Bits: 2400 Avios with £99 tablet, Norwegian adds Singapore, more Amex Plat lounges

News in brief:

2,400 Avios with a £99 Samsung tablet

Tesco Direct is running an interest Samsung Galaxy Tab offer this week.  Until April 24th, these four tablets – all priced at £99 or £119 – come with 1,000 bonus Tesco Clubcard points.

That would get you 2,400 Avios or 2,500 bonus Virgin Flying Club miles, on top of your base points.  Full details are in this Shopper Points article.

Samsung tablet white small tesco extra clubcard points

Norwegian adds Singapore

Low-cost long-haul airline Norwegian turned up the pressure on British Airways yesterday with the launch of a new London Gatwick to Singapore service.

Services start on 28th September using a new Boeing 787-9.  It will initially operate four times a week before stepping up to five.  Headline entry fares are £180 one-way in economy (although checked baggage and meals are extra) and £700 one-way in Premium.

This is an aggressive move by Norwegian which has focused on UK to North America routes to date, and it remains to be seen if such routes will remain viable if fuel prices rise from their current low-ish level.

There will now be 50 flights per week between London and Singapore over Winter 2017.

Our recent article outlining the Norwegian Reward programme is here.

Norwegian 787

More Amex Platinum lounges – Bradesco lounges in Brazil

Two days ago I ran an article on the long list of airport lounges which can be accessed with an Amex Platinum card but which Amex doesn’t tell you about.

A reader pointed out that I missed one group.  Amex – in conjunction with its local issuer Bradesco – has a network of lounges in Brazil.  These can be accessed with a Platinum card or, it appears (my Portuguese is a bit ropey) a Gold card.  Full details, in Portuguese, can be found here.  Here are the lounges:

Sao Paulo Terminal 2 – Bradesco Lounge – airside – 1st floor
Sao Paulo Terminal 3 – Star Alliance Lounge – airside – mezzanine
Sao Paulo – Amex Centurion Lounge – airside – opposite gate 5
Rio De Janeiro – Amex Centurion Lounge – landside – 1st floor
Recife Terminal 2 – Sala VIP PontesTur – airside – ground floor

…. and Plaza Premium lounges

Amex Platinum cards issued in Hong Kong – but which look very similar to the UK version – can be used to access a large number of Plaza Premium airport lounges.  You can learn more here.

Most Plaza Premium lounges are in Priority Pass, which means that you can enter anyway by using the Priority Pass card which comes with Amex Platinum, but this is a fall back option if you don’t have your Priority Pass with you.

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  1. OT has anyone heard of an app called Spot Hero for find parking deals abroad. Our HIX hotel in Chicago is charging $47 per night for car parking but we have been told if we download the Spot Hero app we will get it half price. When I search on my iPhone and iPad it doesn’t appear yet it says available via android and iPhone. Will it only work when we are actually in the USA or am I being a bit dumb…..

    • Hey Liz, if its an american app, it will often only be available if you are using the USA app store. im assuming you are on the UK app store.
      With apple its very easy to change country app store (not on apple myself but a quick google should tell you immediately)… with android its a bit of a faff.

    • Scallder says:

      Hi Liz – not sure whether still applicable but might help for any other cities. Spot Hero can also be done online (ie desktop) as I looked at it for as my wife and I are heading into NOLA tomorrow and the hotel wanted $50 plus tax per night and we’re there for 5 nights!

      Spot Hero works well but also if you find a parking place you want to use see if you can book direct – doing so managed to save us a bit more on top of the Spot Hero price, so managed to save about $130 over the time we’re there.

  2. Really? says:

    The hotel (a lowly HIX) is

    (a) charging 47 bucks per night for parking?!?

    (b) actually asking you to download an app from the US AppStore to avail of a 50% discount?!?!?


    • Yes Really!!!
      A lowly HIX is fine for us starting our 28 day road trip – we will only be in the hotel for a few hours before moving on – was just asking for some lowly help and yes they are charging $47 as it’s on the Magnificicent Mile.

      • Really? says:

        Sorry Liz. Please accept my apologies. On reflection the ‘lowly’ was out of order but more importantly was certainly not aimed at your choice of hotel. I simply meant the HIX (not exactly a 5*) had the audacity to charge such ridiculous $ and suggest such whacko solutions.

        Parking in the states can induce headaches. I was once ticketed for ‘parking facing the wrong direction’ on a one way street once. I genuinely thought someone was extracting urine.

        • The number of times I parked the “wrong” way on a street on my US road trip before a local riding with me told me I could get a ticket…

        • the real harry1 says:

          same in either NZ or Aus (can’t remember which, probably Aus)

          speaking as the world record holder for getting a NZ road licence – I did the test in about under 2 minutes (30 questions at the time, no road test due to Brit licence)

          100% correct

          too easy

          invigilator thought I was coming up to ask for a new pen or something lol – nope, I’ve finished, please mark it 🙂

          easy to memorise all the answers

        • Yeah wrong way parking in aus gets you a ticket

  3. Hoorah for this move from Norwegian. Any and all BA alternatives and competitors welcome. Routes East especially welcome!

    • I am wondering if Norwegian to Singapore, Avios on Cathay or another Miles option to somewhere else in Asia and then back home with a Lloyds voucher could be an option for me and Mrs Gavin next year …

      • Alex W says:

        Doesn’t Lloyds voucher have to start in the UK? They’ve got you by the balls, there’s no escaping the ridiculous surcharges.

        • njbafox says:

          No. Lloyds Voucher can start from anywhere. I live overseas and use it to get home.

        • Callum says:

          You can avoid ridiculous surcharges if you’re flexible. My Club World booking with Lloyds from Hong Kong – London/Spain – London – Chile cost a grand total of £160 in taxes etc.

        • So you can book two wholly unrelated one-ways, neither originating in the UK? Nice one. Never used one myself (as obv I don’t have the card)

        • Callum says:

          Ah, now I remember that wasn’t quite true. The Avios voucher was only applied to HKG-LHR-SCL. The extra Spain-London leg was normal price but included on the same booking, so dropped the APD (and possibly some of the fuel surcharge – £130 for BIO-LHR-SCL seems cheap).

          Whether that’s a one way with stopover or an open jaw return I don’t know.

  4. Love that Norwegian are running more long haul route! They are usually slightly cheaper to book in NOK on the Norwegian version of the site…

    If you start the trip to SIN from CPH or OSL it works out at just over £130 for the outbound as you obviously don’t pay UK APD. As it’s a budget airline, I’d be curious to know if you could actually book that and drop the CPH-LGW sector and just jump on at Gatwick. Anyone got any experience of doing anything like this with them??

    • the real harry1 says:

      you can’t jump on (as your booking gets cancelled) but you might jump off on the way back if you had a medical emergency

      • Callum says:

        There would be no point doing that though given it would be cheaper to just book the flight to London in the first place!

        I’ve also just skimmed the conditions of carriage and they seem to make no mention of being able to cancel your other flights if you miss one, unlike BA’s which does. Given low cost carriers generally sell legs individually, it would make sense to be able to miss one of the flights and keep the rest (though that would make you liable for APD in this example which complicates it!). Does anyone know of something I’ve missed?

        • the real harry1 says:

          if you book every leg separately, no problem

        • Hummmm… so those who have said the second sector would be cancelled – do you have actual experience of this with Norwegian? I appreciate that BA would cancel it, but I can’t see any evidence of this in the conditions of carriage with Norwegian. Many times I’ve booked return flights on budget airlines and only used the return flight and this is essentially the same?

          On the UK version of the site, LGW-SIN one way is £179, where as OSL-LGW-SIN is £141. It’s not a massive saving, I know, but makes the fare even more attractive if it worked out 🙂

          I appreciate that you would also be liable for APD, but doubt they’d come after you for that! You’d probably have to do it HBO too. Obviously the return you would just book as a one way back to LGW.

    • Yes, if you skipped your first flight all subsequent flight within the same booking will be cancelled.

  5. currently on any tour/excursion/activity booked on will earn 14 Avios per £1.
    Very good rebate indeed.

    • also doing £10 off £50 spend

    • Roger – thanks for mentioning Viator – I’ve used them a couple of times but didn’t realise they were now Avios partners. I booked a Grand Canyon helicopter tour a couple of years ago which kick started my American Airline miles saving but they are no longer an AA partner.

  6. Rob, have you run any news on Norwegian’s Premium Economy product yet? I trawled the site trying to find one but couldn’t see any.

    • No. However …. we are in discussions with Norwegian about trying it out over the next couple of months. We’re just trying to find dates and a destination that work for Anika. I’ve got a Lufty First to New York in June so I’m not hugely keen on another transatlantic trip.

  7. ‘reviews’ I mean, not ‘news’