Australia and NZ in BA Club World from £1,700 …. out of Norway

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If British Airways has cancelled your £1,300 ‘mistake fare’ First Class ticket to Sydney, there is an alternative ….!

On Thursday I mentioned some of the exceptional sale prices that British Airways is offering out of Dublin, including Hawaii for £1,200 and New York for under £1,000, all in Club World.

There is also an excellent deal to Australia currently available.  This is not actually part of the sale – it seems to be something unique to the Norwegian market.

You can book a Club World (flat bed business class) return ticket to Sydney for roughly £1,700.  For a small supplement, it also works to Auckland and Christchurch and presumably other cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Here are the headline fare rules:

You need to start in Norway – Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger

You must book by September 7th

You must travel outbound by June 19th 2016

You can have two stopovers but they must not exceed two days and will cost €200 each (plus you would be charged extra Air Passenger Duty if you stopped over in London for more than 24 hours)

If you are purely interested in tier points there are some crazy routings allowed – Oslo to Auckland lists, if you dig out the full fare rules via ITA Matrix, 261 permitted routings!  I assume that few HFP readers will want to do that, especially as stopovers are restricted to two days.

The easiest way to get this to price is via  Use the multi-city tool if you want to take a circuitous route.  Expedia also has a multi-city option and may throw up different options.  You will NOT see this fare available every day so you may need to play around a bit.

It does exist, though.

Here is a vanilla version I created yesterday for £1,726:

Sydney sale routing

and here is one for the crazy tier point runner which I found on Flyertalk:

SIN routing

I tried Christchurch in February and got a price of £1,902.  This was routed to Sydney as per my first example with an additional Qantas connection (as a BA codeshare) over to New Zealand.

Remember that you MUST start your trip in Norway – you cannot simply hop on at Heathrow.  Your flight will have been permanently cancelled by then.

You should also take the last leg back to Norway, as BA appears to be clamping down on passengers who skip the last legs on ex-EU routings.  That is a small price to pay for what is a fantastic fare.

In terms of tier points, remember that booking the direct London – Sydney service (keeping the same flight number) means you lose out.  It is treated as one flight and awards 240 tier points each way.  If you have a clean break in Singapore, you would get 160 + 140 = 300 tier points each way for the long haul segments.  Going via Hong Kong would get you 140 + 140 = 280 tier points each way.

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  1. Saw an FT thread about a bona-fide German resident who booked Germany-SYD in J for EUR 2000 and BA confirmed and ticketed it, then cancelled and are taking their own sweet time to refund.

    If what he says is true, then BA seems to be making a lot of “mistakes” recently and it may be difficult to tell what fares they think are “mistakes” yet you just think are slightly better deals than usual (not saying that £400 for J TATL is, but £1000 for DEU-HKG would be if they didn’t run it so often).

    I usually book my ex-EU (and ex-Norway, which isn’t in the EU of course) flights on Amex Travel because then I get more MR points and can pay in GBP at the IATA rate, and I’m so unlikely to change the dates, cancel or upgrade that booking on doesn’t provide any advantages.

    I was wondering if booking via an agency would confer any additional protection against BA voiding your ticket, and would it make it harder to get refunded?

    I do think that if BA allows free cancellation within 24 hours, it’s fair enough for them to void mistake tickets within 24 hours, but who cares what I think?

    • James67 says:

      BA should care if they have any sense, you have a choice of airlines to fly with. But then my experience of BA of late is that they are rapidly losing any sense they had.

    • I cancelled some flights booked with BA via Copenhagen to LA within the 24 hour period and still haven’t had the refund processed (that was nearly 4 weeks ago); I rang 3 times end have ended up putting it into dispute with Amex 🙁

  2. These fare rules were listed in Flyertalk by PheonicianTrader



    My reading is that unlimited stopovers are available, of which two are free and the remainder are priced at EUR 200.00 each. All are limited to 2 days.

    • This is how it is pricing for me. Given my First ticket has been cancelled, this is a good deal as I want to go to Oz regardless. A few observations:
      1. Not just OSL, also BGO and SVG. For me, SVG has better connection times.
      2. €200 for a stop over has worked to my advantage for SYD – PER. Only wanted to be in SYD two days and €200 is cheaper than a Y ticket (AUD$369) and in J.
      3. I allocate points to QFF so have been able to price up QF flights

    • Thanks, I thought something didn’t add up in the examples as the second itinerary has 2 stopovers and the price is not 400 euros more than the first one.

  3. sunszajn says:

    Unfortunately this nice fare doesn’t work over the new years period 🙁 (end Dec to mid Jan)

  4. Gin and Tonic Please says:

    Hi Rob. Have you seen/heard any more evidence of the clamp down on the final leg? I’ve not spotted anything new yet.

    • No, not yet.

      • So stop pretending it’s an issue

        • Seriously Joe? It would be irresponsible of HFP not to warn readers

        • cheekychappie says:

          Not sure they risk much more than a warning.

          About 20 years ago it was a lot cheaper to get 2 return flights Europe —> LHR and LHR —> Europe on appropriate cheap dates (with only one flight direction what you wanted), than 1 return flight on the exact dates you wanted.

          Ie you wasted 1 flight on the return ticket, x2, but you saved money vs the exact dated return flight you would otherwise have bought.

          I did this numerous times with no comeback 🙂

        • Yes seriously. This has been going on for YEARS! It’s utterly beyond my comprehension why Raffles thinks this one random guy not being able to short check is a news story, let alone a sign of any policy change. Hundreds before him have been told the same as well as hundreds after him. Absolutely nothing whatsoever has changed.

          Unless I’m imagining things, he’s even talked about this numerous times in the past which makes it even more perplexing!

  5. Does anyone know if I could do a 2 week stop over in Japan then more down to Australia?

  6. Is it possible to book these over the phone with the BA UK sales office and have the charge applied as GBP rather than NOK to avoid card currency conversion?

  7. I booked AMS-PVK PEK-AMS with Finnair for £1020 Business Class. Especially exciting that Helsinki Shanghai and Pekin routes will be on A350.

    • James67 says:

      You will get latest version of the CX J seat. Apart from cabin crew uniforms I rather like AY. I find food nice too, light and suited to flying. Helsinki a great place to transit Fares similar to those you quote can be found frequently, especially exScandinavia.

  8. Frenske says:

    Ridiculous. The Oslo-heathrow shuttle bus is always full whatever time or day I fly. Often I pay £300 or more for economy class.

  9. Dutch_122 says:

    Beware MH I-class no TP’s.

    • This is not fully clear. There is an example on Flyertalk of someone who did get them. Whilst I class is not on the list it is not specifically excluded either.

  10. Ross Park says:

    I love these point runs! I just wish there are some from the Middle East. Now based in Dubai, can you let me know if you see any of these from the Middle East (going anywhere).

    • Qatar J flights out of Cairo are usually very cheap, if that helps.

    • Every airline has deals out of Egypt!

    • Ricardo says:

      Sri Lankan is a decent option for a TP run out of the UAE. While living in Dubai last year I did DXB-CMB in Business (went to the cricket!) netting 280 TPs return given the route is fractionally over 2000 miles.

      Departing from AUH would be similar, plus you could combine it with another of Sri Lankan’s destinations over 2000 miles from CMB to get another 140 TPs each way, e.g. China or Europe.

  11. Sorry for a beginner’s question, but I can’t get to accept an itinerary which works fine on ITA Matrix – how do you book the multistop itinerary of your choice? Do you have to call them?

    • Did you tick ‘only show available flights’ in ITA? If so, try Expedia multi city tool and, if that fails, email an ITA screenshot to our booking partner Propeller Travel (, submission form on their site) and for £30 IIRC they will book it if available.

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Is there anyway to force any of the sites to accept a mixed class of flights ? Specifically I want to fly Business on the out DUB-CLT-MCO and then return in WTP MCO-LGW.

        I only seem to be able to select one class for the whole journey. Any advice ?

  12. I can book one of these and then cancel it in a couple of days claiming I made a mistake for a full refund and no hard feelings????

    • No, BA allows you to cancel or change it within 24 hrs of booking it, only. Really for those might have made a mistake or something… Just keep an eye on the clock!

  13. Word on the street is that Paddy Power are taking bets on how soon after confirming and ticketing your booking BA will take to cancel and refund you. 7/4 on 26.5 hours at the moment.

    • cheekychappie says:

      Just silly – one was an obvious misprice/ mistake we all could see, the other is a sale price.

  14. I have booked CW OSL-SYD on BA15 and inbound BNE-HKG-OSL with the BNE-HKG on Cathay Pacific.. On the tier point calculator on it says we get 40 tier points e/w for the OSL-LHR legs, 240 tier points for LHR-SYD on BA15, and then 140 tier points each for the BNE-HKG and HKG-LHR legs. Are the tier point totals quoted in the article above (LHR-SYD as 360 tier points and BNE-LHR via HKG as 480) in F, rather than CW, or am I adding it up wrong?!

    • Yes, they were wrong and are now corrected. I should have corrected them earlier but have been out all day, apologies.

      You get 240 each way for the direct (ie same flight number) LHR-SYD.
      You get 300 for LHR-SIN, SIN-SYD when you don’t continue on the same plane.
      You get 280 for LHR-HKG, HKG-SYD with Cathay on the last leg.


  15. Lady London says:

    are all the routes via Asia?

  16. Does anyone know if MMB will allow you to upgrade one sector to First using Avios after the booking is complete?

  17. Peter Taysum says:

    I’m looking at a change to the mad tier point run, but extending Beijing Stopover to two days, which costs an extra 200 pounds, which is worth it to me.

    Can an itinerary like this be booked with hotels and therefore becoming “a holiday” gaining additional Avios, and pay only deposit (pay balance with online)?


  18. Charlie says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this, just booked 4 flights to NZ for a wedding. 2 Have a 3 day stop over in Brisbane on the way back and 2 have a 2 day stop in Hong Kong – stopovers didn’t seem to add anything to the cost, £1913 each for the first 2, and £1850 for the 2nd. Playing around with dates however did make a big difference.

  19. Booked family to NZ for December 12th. Decided to go via Stockholm, prices were in same range. The routing is ARN-LHR-HKG-AKL. BA to LHR and then CX. Very happy.

  20. Thanks for this article.
    Managed to book return flights into Sydney and out of Cairns with a stopover in Hong Kong for £1800. BA (Airbus A380) to/from Hong Kong & CX (Airbus A330) to/from Oz…
    Happy Days

    Thanks, David

    • Excellent, you can’t complain at that price. I remember being happy being able to get to California for £1700 on an ex-Budapest about 8 years ago – prices really are cheaper now than ever.

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