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All you need to know about earning Avios in Aer Lingus AerClub

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Aer Lingus AerClub finally launched last week.  This is important news for Head for Points readers because Avios is the currency of AerClub.

Any Avios points you earn in AerClub will (eventually) be transferrable across to British Airways Executive Club or via ‘Combine My Avios’.  The functionality is not yet available but it has been promised.

What this means is that any interesting promotions which become available to AerClub members should be of interest to UK readers, because of the ability to move the points across.

The key point – from my view – is that United Airlines is an AerClub partner.  I wrote a separate article about this today.  You can now earn Avios in AerClub when you fly United Airlines.


Earning Avios in AerClub

The home page for earning Avios is here.

Earning from flying Aer Lingus:

Aer Lingus flights earn Avios at the rate of 3 per € spent.  This is based on the cash price of your flight, excluding “Government taxes”.   In the small print of AerClub, however, it says “excluding taxes, fees and charges imposed other than by Aer Lingus”.  This means that they may also deduct landing charges etc which will leave very little behind!

For flights not paid for in €, you will earn 4 Avios per £1 or 3 Avios per US or Canadian $1.  Flights booked in other currencies will be converted to €.

You do not earn Avios on ancillary charges such as baggage or seat selection fees.

Earning from flying partners:

Because Aer Lingus is not in the oneworld alliance, you cannot credit all oneworld partner flights to AerClub.  The only participating airlines are British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and United.

In most cases, the earning rates are the same as crediting flights to British Airways Executive Club so there is no advantage to crediting to AerClub.  The differences are – and frankly this is a pretty odd list:

  • Qantas Premium Economy is 110% in AerClub vs 100% in BAEC
  • Qantas Economy (K, L, M, V, S) is 50% in Aer Club vs 25% in BAEC
  • Cathay Pacific Premium Economy (W only) is 110% in BAEC vs 100% in AerClub
  • Cathay Pacific Economy (H only) is 100% in BAEC vs 50% in AerClub
  • Cathay Pacific Economy (L, K, M, V) is 50% in AerClub vs 25% in BAEC
  • Cathay Pacific Economy (M, N, Q, S) is 25% in BAEC but nothing in AerClub

Earning from non-flying partners:

I was disappointed by this list, to be honest.  Given that AerClub has launched six months late I would have expected a better selection of deals to have been negotiated.  At present, the only partners active are:

Kildare Village and its sister facilities including Bicester Village  (earn 1.25 Avios per €1)

Aer Lingus Holidays (1 Avios per €1)

Appleby Jewellers, Dublin (1-5 Avios per €1)

The Avios eStore

Hotel bookings via Agoda, or Rocketmiles

There is one upside I spotted.  As long as you use a different email address, you will be able to claim a new ‘first time booker’ bonus on a Kaligo or Rocketmiles booking because you can give your AerClub number instead of your BAEC number.

Spending Avios in AerClub:

The Aer Lingus website page for spending Avios is here.

I wrote my own take about spending Avios from AerClub here.

Because redemptions are handled via, there is nothing new to know here.  There is nothing you can do with Avios in AerClub that you cannot also do with Avios in


The key thing to know about AerClub is that it lets you earn Avios when flying with United Airlines.

It will also let you earn a 2nd ‘first time hotel booker’ bonus from Agoda, or Rocketmiles because you can now credit a booking to AerClub.

There are no exclusive redemptions which would require you to transfer your points to AerClub and no interesting partnerships (yet?).  The failure to have ‘Combine My Avios’ operating from Day 1 is also frustrating.

We will keep you updated with AerClub as new opportunities to earn and spend Avios emerge.

PS.  Dear AerClub, there is a bug on your website.  When you join AerClub, it asks you for your log-in details so it can link your accounts.  However, it refuses to accept any password which does not contain an upper case letter and a number.  Unfortunately, many members including myself have non-qualifying passwords because the original scheme rules back in 2011 did not require it.  Please fix this!  Love, Rob

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  1. Sorry completely OT.

    Is there a way to transfer AMEX MR points via another program between different countries (ie. hotel loyalty program)?

    Online chatter says that direct transfer between AMEX accounts in different countries is rarely successful.

    • I transferred between my UK and US Amex MR accounts with no issues twice in the past years. Not sure why you’d say it’s rarely successful.

      • Transfer between different country Amex accounts is very easy – IF you get an agent who knows how. I do it annually as I have a Dollar card too.

        Remember you get a bonus based on the FX rate, so 100 UK MR points becomes 118 points in a Euro country or 125 in the US.

        • While we are off topic – can you still transfer Amex MR between spouses when closing an Amex Gold Pref a/c?

        • Thanks for the replies everybody. Had some different opinions on FlyerTalk forums after a quick search.

  2. I guess there’s no Aer Club affiliated credit card yet?

    • No, there is no credit card yet. That is what I am hotly waiting for. It’s the one thing I sorely miss living in Ireland. It’s a shame BA don’t do an Irish card affiliation.

      Nice tip on on the first time booker bonus incidentally – will have to give that a whirl.

      • The new IAG Amex contract includes an Irish card option. There are only 100,000 AerClub members though, many outside Ireland, so whether it makes sense is debatable.

        • having spent the last 6 months dealing with Amex’s EuroDollar team – you may find that it’s not worth the hassle !

          my favourite phonecall:

          me: explained what i’m calling about
          Amex: you need to call this number xxxx
          me: that looks very similar to the number i just dialled … in fact it is the number i just dialled
          Amex: oh, they were busy, so you’ve come through to me – i can’t help
          me: so there’s no point me redialling, or the same thing will happen again
          Amex: do you want me to put you through to the right department
          me: yes please !

          • Right person = done quickly, points move in 3-4 days
            Wrong person = can’t be done, can be done but exchange rate is 1:1 etc

  3. Dirtyneedebluesky says:

    Naughty Raffles!! Not changing your password in all of that time (& then declaring certain elements your password doesn’t contain!!)

    It’s a pain but I’d seriously recommend you consider reviewing your password policy in the near future 🙂

    • #!$%^&*(}?
      Is probably safer than Raffles1

    • budthecat says:

      I got the sign up invite today but i can’t link to my Avios account. I have tried changing password as i had the same problem as Raffles but despite using the correct username and acceptable password i keep getting a message that “These details do not match Avios records. Please try again”.

      Anyone else having this problem?

      • I have that exact problem!

        • Same here! What should I do to get that sorted?

          • Has anyone successfully got around this issue? I’ve tried changing password with no success. I still got “These details do not match Avios records. Please try again.” Well everything matched. My account first name is hyphenated, wonder if this is an issue.

  4. What happen with the AerClub pre-register bonus I signed up, but have not received an email invite?

    • +1 for this. Have others received theirs? Wondering if mine went to spam. Should I wait for the email before signing in?

      • + another 2 here (myself and wife). Would have expected an email to say it was all live and here is your membership number even if they didn’t honour the pre-register bonus.

      • I am waiting a bit longer. It isn’t as if I need to log in over there.

      • I received mine quite a few months ago, just showed up on my statement.

    • BigDave says:

      same here – signed up ages ago not heard a thing no free avios boo

      • avidsaver says:


      • The invites seem to be going out in batches – I have not got mine but I know someone who got one yesterday.

      • BigDave says:

        Today it arrived in the in-box
        – promise of 250 avios if you sign up before January 7th 2017
        – basically its a front end for avios website
        – same usename and password used on both and you can see your avios account activity on the aerlingus website
        -bit weird I thought but one less login / password to remember

  5. The new Aer Lingus app is a shocker (though better than the old one which was unusable). It made me change both username and password from old account and refused to let me use my email as username. Then your actual Avios total? That’s hidden on a smal button on the top left and not in the drop down with everything else – horrific UX.

    Surely they could have just re-skinned the BA app?

  6. Something to note here – if you have an existing Avios account your AerClub number is your existing Avios number and points simply get deposited in that your Avios account. Your transaction history on the AerClub page is simply your Avios history carried through.

    When I tried to link AerClub and Avios it kept telling me my password for Avios was incorrect – it seems that there was a more stringent password policy that AerClub were enforcing so I had to change my Avios password first to meet this criteria – similar to Rob’s experience.

    • Colin JE says:

      Well spotted! I didn’t notice the numbers were the same.
      Bizarrely, when I first tried to register a username it didn’t allow me to use the same one I use for Avios, saying it was already taken. All became clear when it invited me to log in later using my Avios username as an alternative to my AerClub username.

  7. rotundo says:

    For those of us flying “down the back”, crediting Aer Lingus flights to BAEC can still be more lucrative than AerClub. I priced a LHR-SFO return via Dublin (staying over a weekend), it came to £285.8 base fare + £385 taxes and charges + £14 admin fee. This would yield 1143 avios on AerClub vs 2684 avios on BAEC. (Although with such poor returns on both sides, Norwegian looks very appealing!)

    • I think we need a few definitive examples of what Aer Lingus is treating as excluded taxes.

      BA flights between Heathrow and Manchester often have a base fare of £4 before fuel surcharges etc. Would Awr Lingus dare to give out just 16 Avios on a similarly structured flight?

      • I have had flights where BA received £2 of revenue (rest was LHR fees + APD) and I got more than 200 avios.

        I also have an Aegean flight coming up where they are getting £3 of revenue but going to give me 2700 miles.

  8. If you’ve already linked Avios and Aer Club then your Aer Club number seems to be your number, so no option to get 2nd ‘first time booker’ bonus.

  9. I just priced a random return trip between Birmingham and Dublin in Feb 17.
    Cash price is £120.98 and I would earn 264 Avios on £66 fare portion.
    Or I could use 8,000 Avios plus £100.42.
    So I would save £20.56 in return for 8,264 Avios which seems a poor return.

    • redeeming points on EI european flights has never made sense 🙁

      especially when you also have the FR (cash fare) option for many routes !

  10. Received my invite, signed up via the link in the email – no sign of the free Avios though 🙁

    • Me too. Though I have received a 500 pts bonus from Avios for my Birthday…in February!!

  11. Had my email and registered. Awardwallet not liking Aerclub at present.

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