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Bits: video of ‘The Concorde Bar’ in Singapore, IHG sale ending, new Amex cashback offers

News in brief:

Check out ‘The Concorde Bar’ on YouTube

Back in October, I published a brief reader review of ‘The Concorde Bar’ in the new British Airways lounge in Singapore.

This is a new model which BA is rolling out.  Instead of a separate First Class lounge, there will be a separate room where you can go.  The ‘bar’ does not have much in the way of dedicated facilities however.

A HFP reader made a short YouTube video of the Singapore ‘Concorde Bar’ which you can see here.

If you are heading to Dubai soon this should be of particular interest.  The 2nd ‘Concorde Bar’ will be in the new BA lounge in the new Concourse D, should it ever open.  I have lost track of exactly how late Concourse D is now and it is a little frustrating as I was hoping to use it next month.

British Airways Concorde Bar Singapore

Last 48 hours for the IHG Winter Sale

A quick heads up that the IHG Winter Sale, covering Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc ends on Sunday night.

You can save up to 30% on stays at 600 InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza and Hotel Indigo hotels across Europe.  The sale rates are valid for stays until 29th February.

Full details of the IHG Winter Sale can be found at this special website.

The picture below is the new InterContinental Bordeaux which will be reviewed next month.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

InterContinental Bordeaux

New American Express cashback offers

Four new American Express statement credit offers launched this week, with a very loose Valentines Day theme:

Hawes and Curtis fashions: Spend £100, to receive a £20 statement credit Spend £1,000, to receive a £100 statement credit

Monica Vinader jewellery: Spend £150 to receive a £25 statement credit

Appleyard Flowers: Receive statement credit to the value of 10 per cent of your total spend

These all run until the end of March except for Monica Vinader which expires on 29th February.  American Express cardholders should find some or all of these offers under the ‘Offers’ tab on their online statement page.

Hawes & Curtis and can also be accessed on the site instead.

Holders of Lloyds, MBNA, Barclays and TSB Amex cards can register via the Amex Connect site here.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Not very interesting. Wish the Westfield offer would return or at least a waitrose one.

  2. I already have a sofa, great product. Can definitely recommend their Long Island with massive footstool.

  3. Trials of the new Concourse D take place tomorrow (6th Feb) and the last word I heard from someone on the project is a March 2016 opening unless they find problems.

    All fittings inside the terminal are complete.

  4. PS. that video was terrible… stabilisation anyone?

    • I think he decided to do it on the spur of the moment – better than nothing though, and interesting to compare the reality with the glossy BA PR shots.

      • Just a light wipe with some lens tissue needed, sound good- you can hear(towards the end) John walking over what could be a spilt handful of coated peanuts missed by the sweeper upper, 🙂 .

  5. I was waiting for an Amex travel offer to book theme park tickets but I noticed that Holiday Extras (that offers 15% statement credit) also sells attraction tickets. May help somebody planning for Florida in school hols.

  6. Speaking of Florida in school hols – can anyone recommend the Miami Conrad over the Hilton Downtown, or vice–versa? Hilton is cheaper and has exec lounge, I have diamond status but not sure it is recognised so much at Conrad?

  7. only 1 HFP email this morning – normally get all 3
    nothing in junk

  8. OT – My IHG Accelerate bonus points from the goals I’ve completed already (stays took place Jan 1st – 3rd) have posted.

    • You beat me to it – I was going to say the same – my stay was 9/1 – got 11k in my account today!

      • Jamie P says:

        I will complete all of my objectives when I have a stay on Monday night but desperately need the bonus points to hit my account before the devaluation later this month. Fingers crossed!

      • Mine came through from the 6th Jan too. 11K.

      • No such luck for my 20/1-24/1 stay, hopefully this suggests it will post next week.

    • I’ve not had anything at all from IHG! all taks completed 3 weeks ago, no updates on the accelerate website, and all stays posted as qualifying on the standard site.

      Also waiting on Virgin->IHG to complete.

      • Jamie P says:

        I find IHG infuriating at the best of times. With their T&Cs stating that the points can take 2-3 weeks to post, I dont really have a leg to stand on if I want them credited before February 17th.
        Unfortunately as you have pointed out, they usually take a lot longer

        • Calls today to both Barclaycard and IHG chasing where the status from holding their Visa card were pretty fruitless today. Got told ‘wait 2-4 weeks’ after your first spend. Pointed out that first spend was 6 weeks ago – gave up on chasing as I haven’t got any stays booked for now.

  9. grex9101 says:

    The amex offers have gotten progressively worse in the last few years (remember offers like £25 off £50 @ Argos and similar?).
    I’m thinking of jumping ship.

    • where to?

      • grex9101 says:

        Where to?
        A “better” type of card – “better” as in lower fees, higher acceptance, maybe a more sensible rewards structure.
        The Amex offers are becoming more niche and derisory, it’s not as worth it as it used to be.

        • Shop Small earned me not far short of £1000 🙂

        • Nice. But earned me £0 as I prefer to spend December in warmer places…

        • same here, had to get my £1k in the first week as we were away for Xmas and getting ready for that got in the way

          otherwise would have been £2k over the campaign

  10. Slighty OT so apologies.

    I’m flying First to Joburg in August from T5. How long before departure are you allowed in the Concorde room?

    • Jamie P says:

      As long as you want on the same day of departure really but I guess there are limitations in regards to the time you can check-in before a flight which will impact this

    • Whenever you want. Business and First pax for any flight can check in from 5am that day.

    • Nick Burch says:

      If you’re flying in a Premium cabin (or have status), then at T5 you can checkin as soon as you want on the day of departure, then go through to the lounges. So, since that applies to you flying F, any time after about 5am!

  11. Metatone says:

    OT – what do you think of the “convert tesco to avios and be entered into the draw” competition?

    • Can’t see the odds are that brilliant- though to be fair there are quite a few prizes – 25x 15K Avios on both sites.

      A stab in the dark guess would allow me to hazard maybe 50,000 entries in comp & 30,000 on BAEC.

      If you were so bold as to gamble £100 of Tesco currency, you’d get 40/50,000 chance of winning one prize on = 0.08% – but as there are 25 prizes, your odds improve to 2%.

      If there were 100,000 entries, your odds would be 1%.

      For 25,000 entries, your odds would be 4%.

      Similar (slightly worse for non autoconverters) odds on BAEC – but here autoconverters got a nice advantage as instead of 1 entry for £5, they got 2.

      I’d say my middle range guess 2% chance of winning for 40 entries is pretty good, on the whole. As lotteries go 🙂

      Whereas if you keep your powder dry and wait for a 20% bonus conversion, you’d be ‘certain’ to get an extra 4800 Avios

      Mathematicians feel free to correct lol

      • James67 says:

        It could quite easily be a whole lot worse than your worst case guestimate Harry. I was comtemplating likely odds in Etihad raffles, and further research showed apple products typically had well over half a million entries. Even the current raffle for a single huawei smartphone is already approaching 30000 entries. It is true you can generate a barrel load of entries if you are prepared to stake a few thousand miles but that still doesn’t help much.

  12. “Instead of a separate First Class lounge, there will be a separate room where you can go.”

    Well, that’s quite strange. When I visited in Sept, the door was left open and even the lowly CW pax could enter. Not a separate room for BA F pax at all. Hardly exclusive at all and if I’d have thought that a youtube video of it had any value, I’d have uploaded one five months ago. 🙁

    • You should have! I have a friend who makes £1,000 a month from a YouTube channel of videos he made of his redemptions in BA First etc. Big market for this sort of aspirational stuff.

  13. On Amex Cash Back in general.
    Remember that it is the card which gats the reward not the account so get supplementary cards to use as well; I managed to use 13 cards at one shop for ShopSmall. The exception is with MBNA (Diamond Club, Virgin, Etihad …) whose supplementary cards bear the same number as the main so cannot be used. Real Amex and Lloyds have different numbers.
    There are not many good offers at present but in December I filled my boots with Post Office, ShopSmall and Superdrug all with 50% cash back.

  14. I’ll upload my video of the Concorde room if it’s worth £1,000 a month in YouTube advertising (my shots are steadier too). Seriously we were underwhelmed on our visit last week, but then we’d just come from the First Class Qantas lounge in Sydney where they know how to treat (and feed) a First Class passenger. The outer area of the lounge (not the Concorde bit) is quite smart, bright and welcoming. The new showers leak terribly, so don’t leave your bag anywhere near the glass cubicle. The Concorde room is very dark (see the video) and was very hot. We pointed this out to the attendant who replied ‘you’re not used to the heat in our country yet?’ We suggested she turn air conditioning on (which then miraculously did happen). I found the touch-screen combination lock wouldn’t work the second time I tried to re-enter – this is possibly a known fault as the podium attendant immediately buzzed me in. The overhead light in our booth didn’t work, and the food is terrible, verging on inedible. So I’m afraid this wasn’t a highlight of our trip. Honestly the outer area is more relaxing and calming, but no champagne. Nothing to get excited about, honest.

    • yeah on my visit to the Concorde lounge i was so underwhelmed i didn’t even bother to take any pics! Apart from when in the boardroom, sitting in a concorde seat!

      As for the food, it was the morning, so i had toast and champagne and i must say both were nice.

  15. just had my first look at the video

    where’s the commentary?

    my kids do all the Minecraft stuff

    hey guys, here’s a bar etc – there’s a guy looks dead – I’m going to end up popping a bottle of bubbly – sandwiches are OK – what’s all this blue? – why is nobody here apart from the dead guy? – I’m going to walk around a bit strange – I just had a long journey – nobody seems to know I have a camera on my head like a miner’s lamp – why’s everybody avoiding me?

  16. Sorry if already posted but I got £20 off £100 spend at Harvey Nicks