Transfer your Shell Drivers Club points to another person (and onto Avios) for free

Shell Drivers Club is a partner with both and British Airways Executive Club.

It is a simple system.  You earn 1 Shell Drivers Club point for every litre of basic fuel you buy, and 2 points per litre of V-Power premium fuel.  When you have collected 500 points, you can exchange them for:

Shell Drivers Club

250 Avios points (see the BA website for the official details, scroll down)

£2.50 Waitrose voucher

£2.50 Shell voucher

It is worth noting that, because of the relatively poor conversion rate, you may want to take the Waitrose or Shell vouchers instead.  You are effectively ‘buying’ Avios points for 1p by taking the miles option, and that is not the cheapest of prices.

The only advantage of taking Avios is that it is a better deal for small spenders.  If you set up auto-convert, you only need as few as 20 Shell points to qualify to receive Avios (in this case, 10 Avios) at the end of each quarter.  You need to buy 500 litres of fuel to get enough points for a Waitrose voucher!

There is a little tweak to Shell Drivers Club which few people know about.   It offers free transfers of points to other people.  This is a new service which was added about 18 months ago.

When you log in to Shell Drivers Club, you will see a menu option – “Transfer Points Between Drivers Club Cards”.  This will let you send your points to someone else, as long as their card is not already linked to yours.  This could be useful if you have any other family members who have a handful of points they won’t use, or even if you have a spare account in your own name.  Remember that you get 50 bonus points just for registering a card.

It still doesn’t make Shell Drivers Club a great deal, but it improves it a little!

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  1. Frenske says:

    For Nectar card users, Sainsbury petrol offers 10 points per litre e.g. equal to 5p off per litre (or more if points are redeemed for Pizza Express or Cafe Nero). Given that our Sainsbury is 2p/L cheaper than Tesco, I will be tanking at Sainsbury.It’s on our way to work anyway.

    • It’s rubbish compared to free £60 tank of petrol/diesel + a £5 voucher on top

  2. Mikeact says:

    And they have a…..targeted?…500point bonus at present…spend £50.

  3. Concerto says:

    I turned in enough points about 12 years ago for 20 pounds of fuel vouchers and I never saw the fuel vouchers, despite repeated calls to the Indian call centre. I didn’t follow up as heavily as I probably should have done, it was around the time of my father’s death, but how heavily are you supposed to follow such things up? Shell is so poor, obviously, it has to outsource its call centre to India. It was only afterwards, dealing with the bmi Diamond Club call centre that I realized how good Indian call centres can be. I have boycotted Shell ever since and enjoy doing so. After all, fuel is cheaper elsewhere.

  4. I have my Shell points set to auto-convert. Never had a problem yet.
    They’re usually a couple of pence more than Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury but they’re handy when I’m going out of town as the 24hr petrol station is right on the main road.

    I’ll generally fill up where the best points / Avios deals are as long as it’s not out of my way / too much.
    Got a couple of longer drives to Manchester and Heathrow this month so I’ll use Sainsbury for that and get 900+ Nectar points – will just about double my balance from the last 5 plus years!

    • When I fill up I get 2000 Avios & £60 of free diesel with a £5 voucher next time I’m in store 🙂

      • Some people get hung up about saving money by means other than Avios – their hobby- somehow deeming it infra dig or cheap.

        Money is money.

        Avios = another currency = money.

        My free £60 diesel + 2000 Avios + £5 in store voucher is no different to a cute deal on Tesco clubcard points.

        • Albeit that there are other website for that discussion ….!

        • Nobody seems to remotely get it on other websites, bar one we both know where I can’t stand the endless meaningless chit chat in amongst admittedly the best under-the-radar deal intelligence in the UK (far better than HUKD, PTS etc).

          And I did mention 2000 Avios.

          If you actually bought any petrol, you might see it differently 🙂

        • Ie people here get excited about (say) some free Avios, let’s choose a nice one eg 2500 Avios up for grabs on Heathrow Rewards – still available, btw. Monetary value – £25.

          Whereas my deal @ petrol/diesel = £60 free petrol/ diesel, 2000 Avios = £20, a free £5 in store coupon, let’s call it £85 but you also get a handy £6 off £50 voucher every now and then.

          So £85 vs £25 but nobody cares because they don’t get it.

          And we fill up much more frequently than we get the chance to get £25 back from Heathrow Rewards.

        • Care to share how you get £60 of free petrol / diesel + 2000 points etc Harry? Is it buying cards at Morrisons by any chance?

        • It’s @ Morrisons
          £60 free petrol/diesel
          2000 Avios
          £5 free groceries
          £6 free 6 off £50

  5. just logged into shell account and cannot see option to select Avios/BAEC.
    Although there is a link there but no option to enter Avios/BAEC details there.

    • Peter K says:

      I had the same problem. They set up a unique account for me. A quick email to got the accounts combined into one.

  6. Not sure if it’s been mentioned here previously and whether it’s a short term promotion, but Shell are doing 20 points on a regular Costa coffee (£2.40) and 40 points on a large coffee (£2.70). Stackable with the offer of large coffee & cake/pastry for £3.75. Handy for a Sunday afternoon motorway pit stop on the way back from visiting the family.

  7. Mrs Dawn Davies says:

    How do I convert Shell points into Shell Vouchers?

  8. Mrs Dawn Davies says:

    How do I convert Shell points into Shell vouchers

  9. Mrs Dawn Davies says:

    how do i convert Shell points into Shell vouchers