, by Sunday evening, the last one had yet to arrive.

This is how they appear on my IHG card statement:

Tms Supercard NS Schiphol, Chester (NS is Dutch Railways, Chester is where Supercard is based)

Tms Supercard, Tvx Schiphol, Chester (cash withdrawal from a Travelex cashpoint)

What was most impressive is that the €120 ATM cash withdrawal has gone through my IHG Rewards Club credit card as a purchase.  This means I will earn points on it and will not pay any cash advance fees or interest.

So far, then, so good – but Travelex really needs to iron out the bugs in the app.  I would have had more confidence in the card initially if I had been able to see my transactions in real time.

The biggest test for Supercard will be in Germany next month where we will have a very large hotel bill to settle.  If that goes through OK, saving me over £100 in FX fees and probably getting me over the line for my IHG Rewards Club Premium Visa free night, I will be very happy.

PS.  In my initial article on Supercard I didn’t list the spending limits that are imposed.  These are the key figures you need to remember:

Maximum value of single ATM transaction – £250
Maximum daily ATM Cash withdrawal – £500
Maximum ATM Cash withdrawal per 4-day cycle – £1,000
Maximum daily Point of Sale Spend – £5,000
Number of Purchases per day – 15
Number of ATM Transactions per day – 3
Maximum card usage in one month – £20,000
Maximum card usage in one year – £20,000

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Roberto says:

    Mine arrived in Spain yesterday the 25th and I was eager to try it out. As other have said their as an issue that the account was “suspended” , I called through to supecard and was quickly handled. I deleted and reinstalled the app , added a debit card and was working instantly. I subsequently added a credit card ( you can have up to 5 cards ) and wend off the draw some money out of an ATM in town..

    I took €100 out and £71.23 was debited from my UK bank so thats a rate of €140.4 ..I looked at the live interbank rates and the spread was 1.40447 to 1.40471 with a high so far that day of 1.40482.

    I normally use a FairFX euro mastercard who were 1.3745 at that very moment and/or Currencyfair who offered1.3985 when I checked a second or two later.

    I will try a credit card later today and may even draw cash on it too to see how thats handled.

    All told I am quite happy..

    • Roberto says:

      Following my badly spelled and grammatically incorrect comments above I have now used my supercard with each of the five associated cards linked to my account including a supplementary one linked to my wife’s virgin card. I must say its behaved faultlessly with no issues and each time giving me a rate as close to spot as I could have hoped for.

      I also drew cash on a credit card and its showing as a purchase. I have no idea how long that will last but the manufactured spending people will no doubt have some fun with that until things change.

  2. Supercard finally arrived, but giving an error with every card I try to link to it 🙁 Have Tweeted them, hopefully they can resolve this – bit useless otherwise!

  3. I used my card in Hong Kong with no problems and the cash withdrawals appeared 5 days later on myIHG barclaycard account. However I got a better rate using the Halifax Clarity Mastercard and the IHG points earned were not worth paying extra for Visa’s forex spread.

    • … however as the GBP dropped a few days afterwards I exchanged the cash back to pounds and made a profit, so the points were free. I wonder whether the Supercard considers Jersey or Gibraltar part of the UK for fee purposes.

  4. Oh the irony – I can’t use a Travelex cash machine to change the PIN on my Travelex Supercard !

  5. I’ve just received my Supercard (I was amongst those selected in the ‘extended’ pilot) and linked it successfully to two credit cards, one VISA & one Mastercard, but am unable to link it to the Gold MasterCard I had ideally intended to use it with. I’ll email Travelex for confirmation, but has anyone else had this problem, or anyone know if this is outside the terms (I can’t see it mentioned, though).

    • Unfortunately I’ve not been able to link any of my cards so far! I’ve Tweeted them, who advised emailing them, but 48h later still no reply!

  6. I have my card but I cannot get sign up on the app as it doesn’t recognise anything I put in…what do I do

  7. Customer support for this card is sadly atrocious! Their Twitter team don’t bother replying to Tweets and the email sent to the support address was ignored for 5 days! Just got off a long (international) phonecall to them – now need to send a screenshot in to try and resolve the issue (I can’t link any cards).

  8. Michele Perry says:

    I’m just back from 2 weeks is the USA using the Supercard. I had no issues using the card, it shows in the app instantly, with a conversion to £ so that part is great. I also just logged in online and saw all the transactions,

    I manage to put the wrong pin number in during a taxi ride in Canada and locked the card. This was the hastle bit, I had to speak to customer services during their very short opening times, but did manage to do this, and it was unlocked instantly.

    It never worked straight away in petrol stations, I always had to go inside and pre-pay, quite normal for the US, but you have to guess the amount, then they refund the difference, not sure I’ve seen any of these refunds yet on the app!

    lastly, as we used this for all small purchases, there are around 80 transactions on the app, my one big wish would be to have a running total of what you’ve spent! We had to do this the hard way on return, read out each amount and input to a calculator.

    Not all transactions have shown on the linked Tesco credit card yet.

    One last point, one restaurant have charged us twice, once for $60 on the night we were there, then 2nd for $52.22 the following night when we weren’t there. I’ve called the restaurant who can’t find either transaction on their records (worrying!). I’ll report it to Supercard, but not sure how customer services will deal with this one, is it down to Supercard or Tesco to chase up and refund? I would not have spotted this double transaction if I’d not been reading every purchase from the ap, so some good did come of it.

    Overall I’m very happy with the card, and will use it again. Though I have just tried calling CS to report the double transactions, and just get cut off after around 10 seconds, Will try again tomorrow.

  9. Just used mine for the first time in Lisbon. Only €6.99 in lidl but was declined.

    Logged on to app, which keeps crashing! And it’s showing as a transaction!!

  10. I have just come back from Tuscany, Italy and used the card about 20 times including purchases at prada outlet. It worked fine most of the time but did not work on three occasions at petrol station, pizzeria and parking.