Huge 18,700 Avios for ONE UK Avis rental – but does it make sense?

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Iberia Plus and Avis have launched a very low key promotion which a HFP reader flagged up last night. If you can make this work for you, you could do very nicely.

Take a look here.

Avis is offering 18,000 Avios if you book a Group C car, or above, for 3 days or more, starting on 8th, 9th or 10th December.

You will also earn at least 700 base Avios for the rental.

If you can get a good rate from your local depot this could be a real winner.

Avis 350

The devil is in the detail with offers like this.  If you are thinking of taking part, read the rules carefully as well as my summary below.

You will earn these Avios in Iberia Plus.  You will need a free Iberia Plus account to take part.  You will not get the bonus if you credit to or British Airways Executive Club.

You must book on, or   Bookings on or do not qualify.

Your rental must be in the UK, mainland Spain, Balearics and Canaries, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium or Holland.

The deal is NOT valid on Prestige rentals, Chauffeur Drive or van rentals.

You cannot use any other coupon, promotion or frequent flyer points offer.  This implies to me that you must book at the standard Avis rate.  It even implies that using the Iberia discount code would disqualify you.  This may be taking the rule too literally but you don’t want to risk 18,000 Avios.

It is worth pricing up a 3-day rental from your local Avis depot.  Try out rentals starting on the 8th, 9th and 10th for three days for a Group C or above.  If the price works then it could be worth renting a car and sticking it on your drive for the weekend.

I tried a random booking in Bolton and got a price of €51 – a bargain for 18,700 Avios.

Unfortunately, because I can’t park anywhere near my own house without a parking permit, it isn’t one for me.  If you can make it work for you it could go nicely.  Just make sure you follow the rules to the letter.

Thanks to Jovanna.

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  1. Jose Mattos says:

    Got this

    AWD #: X406500
    Rental Type: All Rates
    Rate Code: WT
    Wizard Number: N/A
    Coupon Code: N/A

    Plus my Iberia number i hope its okay 87 euros for 3 days not bad for a london city pick up and 18700 avios.

    Thanks very much

  2. I got to Avis today only to be told that I didn’t pass a security clearance! Has anyone else had the same issue?

    • Being greedy – I booked 2 cars – one being picked up today and one tomorrow. Just been called to say that is very strange and a security risk and therefore they are going to send it to the security department!!! So will see what happens when I turn up!

      • the real harry says:

        haha! security risk!

        what nincompoops

      • BigDave says:

        Oh no hope you don’t get frisked too much
        picked up my car this morning, a renault capture in the end, had to cycle to work which is near the avis place at the airport, now the car is in my drive and i’ve had to park our car out in the street – the kids and mrs think i’m nuts hope it was all worth it – this point collecting is a disease…

        • I joined forces with a colleague who took advantage of the same offer. We drove 40 minutes to Lancaster in his car, picked up both hire cars, parked his hire car elsewhere in Lancaster. I then drove my hire car back and he drove his own car. We’ll do the reverse on Saturday afternoon (office is closed from 1pm), and we shared a belly laugh together as we thought of the effort we had gone to!

          • Just an update – managed to pick up car for today but refused car for tomorrow! Now it is probably my fault for booking two cars for the same time period at the same depot but really annoyed at missing out on the bonus Avios!
            It can’t be for Security reasons otherwise they wouldn’t let me have the car today. Crazy really – do they not want the money!!

          • the real harry says:

            they might have twigged it’s costing them £100 to let you have the car 🙂

  3. Simon Schus says:

    Boo, I’m out the country.

  4. Booked a Hyundai i10 for E49.15ish
    Today I have collected a Hyundai Tucson….I only had 1.5cm spare each side when reversing in the drive against brick walls. That was fun!!

    • I don’t want to ruin your day but you needed to book at least a group c car for the offer (which is a Hyundai i30 and up – Hopefully was just a typo when you posted….)

  5. Andrew C says:

    Picked up my rental this morning from Basingstoke and was upgraded to a Skoda Octavia. I don’t know how Skoda have managed to make a car so boring but they have. The lady at AVIS said that there had been a lot of customers taking advantage of the deal, I wonder how many of them were HFP readers!

  6. Apparently this was causing huge issues at Avis in Liverpool today. Many many bookings and not enough cars. I set my parents onto this offer and my mum was lucky and got a car. She overheard plenty of folk in there asking if they could just leave the cars there as they didn’t want them anyway!!

  7. Collected my rental from Portsmouth Avis this afternoon and was upgraded to an Audi A3. I drove it two streets away and parked it in a residential area – I’ll be back on Monday to return it with less and a mile added to the odometer!

  8. Britbronco says:

    A warning to anyone just parking nearby, there is a £12+VAT refuelling charge for rentals under 75km, unless you provide a fuel receipt.

  9. I ‘picked up’ 2 cars today. Was planning on driving them round the corner onto a street lit residential area i’d found on google earth but the guy on the Avis desk was really helpful. He waived both £12 refuelling charges and asked me to take the keys but leave the cars in the Avis compound as would be safer. He said he’d had c.20 bookings via Iberia and knew the score for avios so knew it wasn’t some sort of fraud trick on Avis. He was very company loyal and asked me to come back with the keys to ‘return’ the cars at the right time, said it was a bit daft of Iberia but was happy for my business with Avis. For extra security he said there was no need to tell me which cars I was due to collect!

    • Nice to see some common sense – that also means they won’t need to go to the cost and hassle of cleaning and prepping the cars again 🙂

      • the real harry says:

        yes but I smell a lack of Avios being awarded

        • With the key return on the day and closing out the folio then it should be OK – although the general crapness of hire car companies managing to award points in general may be more of an issue!

  10. Booked a Group E for €49.18 from Peterborough.

    Very friendly clerk told me I was the fifth person today with a Spanish booking. They had suspected some sort of fraud and checked it with HO who told them about the promotion.

    He offered to let me leave the car there as I live 35 miles away, but I’d already pre paid for NCP parking for my own car.

    He also said they were now short of cars!

    Got a Ford C-Max. Great car for the price.

    • the real harry says:

      maybe they’re going to swallow the cost of the promotion? 🙂

      good luck to you

      I somehow doubt it for everybody, though

  11. Picked mine up tonight from DSA. After narrowly avoiding the quickest hire car run in history (had to prove my address – luckily the Rep said anything will do I showed him a copy of my ba email for my recent Black Friday CE deal he agreed to hand over the keys….after I declined the excess reduction of £30/day but got stuffed by the £200 deposit I even got an upgrade to j class group which I thought was quite apt!

    Mondeo estate diesel auto titanium x…thanks v much until I went to check for damage in the dark and found it was a black car and hadn’t been washed in its 2k miles on the clock…que anger and expletives and picture taking on my phone as people walked past and even colleagues I’ve previously worked que me awkward laugh. The rep said any damage not listed just ring us up on our answer machine and I’ll pick it up on Monday. Most bizarre system ever I was all set for a rant back to the terminal when as if by magic the drivers returned and were passing saying are you okay. After explaining the odd scratch etc I found the v helpful chap wrote the new damage up and I made him write car filthy can’t check and gave me his details.

    Car deposited on parents drive 3 miles away. Both rep and service driver were like 18k avios that’s fantastic crack on que…funny looks. No intention of fuelling up car or using it taking it back Monday.

    As for the avios posting fingers crossed!

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