My review of the brand new Hilton at Amsterdam Schiphol

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This is my review of the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol hotel.

Or, to be more precise, my wife’s review.  It may have taken over three years but she finally volunteered to contribute something to the site 🙂

As HFP wrote back in October, Hilton has built a brand new hotel at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.  The old hotel is now closed and will be demolished.  It is competing with the ageing Sheraton which is the other hotel directly connected to the terminal.  There is also a Yotel (click here for details) in the transit area.

Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol

This is the funky exterior.  However, most guests are unlikely to see it.  You enter the hotel via a covered passageway which takes you past the Sheraton and the World Trade Centre complex.

The hotel and lobby

The first impression on entering the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a great sense of light and the general ‘newness’ of everything.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The walkway deposits you on the first floor ……

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

…… which means taking an escalator down to the lobby.  This has been designed as all purpose ‘eating, drinking, meeting’ space – you can see the bar immediately to the left of the reception desks in the picture below.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

…. and here is the bar closer up.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The rooms

As a brand new hotel, the room had a feeling of freshness which is always appreciated.  Whilst not huge, I found it functional and certainly didn’t lack for anything.  It was not clear if I was upgraded or not due to my Diamond status.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Unlike many new hotels, it also has a decent desk for working:

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The bathroom looked a little ‘plasticy’ but still looked good because the hotel had just opened.  It may lose its appeal over time.  Toiletries were the standard ‘Roth’ in-house Hilton brand.  It only had a shower, not a bath.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Soundproofing in the room, always important for an airport hotel, was excellent.

The club lounge

Like many HFP readers, I am a top-tier Hilton Diamond following the status match promotion run over Christmas.  This meant I was given free access to the lounge.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

This was, for a Hilton, a surprisingly impressive space – although the bar stool seating in places was a slightly odd touch.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Due to business commitments I wasn’t able to see what was on offer in the evening.  Breakfast, however, was more than satisfactory and it was a good perk of Hilton Diamond to receive it.

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

….. and more breakfast …..

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

….. with good quality furnishings …..

Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Review Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


As usual with airport hotels, this was a very short stay and I had little time to discover the hotel in full.

The new Hilton at Schiphol Airport at Amsterdam is a breath of fresh air if you are used to the Sheraton.  On the night I stayed, the price gap was only €9 and that was easily offset by the higher overall quality and, of course, the free lounge access I got as a Hilton Diamond.

The only downside is the slightly longer walk from the main terminal building but I feel this is well worth the effort.

As a Hilton HHonors redemption, you are looking at 60,000 points per night if you book this as a redemption.  If room rates are higher than €225 then points may be a good move – you would be getting the HFP typical 0.3p valuation.

You can book the hotel, or find out more, on the Hilton website here.

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  1. A nice succinct review Mrs R! Great pics too!

  2. Your wife isn’t the only one with a great taste in phones! I also have a BlackBerry Passport, and it’s excellent.

    • My OH says he will be buried with his. This may be sooner than he expected.

      • I finally caved and had mine replaced by a Moto G earlier this year, due to the problems in connecting to the new college systems. Still grieving!

    • Yes , BlackBerry Passport is great tool , you can configure it for rectangular photos , btw , BlackBerry Travel app is the once which use for all my trips , and just an idea for future reviews : you can review travel technology tools , for instance have you used Delorme inReach ? I found it very useful for a travel to remote parts of the world , obviously when you stay in Hilton probably no need for that ))

  3. Andrew says:

    There is also a citizen M just a few minutes walk from the terminal. It’s great for solo travellers but I wouldn’t recommend the rooms for 2 people. I always use citizen M now as it avoids the taxis or shuttle buses and is usually a lot cheaper than the Sheraton.

  4. Well done Mrs R

  5. Nice and sturdy toilet rolls they supply on the bathroom countertops!
    Great report of this new property btw

    • I raised an eyebrow at that too – on closer inspection it looks like a tissue dispenser, but certainly looks designed for some serious business at first glance!

  6. Square pictures look great in the mobile site, by the way.

  7. Thanks for the review. Another Hilton Exec Lounge I may never get to use as my business travelling is replaced by endless web conferencing :(.

    The barstool configuration isn’t that unusual for Hilton Exec Lounge. Both the Tower Bridge and Warsaw Convention Centre hotels have it.

  8. I think I actually prefer the pictures in this article. Can you get Mrs Raffles to do all the reviews from now on? :)))

    • That is the benefit of taking pictures in sunlight, whereas I normally end up taking mine in darkness!

      You have my pics from Ras and Anika’s pics for InterCon Bordeaux to come this week – we can decide after that whose are best!

      • You need to go for the Samsung Galaxy S7 then, fantastic low light performance!

  9. rotundo says:

    Is there an easy way to find the opening hours of the Hilton executive lounges, other than calling the hotel beforehand? I stayed in the Hilton at Boston Logan airport recently on a Friday night, and I was disappointed to find the lounge closed. I can’t find the opening hours anywhere on the Hilton website, either for the Boston or the Schipol hotels.

    • I think that you will find that by default they are closed from Friday evening to Monday morning unless advertised otherwise. I found my sole visit to an Executive Lounge deeply disappointing: the breakfast was like at a Hampton Inn without the waffle machine. I am staying at The Stucky Molino in Venice at Sept and am now Diamond but will be wary of n upgrade to an executive room.

    • It varies from hotel to hotel. The Executive lounge at Hilton Amsterdam closes from around midday until about 6pm on a Saturday & Sunday. In the past the Hilton Amsterdam Schiphol Executive lounge has closed for two weeks over Christmas & New Year whith drink vouchers being handed out for drinks at the bar. The Executive lounge at Hilton Toronto Downtown closes at midday on a Friday and reopens on Sunday evening at 5pm.

      My experience is that if you book an Executive room and the lounge is closed for a period of time during your stay, there’ll be a prominent message one one of the booking pages.

  10. signol says:

    I’ll be staying at the Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam Arena between flights next week – much cheaper (for both cash and points), though a 10 minute train ride in each direction. This Hilton would have been my preference, but they had no family room availability.

  11. scallder says:

    OT (apologies): it looks like someone’s trying to spoil Marriott’s takeover of SPG in 2 weeks

    • Excellent. I predicted this when I was last with the SPG team. The bottom line is that both Marriott and Starwoods share prices have fallen sharply (as have all hotel stocks) since the deal was announced. This is mainly a share for share deal.

      There were other bidders sniffing around willing to pay cash but the total cash offer was a little lower than the Marriott share offer so Starwood accepted that. Once share prices in the sector started to fall, this looked like a mistake. The door was always open for one of those previous potential cash bidders to come back and offer the same – or even less – than before in cash and look better than the current deal.

      I would be very happy if this came off although Marriott has committed so much to it now that I get the feeling they might be happier to jack up their price to a silly level out of stubborness.

    • RIccati says:

      Confer to what Raffle’s said.

      Plus Marriott chain is so uneventful and exposed to the same risks (barring regional hotel portfolio differences) — not sure what Starwood shareholders stood to gain but the management/board are surely keen. It’s easier to cash out the shares of a large company.

      Plus, what’s £13 billion these days? I was told that Marina Bay complex, presumably not just the hotel, was $6billion to build.

      • There is a lot of property in the company as well – you could sell that (and replace it with management contracts) to get a fair chunk back pretty quickly.

    • Saw it online & came over to see if anybody was discussing it – also here if you’re locked out of FT

  12. vindaloo says:

    Unless it’s been closed since I stayed there a couple of years ago, there’s also a Mercure in the terminal building airside.

  13. Tip for anyone using a Hilton VISA voucher – if you’ve got Diamond status then the increased availability you see IS bookable. The first agent I spoke to wasn’t sure but I asked to be passed through to Diamond Desk who booked it in under a minute for me – Hilton New York for 80k points 😀 When looking at NYC availability not signed it I found it was about half of that available when signed in as Diamond, worth keeping in mind.

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