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How to save on UK Hilton Hotels using Tesco Clubcard vouchers

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Whilst many Head for Points readers using Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles, one of the other interesting redemptions is for UK Hilton Hotels.  You can see details on this page of the Clubcard website.

Tesco and Hilton made some positive changes to this redemption in 2015 which improved it:

you no longer have to book for at least two nights

you can now book certain hotels during the week, if that particular hotel chooses to participate

all Hilton brands (Hampton, Conrad etc) now participate – not just the main Hilton brand

These were all good changes.

There are other positive features about this deal:

rooms always include breakfast

all room categories are included, so if you need a bigger room or a suite then you can often book one, as long as you have enough Clubcard points

There is, however, one downside – Tesco has taken away the instructions on how to check availability online.

They want you to ring the call centre, which is time consuming and – if you have a variety of hotels and dates to choose from – slow.  Looking at reports on the Clubcard site, you will also receive a hard sell to book a room for cash if no redemptions are available.

Hilton St Georges Park

How to book without calling

The Tesco / Hilton website page has some of the information you need – but not all of it!

You are restricted to UK hotels across all Hilton brands.  You receive 300% of the face value of your vouchers.

Note that the price charged is the cancellable bed and breakfast rate.  However, the booking you make will not be cancellable.  This means that you are not getting a true 3 x face value redemption with Hilton because you should be comparing it with the price of a non-cancellable bed and breakfast rate.

Bookings must be made 14 days in advance.

This is how to check availability

You search here at for availability using Promotional Code PR20TC.

You need to click ‘Advanced Search’ on the home page in order to bring up the box where the code goes.

I did a dummy booking for Hilton St George’s Park (at the National Football Centre in Staffordshire – I have stayed there and it is very pleasant) for 13th to 15th May:

Standard room, non-refundable – £88 (Hilton Honors Flash Sale Rate)

Standard room, non-refundable, with breakfast – £92 (Hilton Honors Flash Sale Rate)

Standard room, flexible, with breakfast – £116

Tesco Clubcard standard room with breakfast – £116

Compared to the non-refundable rate you getting 2.4 x face value for your Clubcard vouchers.  This may be poorer than usual because Hilton is running a Flash Sale this week.

If you compare it to the flexible rate you are getting 3 x face value, but remember that your Tesco rate is not cancellable.

Once you have checked availability, you can ring Hilton to make the booking using the instructions given on the Clubcard website.

This is a far easier way of searching and booking than using the telephone, especially for cities like London where there are multiple hotels to choose from.

Overall, this is generally a good value Clubcard redemption and a decent alternative to Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. JamesW says:

    Anyone spotted any especially cheap UK hotels in the Hilton sale ?
    Don’t need anything fancy.

    Contemplating a couple of mattress runs.

    • James67 mentioned hotels in ABZ are cheap, ie £50 or less…

      • James67 says:

        Currently 4 Hilton properties in Aberdeen, prices this weeken if booked earlier this week ranged from £44-57. Potential for 4x 2000 bonus, 4x 500 app bonus bonus and 4x myway bonus on top of base and elite bonus points. Recently I have managed to get even better rates with all points and benefits by calling individual Hilton hotels directly but would be too embarassed to do that given these very low rates in Aberdeen. Hilton Strathclyde Park can also have very low rates, and good options around there to entertain kids for those taking the family along.

    • Oh! Matron! says:

      Hilton Garden in Heathrow is £52. It’s also by the tube so, at a pinch, handy for London too.

    • James67 says:

      Also noticed a few very inexpensive hotels for a Nottingham search.

  2. I’d totally forgotten about this, thanks for the reminder. Will they honour status and/or will you earn any points?

    • +1 – interested on any real world experience of this.

      • James67 says:

        Me too, I’m looking for best use of clubcard points now having realised clubcard-avios is no longer a good deal for me even with a Lloyds of amex voucher. Hilton looks like possibly the best option but better to use directly in UK from clubcard rules or better to use anyplace via flyingclub? Breakfast is included so it’s just the other benefits we need to know about.

    • Nick Burch says:

      Yes and yes – it’s a normal Hilton booking, just at a special rate and where you have to give the voucher you receive at checkin

  3. I wonder how this compares to transferring clubcard points to Virgin then Virgin to Hilton at 2/3.

    • Interesting point, particularly with the new slider for Points&Money

    • 2002ad says:

      Yes I would be interested to know this too

    • James67 says:

      For SGP exampke Rob gave it is 27000 honors points per night thereford would require £72 of clubcard vouchers per night were they converted via Flying Club at the standard x2.5 rate. On this basis it is clearly better to go directly witn a clubcard booking, particularly for those without status or unconcerned about cancellation. I would guess this is likely generally true in the case of all UK hilton bookings, the difference in the two routes is so marked it would probably take a very special set of circumstances to change it in favour of going via Flying Club.

      • Yep I took a closer look at it. This is definitely a better option than CD to Virgin / Virgin to Hilton.

        Just interested to know if we will get status benefits with these bookings?

  4. Alan C says:

    Yes all the Honors benefits but no stay credit or points unless there has been a change since November.

  5. Joshua Parker says:

    I would like to know if this transaction is treated as a redemption or if you would earn Hilton Honor points/miles for using Tesco vouchers? Does anyone have experience with this?

    • Joshua Parker says:

      Literally the comment above written at the same time answers my question lol.

  6. Do these bookings count as stays and nights for status accrual and credit honors points and airline miles?

    • Alex W says:

      I am sure the advice before was that these stays DO earn HH points? If that is correct then you are getting better than 2.4x face value. Can you confirm Rob?

      • Never done one but my impression was that they did get stay credit and points, because all Hilton bookings do, even rewards, as long as booked direct. Not quote me on this though.

  7. It seems to me having just done a dummy booking that these are bookable online, not only through the call centre.

    • Looks like that to me too, but it still asks for payment by credit card. So how does it work in practise?

  8. Andrew Little says:

    Is there a way you can check on the Hilton website of availability for using the Barclays free night voucher prior to phoning reservations because I’m having massive problems trying to find availability at London hotels to use this voucher?

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      It should be useable for any standard redemption. So if the hotel has a room for 60,000 you should be able to grab it. If it is, for example, 76,321 then it’s non-standard and you can’t. Look for nice even round figures.

      • Yes, really should not be a problem to use it (unless you want New Years Eve or similar). Any hotel where the base room category is showing for points – ie it is NOT called a ‘Premium Room Redemption’ – is bookable.

  9. Done a few searches using the Honors app.

    Looks like PR20TC is poor value, on average approx 30% more expensive than equivalent rate, particularly so if you are Gold/Diamond and get free breakfast.

    Where it may come in useful is for short notice bookings & if a hotel is almost full so all the best rates have gone?

  10. No you can’t book the online, only over the phone – the code is useful to check rates and availability but you can’t actually book.

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