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My review of the 14th century Hilton Sa Torre, Mallorca hotel – Part 2

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This is the 2nd part of my review of Hilton Sa Torre, Mallorca.  Part 1 of my Hilton Sa Torre review can be found here.

Let’s look at our room.  Because this is a conversion of an old building mixed with some new additions, the website does not adequately cover the numerous options available.  For anything more complex than a standard room it is worth emailing with your requirements.

Hilton has a very attractive chain-wide family policy – you can book a 2nd room for your children at a 50% discount.  This saved us €160 per night.  My Hilton Diamond status also saved us money because we got full breakfast for all four of us included.  We were not upgraded – nor did I expect to be – because we booked specific rooms.

We took a Garden Suite with a connecting Double.  The Garden Suite has a sofa bed so, in theory, you could sleep six people with this combination.  The rooms connect via their external doors – there is a separate joint front door which you lock and you leave the individual room doors propped open.

This was in one of the new 1-storey buildings built along the side of the adult swimming pool, although we didn’t have a view of it.  The rooms had no real view at all despite having patios, not that it mattered given that we were in the middle of a quiet resort with plenty of places to relax.

This is our Garden Suite reception room with sofa bed (there is a big desk out of shot with plenty of sockets):

Hilton Sa Torre review Mallorca Garden Suite

Garden Suite bathroom (shower and loo out of shot) – the bathroom has the standard Hilton Peter Roth toiletries which felt very out of place here:

Hilton Sa Torre review Mallorca Garden Suite

Garden Suite bedroom, with doorway to patio:

Hilton Sa Torre review Mallorca Garden Suite

Garden Suite patio:

Hilton Sa Torre review Mallorca Garden Suite

Connecting Double Room:

Hilton Sa Torre review Mallorca Double Room

As you can see from the website, the rooms in the period Hilton Sa Torre buildings look totally different to ours.  If you have something specific that you like the look of, you should make it clear when booking.

A full review of the hotel would be excessively long so I will just focus on a few key points which were important to us.  As always with resorts, different things may be important to you.  Ask a question in the comments if necessary.  Here we go:

Like most Mallorca properties, the hotel is in the middle of nowhere. Nothing is walkable.  The nearest town, Llucmajor, is very pretty (photo below) and has a good Friday market.


You don’t need a car.  Sa Torre is 20 minutes from the airport although not on the flight path.  The hotel has a free shuttle bus to the nearest beach and to Palma although with only 8 seats (ie 2 families) you need to book a couple of days ahead.

Note that, if you bring a car, the local beaches are closed by the police early in the morning once the handful of parking spaces are taken.  The shuttle bus can get through so you may prefer it even with a vehicle.

The local beaches themselves are fine although very busy and with the usual beach club.  The tiny village attached is a dump.

There is an adults only ‘sea club’ 10 minutes drive from the hotel to which guests have access.  This appears to be on the edge of a cliff and has no beach.  We didn’t go because of the ‘no kids’ rule. 

The hotel kids club is OK but not very well equipped.  It is small (a converted room with a garden) and has just one member of staff.  It closes for lunch.  The woman running it, however, was impressive and she does a two hour session of pool games daily.  The club is closed on Monday.

The guests were mainly German although there were a number of British groups.  All of the staff speak perfect English as did most of the non-English guests.

The Hilton Sa Torre breakfast is impressive, this is only a fraction:

Hilton Sa Torre review Mallorca breakfast

There are two eating areas (you can’t really call them restaurants).  In the courtyard it serves a tapas-based menu.  In the rear outside the old stables is a more formal menu – the hotel had a Michelin star at one point.  Weirdly, I ordered an identical dish from both menus on separate days – the only difference was €7 as the tapas menu is cheaper!

There is also a small pool bar / restaurant which has its own tables or will serve at your sun lounger.  It has a BBQ and you can pick out a piece of meat, chicken or fish to be cooked for you.  We found this worked well with the kids.

Food and wine is cheap for a luxury hotel.  Kids eat free.  As long as an adult is eating, children under 11 do not pay.  Given the modestly priced adult menu, you find that you spend very little on eating.

Kids are only allowed in the indoor spa pool for two hours in the morning.  This made no difference to us because the weather was great, but could be restrictive out of season.

There are conference facilities here, tucked away.  This is presumably why they use the Hilton branding.  If you are looking for a unique conference or meeting venue out of season then I would recommend this.

Internet was generally OK.  It had to be reset in our room twice when the speed dropped to almost nothing but always recovered after that.  What was good is that there is coverage everywhere on the property.

The resort is compact and easy to get around.  Our room was almost the furthest away from the main building but within 24 hours our 5-year old had memorised the entire resort and we were happy to let him wander around by himself.

We had a good week at Hilton Sa Torre in Mallorca and would return.  We didn’t see much beyond Palma, Llucmajor and the local beach but that is the downside of having two young kids …..

In terms of cost, we paid around €675 per night after the 50% discount for the kids room.  I genuinely don’t see what the St Regis Mardavall, reviewed here, would have offered for €2,000 per night or the Park Hyatt for €1,500 per night to justify the difference.  (OK, better toiletries than Peter Roth but apart from that ….!)  Mallorca is, unfortunately, extortionately expensive in August.

On the upside, I banked 166,000 Hilton HHonors points due to my Diamond status and the current ‘double points’ promotion.  I also renewed my status for another year.

The Hilton Sa Torre website is here if you want to learn more.

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Comments (53)

  • ABC says:

    I suggest you fly to Barbados instead. More affordable! Mallorca is better in May or September. Too many tourists in August.

    • Jonathan says:

      I was very suprised by the cost of (west coast hotels in) Barbados over say Mauritius. But as you imply actually relative to Europe in the middle of summer holidays it’s not too bad!

      Only downside for me with a booking in a months time is having to fork out for the hotel twice due to unfortunately using LowCost that went bust.

      OT: It’s possibly worth highlighting to the unsuspecting 2for1 redeemer that the knock on impact of a redemption flight means that you’re not protected by Section75 when booking the hotel through a travel agents (as they typically act as agents not suppliers when not selling a package).

      • Genghis says:

        I don’t understand. If prebooking a hotel on a UK credit card, surely covered by S75?
        Are you confusing it with ATOL protection?

        • Jonathan says:

          No, section 75 relies upon credit card company having a direct relationship with the supplier.

          If you book a hotel through a travel agents they’re acting as an agent, not the supplier, and therefore invalidate section 75 by stopping the credit card company having a direct relationship with the supplier (I.e.hotel).

          • Genghis says:

            Thankfully I’ve not had to make a claim (though used it as leverage a few times). Good to know this, Jonathan.

          • 1nfrequent says:

            This is true unless you can prove that the indirect arrangement constitutes an arrangement to pay. According to MSE, the Court of Appeal has found for this back in 2006 but you have to be prepared to fight to try and get it (which means there’s always the chance you’ll lose).

            Like you said though, always better to play it safe by booking direct whenever you can or use a travel agent protected by ATOL.

      • ABC says:

        The beautiful part is that you really don’t have to worry about hurricanes in Barbados. On my way there again right now. Attending a wedding at the Hilton.

      • JJ says:

        Also been caught up in the lowcost collapse recently.

        I had a number of upcoming hotel only bookings made using a BA Premier Plus, these have all now all been refunded under Section75 by AMEX, no problems whatsoever just had to upload the original invoices / reservations.

        • Alan says:

          Good result from Amex CS as Amex cards don’t fall under Section 75 – only Mastercard and Visa credit cards do.

    • Rob says:

      We’ve done Barbados twice, but my wife refused to fly long haul in August. Considering it again for Easter as it happens.

      This was also a 3-stop holiday. We moved on the Dolomites for a week and then went across to Venice. Just Mallorca and back would have been a bit dull.

      • Jonathan says:

        There’s some lovely places on the West Coast of Barbados, particularly near Holetown which has got a lot smarter over the last decade.

        It’s a slightly longer flight as you stop in St. Lucia, but anyones you’re looking for somewhere special the spice island beach resort in Grenada is fantastic.

        • Joan says:

          We’re going to sandals Grenada in late November – did you see it on your travels ? What did you think ?

          • Jonathan says:

            Unfortunately no I didn’t come across it. We were a little concerned when we went about the proximity of airport, however don’t be, there are so few flights it’s not at all disturbing.

  • Ross says:

    One of my favourite hotels in the world, breakfast (or any time) in that courtyard is one of the most calming places to grab a few minutes of contemplation time.

    • Rob says:

      Not if my 2 kids were with you 🙂

      What was good is that we dropped them in kids clubs after breakfast for an hour and, as breakfast runs late, we could sit in the courtyard drinking free coffee from the buffet for an hour whilst reading the English papers.

  • ankomonkey says:

    So Rob, did you pay cash rather than points to retain status or was it that the premium rewards points rates for your two rooms represented poor value compared to the cash cost?

    • Rob says:

      I paid cash. Premier redemptions get you about 0.2 per point. The only way to get that many points would have been an Amex transfer and I refuse to use Amex points for such a bad deal.

      The current Hilton double points promo also made it more worthwhile to pay – although realistically I had no choice.

      I certainly didn’t do it to retain Diamond, that was just a pleasant side effect. I would actually have been £500 short but luckily I did the Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah trip earlier in the year.

      • JohnW says:

        Is Hilton status earned by spend? I always thought it was number of nights i.e 60 nights for Diamond.

        • Alan says:

          It can be via spend, nights or stays. The cheapest is stays – esp if you can find a very cheap redemption 🙂 Full info at and if you login to your account you’ll see your progress in all 3 components.

          • JohnW says:

            Cheers. Just checked…

            That’s good news because I got Diamond from the recent status match but didn’t think I would be able to keep it as I wouldn’t make 30 stays/60 nights. However, I have a week at Conrad Algarve and that might get me over the line via base points.

  • Jason says:

    Wish I had known about the 50% off second room for kids for our recent trip to Malta! How Do you book direct? Is it 50% off current best available rate?

    • Ed says:

      A mix of above questions. can the 50% be combined with a points booking? either using points for both rooms or points for one and cash for other?

      • Rob says:

        Officially no but it is one of those things that I think you should ask a specific hotel directly. They may be ok with it if they are not full.

        • Yuff says:

          I was looking at the Conrad algarve and assuming that it was 80k, for each room. I assume because it’s July they won’t offer 50% off the points rate fir the 2nd room. Is it worth contacting Hilton direct?
          The hotel are very keen to push the cash rate for obvious reasons 🙂

          • Rob says:

            You will never get a 50% point discount on a 2nd room.

            I was thinking that you might get a 50% cash discount if you uses points for the 1st room if you asked nicely.

      • Jonny says:

        I have been led to believe the 50% off for a kids room is only available on the “Standard” rate and you can’t get 50% off sale rates. Am going to Malta myself in a bit and asked the hotel just that question.
        Not sure if it can be combined with points bookings but if so, you almost def wouldn’t be able to get a room for 50% of the points, would have to pay cash. Similarly, am unsure if you could pay one room at sale price and a second at 50% off standard rate, say.

    • Rob says:

      It is 50% off whatever rate you take – if you want to pay in advance it is 50% off advanced purchase.

      The Hilton call centre can book this for you, or contact the hotel yourself.

      • Jonny says:

        I stand corrected! Either that hotel didn’t want to flog rooms on the cheap or simply didn’t really know…

        Will try the call centre though not looking forward to a repeat of last time when I spent 10 mins trying to convince them Malta was an actual country, and spelling it out umpteen times… Ended up giving up!

        • Jason says:

          Jonny not sure of your circumstance but we ended up in a corner suit in Malta which was more than adequate for our needs plenty of room 2 bathrooms etc…

          • Jonny says:

            thanks Jason, well that’s what I’m hoping for – tempted to just keep the one room for all of us and hope I get lucky with a good upgrade…

          • Jason says:

            Are you diamond ? If so they are very very good on upgrades! I emailed them direct and was upgraded before we arrived, even during peak August

          • Jonny says:

            Yep am a Diamond (status match) so am hopeful, will email them before my stay, they have been v helpful with queries thus far.

  • Colin McCabe says:

    I returned last week from 2 weeks at the Sa Torre. 5 of us had the same room set up as Rob and the rooms were great as were most of the hotel facilities. However the F&B service was generally very poor. I think in 2 weeks we had 2 meals where there were zero mistakes. About 1 third of the staff spoke English very haltingly and that was one of the causes of the issues. This includes a comedy saga with room service for the kids where they got a burger order wrong 3 times and the poor waiter had to run back to the kitchen 3 times for replacements while I fielded calls from the kitchen telling me it was my fault! It’s not set up for kids as much as it likes to think. The main benefit being those great interconnecting suites, great size and modern though no English TV service for kids (not even cartoon networks). The kids club closing on a Monday and everyday for lunch as it literally only had 1 member of staff (who admittedly was great).. is that good enough for a 5*? if my kids eat free (and I had booked half board) then why do I have to eat with them? on holiday I often want the exact opposite so that meant having to pay for kids food on some occasions. It was also terribly inconsistent. Some staff on some days didn’t charge for the kids food if we were not eating and some did. Other times they let us order a fries for one adult to stop being charged for the kids food and other nights they said this didn’t constitute a meal so they charged us. Their whole F&B dept is in a very bad state and the excuse from the GM was “hard to get staff” and “we have changed the whole F&B dept recently” The food in general is severely limited with a pretty dull menu.. once you have had the tapas a couple of times and the burger a couple of times and eaten in the more formal dining area it all gets very repetitive.. there are only 5 things on the kids menu for example. Despite the lovely location, great rooms and whole ambiance of the place I don’t think I will go back as it’s not particularly good value for money if you are getting annoyed everyday while there.

    • Rob says:

      Forgot to mention the kids club was closed on Monday – will add that in. We left on Saturday so I had forgotten by then.

      My friend was there last week too, they had 4 kids, you would have seen them by the pool. The big green inflatable crocodile belonged to them 🙂

      Our kids ate the tapas menus OK. We also did a did a couple of late lunches from the pool BBQ and didn’t eat in the evening (the kids got some fruit or a bread roll pinched from breakfast!). I have never seen a kids menu outside of a specialist kids hotel with more than 5 things on it. Compared to the crap served at the JW Marriott in Venice over the weekend (kids options – burger and chips, chicken and chips, fish fingers and chips) Sa Torre was a wonder.

      In general there is a limit to what you are going to get in the way of options at a 90 room hotel, I think. That said, as we only ate in the expensive restaurant once, I didn’t see if the menu rotated or not from day to day.

      • Imbruce says:

        I thought it would have been a better deal to book a villa with pool through James Villas
        for families instead of the expense of a hotel.
        We have had some lovely villas through them and the flights are included,
        but I have found its cheaper to rent a car direct with the rental car company than James Villas

    • Colin says:

      It’s also worth pointing out that their heart is definitely in the right place. If you ask them to help with something they are super helpful and some of the front of house guys were great with good language skills and really helpful. They helped us pack wine to be sent back to the UK and were great with advice about local vineyards to visit.

    • sergio gutierrez says:

      It is funny, might be a cultural thing, but restaurants in Spain don’t tend to have Children menus as is common in the anglo countries.

      Children just eat the same food as adults from a really early age.

  • Yuff says:


    I love this line
    “If my kids eat free (and I had booked half board) then why do I have to eat with them? ”
    That would be my sentiment, however my wife has the opposite view and wants to eat with the kids 😉
    I’m sure our kids behave better when we aren’t with them 🙁

  • Graeme says:

    Slightly OT – where on the HHonors site can I find out when my diamond status ends?

    • Alan says:

      Website doesn’t tell you, need to contact HHonors to see if you have it past the end of 31st March (when they always reset)

  • Nate1309 says:

    slightly O/T a few days ago didn’t you mention the September Hilton Promo Rob? Any more details on it?

    • Rob says:

      Registration is not open yet I think (need to check). The Marriott promo is now open for registration – that will be done tomorrow or Friday.

      • Genghis says:

        Hope it launches by next weekend for my stay on Sunday and Monday…

      • Alan says:

        Loyalty Lobby has a link although it didn’t seem generic. Have registered successfully.

    • Alan says:

      It’s straight double points and registration now open. There’s a link from Loyalty Lobby.

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