Avios tells HFP: ‘Readers WILL get their 15,000 Avios Amex bonus’

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the generous bonus of 15,000 Avios points which British Airways has awarded to anyone who has held a British Airways American Express card since it launched in 2001.

Well, not quite ‘anyone’.  As we discussed last weekend, I had a few emails from people who have held the card since 2001 and have not received the bonus. Almost all of these people have one thing in common: at some point between 2001 and today, they upgraded from the free BA Amex to the Premium Plus card.

BA Premium Plus Amex

The excellent news is Avios has now issued a statement on this issue to Head for Points:

As part of our rewards programme, we regularly work with our partners to create special promotions to surprise and delight our customers. To celebrate the 15 year anniversary for the British Airways American Express credit card, we gave our most loyal customers a generous and discretionary 15,000 bonus Avios.

“Customers who have held a British Airways American Express credit card for the past 15 years will qualify for the reward, regardless of whether they upgraded or downgraded their credit card within the 15 year timeframe. However, due to the sheer volume of customers eligible for the promotion, it has taken longer than expected to credit all accounts. We encourage customers who have not received their award by the start of January to contact the British Airways Executive Club.”

All sorted!

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  1. That’s great news – a welcome Xmas bonus. I’m delighted Amex have sorted this.

  2. Amex CS is HEAD and shoulders above all other card providers 😉

  3. Is there any way to find out if you qualify for the Avios Bonus?

    My AMEX account says that I joined in 2002 but I am not sure when I joined as a AMEX BA Card Member.

    I welcome any advice.

    • The member since date on any of your cards indicates your first amex card. My first one was in January 2001 (BA Amex Prem Plus) and all my cards show member since 2001. If yours say member since 2002 that is the date you took your first amex and you cannot have had the BA Amex in 2001.

      • That is not strictly true. My cards show member since 2014 and I had a Gold card in the early 1980s when they were difficult to get and included an automatic overdraft limit of £10,000 I think at Lloyds bank.

  4. There is more to this issue than card type changes. I have had a premium plus card without any changes over the last 15 years and did not receive points. At the beginning of this week I pursued simultaneous complaints with Amex (formal FCA Complaint) and BA GGL after both pointed the finger at each other as responsible to resolve this.

  5. Sandgrounder says:

    I can’t get my head around this promotion. It is a nice gesture, but if you have had the card for this long, you probably aren’t going anywhere in a hurry! Why waste so much cash, surely it would be better spent elsewhere?

    Unless of course big numbers of people are quitting the scheme right now…

  6. Roger I* says:

    ‘All sorted’? Up to a point, perhaps.

    The BA/AmEx pingpong continues I queried with both AmEx, who said ‘not us, guv, it’s BA’, and BA, who said this three days ago:
    Thank you for your email and my apologies for anything Avios that are missing.

    I am not too familiar with this promotion myself so I have sent the details down to our back office team and asked them to look in to this.
    They will be able to liase with American Express if needed and I have asked them to contact you about this directly.

    Hopefully you will see these points on your account shortly.
    UNQUOTE (BA spelling of ‘liaise’ retained ;( )

    Nothing in my account yet.

    • At least they didn’t just apologise and thank you for being a [insert status level] BAEC member.

  7. flyforfun says:

    I can’t recall when I first got the card. I’ve had an Amex since the early 90s and they kept my start date on even when I came to the UK!

  8. I’m frankly a bit amazed that BA are owning up to their mistake on this one! Of course the proof will be when they finally get round to resolving the issues for all that missed out…

  9. RussellH says:

    I have long wondered what the significance of the Member since date might be.

    I have a number of different Amex cards in my drawer:

    1. Supplementary BA Amex card (member since 01) on my partner’s BA Amex. She got the 15 000 Avios on my birthday:-)

    2. Lloyds Bank Avios Amex (member since 07)

    3. MBNA Miles + More Amex (member since 08)

    4. MBNA Virgin Atlantic Amex (member since 16)

    5. Genuine Amex cards all with member since 15.

    Only Amex seem to actually keep (and now apparently, actually use) a meaningful membership record

    • I can tell you one significance of the Member Since date. Five years ago, I used Amex’s “Global Card Transfer” to get a US-issued card on the strength of my history with Amex UK. I already had a US bank account registered to a US address but have never lived in the US and have no intention of doing so. My UK cards’ Member Since date of 95 was copied to my new US card. In the US, this is the account opening date that Amex reports to credit reference agencies. So I now have a credit history in the US going back to 1995, despite having never lived there!

  10. RussellH says:

    Another case of still missing Avios is the Sunday Times Travel magazine promotion.

    My partner + I both made gift subscriptions, with our own BA Exec Club numbers on. When complaining about lack of Avios at the end of October, the told both of us that the names and numbers did not match. All I can think of is that they tried to match the name of the person receiving the magazine, not the person paying.

    I finally got an e-mail on 7 Nov saying that I would get the Avios within 14 – 21 days – which is next Monday at the latest.

    I can see another complaint coming up, and can forsee the answer: 14-21 working days.

    I used to think that computer systems worked over weekends, but discovered a month ago that some of Amex’s systems do not. I had problems adding a new Amex card to my account; CS told me it would not work over the weekend and I had to wait until Monday!

  11. OT – does anyone know how long it takes from virgin mbna statement being issued to when points are posted to your flying club account? Opened a new card recently and concerned the points aren’t there 3 days after first statement being issued and might have gone missing due to flying club account number changes.

    • Normally it’s a couple of days however as you’re probably aware virgin have given everybody new flying club numbers and have announced that points will be delayed this month. No timescales were offered but I guess you won’t be wait too long.

    • They used to be over by the time the statement was issued, but still waiting for my most recent points too (due just after the number changes).

  12. OT- just for off the phone to the lovely people at Amex customer service Brighton to finally upgrade my gold card to platinum And they are offering 15000 bonus MR points for £1000 spend in first 3 months! As its Christmas this’ll be easy!
    Thanks to HFP and some patience got lots of points!

    • the real harry says:

      good outcome, might try that 🙂

    • Johnnycl says:

      Nice. Would be interested to know if the £450 fee hits via this route?

      • the real harry says:

        of course it would hit, pro rata

        • the real harry says:

          you’re probably thinking that other glitch

          but no chance on this one

        • Johnnycl says:

          Indeed that’s what I was thinking of…..my 1yr PRG anniversary has just passed and the 10k posted this week but I’ve just missed the boat for the ‘free’ link method. I wouldn’t get enough value out of Platinum to justify the fee so will probably just keep the Gold.

  13. OT: Anyway of finding out the avios member number my Lloyds Avios card is posting to? Last time i had this card they created a whole new avios account for me and I had to get them merged.

    • I am sure that when they did that to me they sent me an email containing the number.
      I kept the extra account by the way to get extra e-Rewards and Rewards for Thoughts accounts (sad I know but some extra Avios etc. with little effort).

    • the real harry says:

      just ask them on Live Chat & you’ll get your answer & a solution in 5 mins

  14. the real harry says:

    O/T any updates on whether people got the £100 credit on the Amex Naked Wines deal?

    time is running out for us to double dip…

    • The charge has now hit my account and the offer is showing as “redeemed” – so will be very surprised if the credit isn’t posted early next week

  15. OT: [and late]

    The enrolment page for Shop Small says 1x£5 for every £10 spent. Does this mean a change from the previous format or will a £100 spend trigger a £50 bonus?

    OR – is it poorly worded terms and conditions do you think?

    • Johnnycl says:

      Pretty sure it is the same format as LY, so max of £5 per establishment/card.

    • Definitely once per card per shop, but supplementary cards can be registered except MBNA which have the same number. Not too late to get supplementaries before 3rd.
      I find that most small shops are happy, or at least prepared, to spread purchases across multiple cards. I have got three or four lined up to use all cards (double figures).

    • the real harry says:

      you are right though – exceptionally poorly worded: ‘One £5 statement credit will be rewarded, per merchant, for every £10 spent in a single transaction.’

  16. Back to the subject matter, amongst all the annoying hijacked OT’s.

    Not one of my three Amex cards shows any Member since date,but they’ve been live for donkey’s years.

  17. Bill Smith says:

    Shame that it won’t be awarded to all

  18. Just got my email. I had updraded my card a couple of years back so seems my loyalty has yielded something at least.

    Nice little bonus.

  19. Nothing for me. Is there a special criteria or does everyone get this? I’ve had a card since 2001 but don’t use it much.

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