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LAST CHANCE to transfer TopCashback money into Tesco Clubcard and onto Avios

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One of the easiest ways of earning Avios points or Virgin Flying Club miles for the last couple of years has been via cashback site TopCashback.

TopCashback allowed you to take up to £50 of cashback from your day-to-day online shopping and convert it into 5,000 Tesco Clubcard points.  This means that it would turn into 12,000 Avios points – you were basically ‘buying’ Avios points for just 0.4p each!  This was repeatable every year.

It was a great deal and a fairly easy 12,000 Avios points per year for Head for Points readers.   If you had a British Airways household account you could do even better.

TopCashback announced in June that Tesco is withdrawing tomorrow, 31st July.

If you have any cashback sitting in your TopCashback account and you have yet to hit the £50 cap, you should send it across to Tesco IMMEDIATELY.

TopCashback 350

This move appears to be linked to the broader restructuring of the Clubcard scheme which is currently underway.  We have already seen the ending of Clubcard Boost ‘double up’ in store.  It has also been reported that Clubcard points will soon be instantly redeemable – like Nectar or Boots Advantage points – by swiping your card at checkout.

Interestingly, TCB said that 33% of users who chose Clubcard converted their points into Avios.  30% used them for restaurant vouchers and 20% for family day out vouchers.

That was bad news for Tesco.  If you assume that Tesco pays 0.75p per Avios point – and I think they actually pay more than that – the maths was crazy.  TopCashback sent Tesco £50 but, in 33% of cases, it had to immediately pay out (12,000 x 0.75p) £90 to Avios.  You can see why Tesco wanted out!

You will still be able to convert TopCashback money directly into Avios points.  This is an acceptable deal – you get 1.05 Avios points for every 1p of TopCashback money you convert – but nowhere near as generous as routing your points via Tesco Clubcard.

If you used TCB to earn Virgin miles then there is no alternative option.  I had heard rumours of Quidco teaming up with Virgin Atlantic but nothing has appeared.

If you never joined TopCashback and want to sign up – after all, buying unlimited Avios points for (1p / 1.05 Avios =) 0.95p is certainly not a bad deal – my refer a friend link is here.

This move could also be problematic for TCB itself.  It is generally seen as having poorer customer service than Quidco, but people put up with it because of the Tesco conversion option.  With that gone, TCB loses some appeal. Remember, however, that you can still buy Avios via TCB with zero effort for 0.95p and that is not a bad deal at all.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Genghis says:

    Solution: take the 11 quid as BACS. Use the £11 to buy 11 Mr Muscle sprays using the magazine voucher (50 club card points with Mr Muscle) paying with a Lloyds Amex.
    Result: (11 x 51) x 2.4 = 1,346 avios + 11 x 2.5) = 28 = 1,374 avios (and a clean kitchen with a bit of effort).

    • Lol Genghis. And i thought i had an issue with the points craze!!

      • Genghis says:

        Tesco points earning opportunities were few and far between last quarter. We’ve recently ticked over to another quarter and things are working well – first the lego 1,500 cc offer (tidy – thank you very much) and then this Mr Muscle offer. Effectively buying avios at around 0.8p (what people were paying in the recent Groupon deal) (and getting a “free” Mr Muscle cleaner). I’ve been working my way around the City’s Tescos this week taking as many as I can carry…

  2. harry says:

    Ah – small hitch – however, good never to forget all we’re talking about here boils down to the same thing, Avios or cash

    You’re just moving it to different ‘banks’

    btw nice workaround Genghis 🙂

  3. They couldn’t. Once an affiliate scheme ends the merchant refuses to accept new claims.

    • They should still take claims for existing transactions under the rules that were extant at the time. I’m going to be pursuing this one.

      • But they don’t. Tesco switched affiliate agency last week, for example. If you have a problem with a Tesco transaction made before Friday 22nd it cannot be appealed.

  4. Genghis says:

    They’re the rules I’m afraid. You should always link up a transfer ASAP (like with Amex MR linking to other reward schemes).

    • harry says:

      [Puts on old Auntie Vi voice] Well I did rather boringly remind you twice in the last few days, lol

      Actually, I feel sorry for you bro as it’s actually a bit unfair it works for some people but not for others.

      People have added details today, sent the points across and it all went smoothly for them.

  5. harry says:

    31 days in July bro, give it a whiz in the morning

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