‘Kids Fly Free’ on BA to/from Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Inverness, Belfast and Billund

British Airways has launched a bigger and better version of the ‘Kids Fly Free’ offer which it has run in the past.  This is a genuinely good deal with no catches or small print.

From 1st June to 31st October, two children under 12 will fly entirely free when accompanied by an adult.

Applicable routes to or from London Heathrow are:

Leeds Bradford





Billund (in Denmark, home of Legoland!)

There are genuinely no catches attached to this offer.

Kids Fly Free British Airways

You pay the standard lowest adult fare for your flight as shown on ba.com

The kids (under 12) are entirely free – you don’t even pay taxes

Two children can travel per adult

You can book a one-way or return flight

There are no minimum stay requirements, no ‘Saturday night’ rule and no minimum booking period although there is a comment that “Blackout periods apply on some destinations”

You can find full details at ba.com here.

If you are travelling on this offer, BA has also arranged a ‘kids eat free’ deal at Giraffe in Heathrow Terminal 5 – see the small print on ba.com for details.

The offer only works for point-to-point trips to or from Heathrow – you won’t find a trip such as Leeds – Heathrow – Berlin gets any cheaper if booked as one ticket.

Remember that children under 16 travel free on Heathrow Express now.  Given that adult tickets can cost less than £6 one-way when booked in advance, this does give the potential for a cheap family break in London.

Note that the terms and conditions specifically state that you will be in trouble if you book two child tickets along with a ticket for yourself – in order to reserve a full row of seats for yourself – and then you turn up at the airport without any kids …..!

Full details are on ba.com here.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Worth noting that the last time I used this offer, the free child also received TPs and avios.

    • Hingeless says:

      I may have to borrow some in that case to get extra avios, anyone got any spare mute children?

  2. Geordie says:

    No BA!! Not again! You take away my complimentary G and T and glass of sparkling water and then punish me by replacing them with children. Why should children fly free? It’s highly annoying.

    • Andrew says:


    • Kevin says:

      As with all special offers there will be some who benefit and others who do not. There are many offers I cannot participate in because of where I live. It’s all part of life.

      • Geordie says:

        I agree to a certain extent. But this ‘offer’ is running for a quarter of the year. If BA can’t fill their planes, why fill the empty seats with children? Here’s an idea BA: make the service better so you don’t have to give away free seats to anyone. Especially to badly behaved, sticky, loud, children.

    • James says:

      +2 !

    • JoshBosh says:

      I shall raise an early glass to that!

    • For folks with kids in places outside London, this opens up a great opportunity to take the family to see the UK’s capital for an affordable price. Now that’s something money can’t buy!

  3. JamesB says:

    OT: a possible spanner in the works for those hoping to fly to the east coast of the USA with Norwegian.

  4. Andrew says:

    “Heathrow Express cost less than £6” only at weekends (and booked 90 days in advance).

  5. Not sure what the North West has done to be excluded from the offer!

    • Probably BA feels loads are sufficient that no need to entice extra bookings

  6. imoli says:

    Booked LBA returns 3 weeks ago, will I get my 9 year old daughter’s fare refunded ??

  7. TravellerFrequently says:

    Glasgow ?!?

  8. Just looked and flights to Edinburgh from Heathrow in economy seem to be non existent. There are plenty from lgw and lcy but not only does HBO not exist at all on the Heathrow flights, it also says it is completely sold out for months on end in economy, while club Europe has multiple flights a day.

    • And the ts and cs say it is only available in economy from Heathrow. So Edinburgh is not really available for any of the two month stint I checked

    • Apparently this is an error on ba.com

  9. vindaloo says:

    Blackout dates are listed in the full Ts & Cs as follows:

    INV: 1 Jul – 5 Sep & 1-15 Oct
    EDI: 24 Jun – 30 Jul & 13-23 Oct

    • Surprised they didn’t blackout August when the Festival is on!

      • Given I couldn’t see availability to Edinburgh in economy on any day in august they didn’t need to specify that

        • Showing fine for me – random dates in middle of August gave £109 return. Seats available everyday, obviously varying prices. There’s no way that route would have no economy seats available for a whole month given the sheer number of flights they have!

  10. OT: Did anyone else see rumours of a ban on all laptops in the cabin on all flights to USA ex Europe? Supposedly will be announced by DHS today if true.


    • If it is true, we’ll write about it. Until that point …..

    • Yep saw it on OMAAT (see my other post) – really hope this is some #fakenews from Trump but sounds worryingly plausible…

  11. christopher Whitehead says:

    Can you book this with avios?

  12. Nick M says:

    Good timing – will be booking some flights to Belfast in the summer over the next week or so!

    Is there a way to book 1 adult and 2 children (1 seat, 1 lap) with cash, and then another booking for an adult with Avios and then to link them so that we’d get a row together? (We don’t have any airline status)

    • Enjoy says:

      Book 1 adult and 2 children 2-11 – that will give you a row to yourself.

      Then it sounds like you have an under 2. That’s fine (you’re not flying Delta!). They can have their own seat if they wish – albeit I realise he/she will sit on a parents knee.

      Meanwhile your Avios flight (seat) is inconsequential

      • Nick M says:

        Good idea – thanks… we (legitimately) did this when traveling with our eldest when she was 12-24 months but for some reason it didn’t occur to me just now!

    • the real harry1 says:

      the linking of the different bookings is easy with a phone call to BA

  13. Nick_C says:

    Not that I would dream of doing this of course, but isn’t this open to abuse? Make up an imaginary child or two to have an empty seat next to you?

  14. The T&C’s state: A maximum of two children aged 12 and under can travel for free…”
    But when booking for a 12 year old the fare is not free?

    • Jimmy says:

      I think I understand what you’re saying. On some sales channels, it appears to want to charge for the accompanying child (incorrectly)….but on others, it doesn’t & correctly quotes the child/children for free.

      I agree its poor…but then BA IT is woeful across the board. Trust me, I know 😉

      I can only suggest you access the offer page directly, and perform your search/quote/purchase from here: https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/offers/flights/kids-fly-for-free

      Best of luck….

  15. Is this only between LHR and the cities listed, or is it any shorthaul from LHR?

  16. If they ban ipads on transatlantic flight it will swing my decision about where to take next year’s big summer holiday. Accommodation prices in Europe in August are so horrific that a holiday in the US was working out around the same price, even factoring in flights, but I’m not subjecting us to 8 hours of kids demented with boredom (including ours!)

    • I mean, £2000 (accommodation only) for Eurocamps in the south of France? Really?

      • You wouldn’t get me paying anything near that – but clearly there is a market for gullible punters? Nothing new really.

        • the real harry1 says:

          makes me feel better about our running costs for the old place in the sun 🙂

        • Harry, have a look at the price of a caravan at a Haven site in August. You won’t just feel better, you’ll be cracking open champagne!

        • the real harry1 says:

          the good news is: the 3 teenagers are not remotely bored about going there every single holiday – instead of different/ more exciting places – it’s only my wife who keeps muttering we should drive out there (instead of fly) and stop for a few days in various centres of wonderful European culture on the way

          perhaps no complaints from the kids because our broadband connection out there is better than this one in the UK…lol – they deserve their downtime as are hard at it in school, is my opinion – they don’t watch a minute of TV out there so no probs

          I guess it’s south of £3000 a year to keep house & 2 cars going

        • Brilliant, you’d struggle to get a fortnight somewhere decent for that in July/August. We have 2 timeshares so benefit from the fact that we can use them all over the world at any time and pay a flat maintenance fee. Probably why I am always so shocked by accommodation prices for other trips!

        • the real harry1 says:

          wahay – only 2 weeks until we head off there again 🙂

        • It’s not gullibility, it’s being parents of school age children! Have you got a nice villa I can have for £500 then?

        • Absolutely, it’s your lucky day! Just send me your credit card details.

          PS – that’s £500 per night, ok?

        • You joke, but you’re not far off!

    • Geordie says:

      Bucharest / Sibiu and/or Bratislavia / Vienna?

      Bratislava Doubletree and Vienna HGI are both 10,000 Hilton points per night, as is Sibiu Hilton. Sibiu is a beautiful train ride from Bucharest. And Bucharest does not get as silly price wise as Budapest or Prague, for example, in the summer. You might even bump into Count Duckula too. Or at least tell your kids you’re on a mission to find Count Duckula 🙂

      • It all sounds divine, I love all that central/Eastern European fairytale stuff!

  17. I imagine that this offer required the respective airports to waive their passenger charges for the kids too (as well as BA waiving the fare and the government – for U.K. flights – having already cancelled APD). For this reason I imagine GLA and MAN simply declined to participate, rather than (for once) BA simply being stingy.

  18. Ruth4325 says:

    Managed to book edi-lhr return outbound 22 July and inbound 23 July. Paid for two adults and the two kids were free. No problem with availability. Booking shows everyone getting 15 tier points.