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Is it worth buying hotel points TODAY to transfer to Avios for the 35% bonus?

(EDIT: there was a mistake in my Starwood calculation which is now fixed, apologies.)

Until 8th March, British Airways is offering a 35% bonus if you transfer hotel points from seven major loyalty schemes into Avios – click for my article on that deal.

Since most of the hotel programmes allow you to buy points – and some currently have special offers – I thought it would be interesting to see if any of the deals were so good that you were effectively buying cheap Avios points by buying hotel points.

Here are the deals currently running:

Ends TODAY – 100% bonus when you buy IHG points via this link (open to all)

Ends TODAY – 80% bonus when you buy Hilton Honors points via this link (open to all)

Ends TODAY – 40% bonus when you buy Hyatt Gold Passport points via this link (widely targetted)

Buy hotel points to convert to Avios

Test 1:  Starwood Preferred Guestlink to buy points

There is no bonus on buying Starwood points at present.  Ironically, it is still the best deal on this page!

Starwood points convert at 1:1 into airline miles.  When you convert 20,000 at once, you receive a bonus of 5,000 miles.  The extra 35% bonus from the British Airways promotion is on top of this.

Until 8th March, the maths looks like this:

Buy 20,000 Starwood points for $700 (£564, plus any FX fees on your credit card)

20,000 Starwood points gets you 25,000 Avios

The 35% bonus takes that up to 33,750 Avios

Cost per Avios point = 1.67p per point

This is still more expensive than buying points at the standard BA rate of 1.6p,

Note that your Starwood account must be 14 days old before you can buy points so this is not an option if you do not already have SPG membership.

Remember that you can now transfer Marriott Rewards points into Starwood Preferred Guest at the rate of 3:1.

Test 2: Club Carlsonlink to buy points

Club Carlson devalued its conversion rate to airline miles four years ago and was never going to be a contender here at the standard rate.

40,000 Club Carlson points will cost you $280 (£223). These would convert into 4,000 miles + 35% = 5,400 miles. Cost per Avios = 4.13p.

Verdict: Terrible

Test 3: Hilton HHonorslink to buy points

Given the pathetic conversion rate of Hilton points to Avios (10:1) this was never going to be a good deal even with the 80% bonus which ends today.

10,000 Hilton points costs $100 (£80). Transfers into 1,000 Avios + 35% = 1,350 miles. Cost per Avios point = 5.93p

Verdict: Terrible

Test 4: Hyatt Gold Passportlink to buy points

10,000 Hyatt points costs $240 (£192).  If you are targetted for the current 40% bonus which ends today, this means you would receive 14,000 points for the same money.

This transfers into 4,000 Avios + 35% = 7,560 Avios points.  Cost per Avios points = 2.53p

Verdict: Pointless

Test 5: IHG Rewards Clublink to buy points

IHG is currently offering a bonus of 100% when you buy points.  This offer ends today.

30,000 IHG Rewards Club points costs $345 (£276).  This doubles to 60,000 points and transfers into 12,000 Avios + 35% = 16,200 Avios.  Cost per Avios = 1.70p

Verdict:  Still more than you would pay buying the Avios directly from BA

Test 6: Marriott Rewardslink to buy points

30,000 Marriott Rewards points costs $375 (£300).  This transfers into 10,000 Avios + 35% = 13,500 miles.  Cost per Avios = 2.22p

Verdict: Also no use, more expensive than buying directly from BA

Test 7: Shangri-La Golden Circle

You cannot buy Golden Circle points, as far as I can tell


None of these options offer any real value for buying points purely for the purposes of transferring them to BA.

If you are looking for a cheap top up, the best option at the moment is the Groupon / Iberia offer.

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(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Craig Sowerby says:

    How do you get $490 for 20K Starpoints? Regular price (and no promo at the moment) is 3.5 cents, or $700.

  2. I transferred my small Marriott balance to SPG (giving me 2000 SPG), and then bought 500 more points to give me the 2500 minimum transfer. This gave me 3375 Avios which arrived yesterday. Not much, but a good use of a small balance of points that I was unlikely to use anywhere else.

    Interestingly I opened my SPG account on the day I bought the points – it didn’t seem to be a problem. I certainly didn’t have it for 14 days.

  3. Rob – I usually use my AMEX Membership rewards points to transfer to BA. Can I therefore move these to SPG and then across to BA to get the 35% bonus?

    • You can but you’ll lose value, even with the SPG 5k bonus and 35% avios bonus
      E.g. Move 40,000 MR to Avios = 40,000 avios
      Or 40,000 MR ->20,000 SPG ->25,000 notional avios + 35% bonus = 33,750 avios.

  4. I’ve got 1,100 Shangri-La GC points but hey only allow transfer of 2,500+. Any idea how to get around it (similar to Accor link I used a couple of days ago to convert below minimum to Iberia Avios)?

    • They occasionally lower the limit to 1,000 in special promos (pretty sure it is 1,000). However, a better deal – if you’re in London – is to redeem for a voucher and have some free drinks or food in The Shard. The collapse in the £ makes those $ vouchers even more attractive.

      • They value 1,000 points at 100USD?! Much better use. Not London based but am there enough to make this worthwhile, I think. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

      • Or you could redeem for a voucher and have some free drinks or food at some other Shangri-La hotel not in London…

  5. Alistair Todd says:

    You can buy GC points at

    $0.13 per point, or approx 10p (these days….)

    For redemptions in Hong Kong, Doha, Singapore, Yangon, Sri Lanka I’m seeing values between 2.3p per point and 4.8p per point, so buying these points is _really_ not a good deal.

  6. Slightly OT. Just got back from a week at the IC Davos which even by IC standards is fairly amazing.
    Anyway back on planet earth I have logged into our amex accounts and seen under the offers the £10 off £10 for American Express Invites at selected restaurants. Am I right in thinking this has free meal potential?

    • Looking at the restuarants in-scope for this offer, it reads more to me as a ‘£10 off something quite expensive’ rather than a free meal offer!

  7. Excellent work.
    I think this website makes me lazy. I don’t have to calculate these mad equations anymore 🙂 . I’m now just waiting for Rob’s posts.