Did you know iberia.com shows more Iberia business class Avios seats than ba.com?

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It turns out that Iberia offers better Business Class reward availability via iberia.com than it offers on ba.com.

This is a bit bizarre, I admit.  I’m not entirely sure why this fact isn’t common knowledge – probably because of the hoops you need to jump through to redeem on Iberia.

Two months ago, I wrote about how Iberia opens up substantially more Economy redemption seats via iberia.com than British Airways will show you on ba.com.  That article is here.

There is a reason for this, however.  It is because Iberia has two ‘classes’ of Economy redemption and ba.com only shows you the slightly cheaper ‘Blue Class’ seats.

What makes no sense, however, is what I found out last week.  There are more Iberia business class seats available if you book on the Iberia website.

Here are some examples.  Flying to Miami from Madrid on 18th November, ba.com has nothing on Iberia in Business Class (click to enlarge):

Booking iberia flights with Avios

but iberia.com does have seats on one of the flights:

Booking iberia flights with Avios

There were actually THREE business class seats on the Iberia flight available if I booked via iberia.com.

Here is another example, out from Madrid to New York on 12th October.  Here is ba.com with no Iberia availability at all in Business:

Booking iberia flights with Avios

and here is iberia.com with a seat available on the later flight:

Booking iberia flights with Avios

Any sane Head for Points reader would be booking long haul Iberia redemptions on iberia.com anyway.  This is because taxes are roughly 75% lower when booking the SAME Iberia flight via iberia.com compared to booking it via ba.com.  This article explains it in more detail.

You might, as I would, start off by checking availability on ba.com with the intention of booking on iberia.com later.  That would be a big mistake as these examples show.  If you are looking for Iberia reward availability, you MUST search at iberia.com to see the full range of available seats.

Remember, though, that in order to move your Avios points to Iberia Plus via Combine My Avios, your Iberia Plus account MUST be 90 days and MUST have earned 1 Avios point.  If you have never done this, I would prioritise it because you never know when you might want to book.

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  1. krys_k says:

    I have points distributed between my avios family, exec family and Iberia accounts. When I booked via avios over the phone they managed to move avios around when I understand that that isn’t actually possible within the rules. Is there a way that I can move to Iberia? (are iberia customer service persuadable to do this?).

  2. xcalx says:

    “There is a reason for this, however. It is because Iberia has two ‘classes’ of Economy redemption and ba.com does not show you the slightly more expensive ‘Blue Class’ seats.”

    I think you have this the wrong way Raffles. The Blue Class are the LESS expensive IB economy seats which are what show as economy on BA, its the standard economy seats that are not available on BA.

  3. Hi,
    Off topic, but thanks to this website I’ve just booked my free stay at a Hilton (Park Lane!) using the £750 Barclaycard certificate. It would have otherwise cost £409, so a great bargain!
    Thanks again

    • Excellent result, well done.

    • Snap! Booked mine for 9th July

      • Ha!
        Although I seemed to get passed around when I called Hilton up! It seems they don’t have a dedicated UK call centre for this, as even though I called the UK number, everyone I spoke to was American. Did you have a similar experience?

        • Yes, I had a similar experience
          Making my booking was the second time I have had the pleasure of speaking to them over the phone and on both occasions got passed around from one American to another. At first, I was told Park lane was excluded, but the guy didn’t seem too sure so put me through to someone else.

  4. SSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I hope you consider deleting this post.

    • As there are 2m or so Avios members in Spain who book these seats as a matter of course as Iberia Plus is their core programme, I doubt a few thousand HFP readers sniffing around is going to have a major impact on availability …..

  5. Diego says:

    Just one comment for those members who do not know. For short-haul, there are cases when booking IB flights on the BA website you pay LESS tax than on the IB website. The different is not substantial though.

    Example outbound: IB3611 LHR-TFN 4th October in Business Class
    BA website: 20000 avios + £55
    IB website: 20000 avios + £63

    Example inbound: IB3602 TFN-LHR 4th October in Business Class
    BA website: 20000 avios + £15
    IB website: 20000 avios + £7

  6. Is there a way to move Avios FROM Iberia Plus to BA Executive Club?

    • Yes, via Combine My Avios on ba.com or iberia.com (as long as your IB account is over 90 days old).

      If you get an error message, do this – move from Iberia to avios.com, using the Combine My Avios function on avios.com, and then from avios.com to BA. This usually always works.

  7. Andrew H says:

    Does anyon know if Tesco plans to drop avios? Or if they are changing the excellent conversion rate from 1:2.4 to 1:1?

    • harry says:

      It’s NOT an excellent conversion rate.

      They are not ‘like’ currencies.

      What you’re saying is similar to saying getting EUR1.5 for every £1 is a great deal as it’s half as much again.

      • Andrew H says:

        Let me rephrase – it’s the only merchant who will convert 1->2.4 and is therefore very attractive.

        • harry says:

          Looks like Tesco has dropped Avios

        • harry says:

          I guess 31 July gives slomos a chance to get £50 in this year

        • Andrew H says:

          Wait, what? Tell me you are joking.

        • stuart h says:

          where does it say this?

        • harry says:

          The argument moves on, folks.

          What’s your best chance of getting £50 of credit before 31st July?

          ISTR Experian credits really quickly, as does Lastminute.com

        • Tilly71 says:

          No mention on clubcard site Avios is being dropped.

        • Andrew H says:

          Indeed, both the BA and Avios transfer options on the Tesco site are still there. I have £135 plus in vouchers to convert to Avios, but I was waiting for a 20% bonus promotion.

  8. Pity you can’t use the lloyds upgrade voucher or I’d be booking now!

  9. harry says:

    It was good while it lasted!

    RIP Tesco conversion

    However, lazy people can STILL get £50 of Tesco conversion to Avios in this year if you buck up tyour ideas 🙂

    =12500 Avios (from memory lol)

  10. Tilly71 says:

    Maybe a full article on this on here tomorrow. So, maybe a list of very fast payout merchants required ASAP.
    I still have £25 worth of redemption potential in my account. Any ideas peeps?

    • I meant to write ‘approved’ (not ‘payable’) so there’s a skill chance transactions done this week or next week will be paid in time for you to withdraw to Tesco before the cutoff date.

  11. Arun T says:

    For what its worth I think people need to stop panicking about losing the Tesco > Avios conversion. Its based on nothing but pure speculation. Avoid/BA feature Tesco very prominently in videos/articles, so Tesco would need a very good reason to stop this.

  12. NYC123 says:

    Just signed up to iberia plus, whats the cheapest easiest way of earning the single avios needed to or can i simply transfer from BA?

    • Keith says:

      I’m in the same position, and was wondering the same thing. Anyone replied to you elsewhere?

  13. yanky says:


    old news dont publishe such deals because it will get killed by the program

    • No it won’t! There are 2m Spanish Avios members happily booking these seats, I doubt selling a few more to HFP readers makes the slightest difference.

  14. Mr Fluff says:

    I am booked on a BA business class reward flight from LHR to Vancouver in August, and am trying to find a way of getting a reward seat for a friend on the same flight, economy or business. Cash costs are crazy now…is there any way of being notified if a reward seat becomes free other than repeatedly checking the website? (The Iberia website is coming up with an error when I look on there…) Thanks.

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