Hilton tightens up on its Gold and Diamond status match

Hilton HHonors has been running an official status match programme for a few months.

This is a fantastic opportunity to leverage your existing status in another hotel scheme to get Gold or Diamond status until March 2018.

However, if you haven’t applied yet, your life has just got harder.

Hilton Diamond 350

That said, it is still worth a go.

First, this is what Hilton HHonors offers top tier Diamond members.  You would normally need 30 stays or 60 nights in a calendar year to get this.

To be honest, the Diamond benefits are not as good as, say, Hyatt Diamond and are not substantially different to the mid-tier Gold level.  The main additional benefit is guaranteed lounge access when staying at a Conrad, Hilton or Doubletree hotel even if you are not upgraded to the club floor.

Even Hilton Gold is worth having if you have a mid tier card from another chain.  You receive free breakfast at most brands (not Waldorf Astoria) and some sort of upgrade.  At worse, you will get the best room left in the category booked.

What has changed?

You can request a match via this website here.

Until earlier this week, all you had to do was send a screenshot showing your current status and, importantly, a screenshot showing a stay with that chain during the last 12 months.  That was it.

The terms have now changed.

Hilton will now give you Gold or Diamond status for just 90 days.

To keep your Gold status until March 2018, you need to complete four stays (not nights) in those 90 days.  To keep Diamond, you need to complete eight stays.

To be fair to Hilton, this is still a generous deal.  You are getting 20 months of Diamond status out of it.  The only issue is that you need to do eight stays and not eight nights.  This requires substantially more dedication, unless you are working in an area with multiple Hilton properties and change hotel each night.  The upside is that you will already be getting Gold or Diamond benefits whilst you do those four or eight stays.

Even having Gold or Diamond status for just 90 days is valuable if you know you will have stays during that period.

If this seems too tricky now, remember that you can Hilton HHonors Gold as one of the benefits of holding the American Express Platinum card.  My full review of the benefits is here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)


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  1. Tilly71 says:

    So is a stay still confirmed as little as one individual night. I undertsand that you cannot use a stay of say four or five consecutive nights as part of the requirements.
    But you should still be able to use individual one night stays as part of the requirements.
    Is this true?

    • Danksy says:

      Yes.. That’s correct – so long as the stays are booked direct with Hilton and not via Expedia etc.

      The way around this (we do it when on holiday) is to book alternate nights in yours and your partner’s names – don’t get them to combine the bookings, request late check out on every night and see how you go!

      Monday – my name
      Tuesday – wife’s name
      Wednesday – my name etc.

    • Yes 1 night would count as a stay fine. For some reason for this status match challenge they’ve only offered stays (normal status acquisition can be or stays, nights or base points)

    • You can book consecutive one night stays. on separate bookings. These do not necessarily get merged into one booking. Meaning you can get two stays over two consecutive nights.
      It can be a pain to book if you do this multiple times, but I have done this recently to get to Diamond quicker

  2. Would the changes in terms affect if you already got the status match prior to the change in T&Cs?

    I got matched to diamond via my best western diamond (which I got from status match from my Hilton gold!)

    I do have 4 stays lined up but not 8 in the next 90 days

    • No if you’ve already been matched under the existing terms then there’s no minimum stay requirement.

  3. Nick G says:

    I give up with hilton I’ve sent it off twice in the last month for a status match with my Accor card. Never heard another thing oh we’ll there loss for me. If you can’t be arsed replying I can’t be arsed staying in your hotels…..

  4. Peter K says:

    So annoying. I applied for Amex platinum way back in march to get Accor platinum to match to Hilton diamond.
    Accor have not made me up despite chasing, the last message saying it’s because they longer a relationship with AMEX despite the application being made via AMEX Well before the 15 th April cut off date. Now I won’t even get the Hilton match I wanted for a planned stay next year.
    Loss for Hilton as I will now book using a different hotel, loss for Accor as customer services have been so awful I’ll avoid them like plague!!
    Who do people think I should complain to for the non-status match, a key reason i got the AMEX platinum. Amex, Accor or both?

    • Why haven’t you been complaining to Amex along the way?

      • Peter K says:

        I have. I contacted them twice and they said it was progressing normally the first time and the second time they said the delay was all on Accors side. I believe them knowing how good Amex have been the past and the Accor did not bother to reply more once and missed their own 48hr response time than once.

    • plastikman says:

      on my way to sell my hilton and accor shares.

      good luck with the complaint lol.

    • Mr Dee says:

      Complain to Amex if you didn’t receive what you signed up for you should be entitled to a refund.

  5. Has anybody requested an extension to their status match from last year?

    I could probably do 30 stays this year if I had to, but I’d rather not, and I already have 12 and it would be nice to keep diamond (if only for lounge/breakfast)

    • AndyR says:

      Yeah I got an extension to March 2018.

      • Genghis says:


        • How did you guys apply for Diamond extension to March ’18?

        • Those of us that had previously matched to March 17 just emailed and asked (when the new matching offer came out) for it to be extended to March 18. Online account never changed but Diamond Desk confirmed the extension, so should be all good.

        • Genghis says:

          Same experience. If you don’t ask you don’t get.

  6. Interesting. I matched from IHG gold about a year ago and I had to do 3 qualifying stays in 90 days, so this isn’t news to me. Tough thing now is doing enough in each program to maintain status in both…

  7. Tilly71 says:

    Can anyone confirm if they have had ihg gold matched to HH Gold recently please?

  8. Albert says:

    Anyone know if this affects the Hilton match of BA GGL holders?

  9. I just completed the request with uploaded SPG Gold Status. Not sure if it went through as there wasn’t an acknowledgement and the page remained the same. Is something else supposed to happen?

    • Tilly71 says:

      No, you dont get any acknowledgment email. I made sure my applicion was received last time by submitting the details again, if they have received it you get a message stating email or account number already been used when you try to apply again.

  10. Darrel says:

    I just managed to.squeak in to get Hilton Diamond via Accor Platinum without the 8 stays. Thank you for the tips.

    I wished I was still traveling to the US. I miss Hyatt Diamond status and the suite upgrades.

  11. OT but Hilton. Can anyone help me with my Hilton points calculation. JUst had a Hampton Inn booking and I am registered for the double pts and quadruple miles via Iberia – point posted on follows on a £61.78 before VAT booking: I am diamond too.
    BAse 814
    2016 Unlimited bonus offer 814
    50% bonus on base pts 407
    DIamond VIP 50% 2016 bonus 407
    IBeria Airlines up to quadruple (1st booking) 407 – pts are in the bonus column and not the miles column and have been added to the total Hilton pts
    MY way preference bonus 250
    Total 3099
    Nothing has posted in my Iberia
    Also not received the 2500 for first year credit card but will email them about that
    I am totally confused about what pts should be posted – help please!

    • Hi Liz – ignoring the Iberia promo for a minute, the base, unlimited bonus base, Diamond bonus and My Way preference all look correct. However 50% bonus on base pts read to me like you had the preferences set as points+points rather than points+miles? If that’s the case then you probably shouldn’t have got anything for Iberia, although due to an IT glitch you got 407 extra Hilton points. Alternatively if you DID have it set to points+miles then you shouldn’t have the 50% bonus (as you chose miles) and the IB points should be earning miles. Can you confirm which preference you have set? Next stop will likely be diamond at hilton.com to ask them to resolve. I find the 2500 cc points are very poor at posting – apparently having the card in your profile helps enormously, but I’ve often had to complain to Barclaycard to get those to post (I’ve had the card a few times!)

    • I have just checked my settings and I added my Iberia number but didn’t change it to points and miles DUH!!! Think I would rather have the HH pts anyway as I have plenty of Avios.

      • Hehe – well at least you can enjoy the bonus HHonors points thanks to the IB promo 😀

        • Hey Alan – do those points look OK to you – I have 2 more stays booked next month in the US.

        • Yep, the base points and multiples all looked correct based on the current rubbish GBP-USD exchange rates!

        • Thanks Alan I didn’t notice your post above 5.17! Is it worth setting for pts and miles now for the next 2 bookings or just leave at pts & pts now that I have mucked up the quadruple promotion! I would get double and triple pts – only got 2 individual nights booked – one Hilton one Doubletree.

        • Depends how much you relatively value the points vs miles I guess. Not guaranteed but hopeful you might get the bonus points on the next couple of stays and as you say you’ll have missed out on the maximum extent of the offer with it not being on miles for the first one.

  12. I got a match after the last Statusmatcher article at the beginning of July, matched GHA Platinum to Hilton Diamond. I only expected Gold if anything so was surprised to get Diamond. This was before the terms changed and I assumed I’d get matched through to 2018 but I’m not sure as my HHonors account says I need 26 stays to retain Diamond next year. There is no challenge for me to complete in the next few weeks at all.

    • Genghis says:

      I think that’s pretty normal. I got matched to March 2018 a while ago but says that I need to have xx nights in 2017 to maintain Diamond status.

      • I just rechecked the email I got and it says I’ve got Diamond until 31 March 2018 so I guess the 26 stays required is to keep status beyond that. It’s ambiguous though as the wording in my account page says this:
        To maintain Diamond status in 2017, you need 26 more stays.
        Slightly odd I think.

        • Not really, it’s just Hilton IT can’t cope with dealing with any further ahead than the current membership year.

    • The website doesn’t show anything different for 2018 vs 2017 expiry.

  13. Shame Hilton have already ruined the scheme by status matching all and sundry with no real proof over many months.

    As a result hotels are changing benefits for Diamonds around the globe as there are too many.

    This is rather like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

    • Completely agree.

      For those of us who actually earn their status, the recent loss of benefits, which one can assume is caused by too many Diamond members, is a real kick in the stones.
      I have definitely noticed that I do not receive upgrades as regularly, this may be coincidental. But it is a real shame Hilton status matched to Diamond. Gold should have been the max.

  14. >>Hilton will now give you Gold or Diamond status for just 90 days.
    To keep your Gold status until March 2018, you need to complete four stays (not nights) in those 90 days.<<

    I had Silver, 12 stays YTD, 8 stays to go to Gold. I then got the status match to HHonours Gold, and have one stay since. However, my app & online account say that I have to complete another 7 stays to retain gold. This is different from the 4 stays as per above. Anyone else have this?

    • I have got the same with Diamond until 3/18.
      The whole HHonors system is always miles behind.
      Email and ask for confirmation.

      • OK, good to know, thanks mark2. Will reach Diamond this year, but would rather do it in 13 than 17 stays.

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