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Bits: Priority Pass adds sleep pods in Dubai, last chance for TopCashback / Avios bonus

News in brief:

Priority Pass adds sleep pods in Dubai

You can’t accuse airport lounge card Priority Pass of standing still.  After adding a restaurant / bar at Gatwick South (you get £15 of free food and drink by showing your Priority Pass) and seven restaurants / bars in Sydney, it is now offering its first sleep pods!

When I was in Dubai in March I walked passed the YAWN area and thought it looked …. umm …. interesting.  This is a new airport sleep concept, whereby you can get a 2-hour session in one of 20 Igloo Sleep Pods – see photo below.

The pods are available 24 hours a day and come with free wi-fi and power points!  They are situated in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport so ideal for anyone flying on Emirates or Qantas.

As a Priority Pass member, you can get two hours use of a Sleep Pod for free.  Full details are on the Priority Pass website here.

Yawn sleep pod


Yawn sleep pod 2

Last chance for TopCashback / Avios bonus

A quick reminder that tomorrow, 20th May, is your last chance to convert any money you have sitting in cashback site TopCashback into Avios or BA Executive Club with a 25% bonus.

You are getting 1.25 Avios for every 1p you send over, which means you are ‘buying’ Avios for 0.8p.  That is a very good deal and well worth jumping on.

(EDIT: a comment below suggests that the TCB website is badly worded and the offer actually ends at midnight tonight, the 19th.)

IHG Rewards Club buy points

Last chance for IHG Rewards Club 100% buy points bonus

And, finally, a reminder that today is your last chance to buy IHG Rewards Club points with a 100% bonus.  The link to buy is here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. the real harry1 says:


    but you can get around this easily, at least with BAEC/, provided you adopt one of several strategies

    • Crafty says:

      What would you recommend? I’d be very interested to see an article on this.

      • Andrew says:

        Just make sure your next of kin has your password. Have them slowly run down any balances you may have and NOT tell avios you’ve died. While they’ve been compassionate in the past they would be perfectly entitled to make all of your miles disappear.

      • the real harry1 says:

        1. You can put everything in a household account and not tell BAEC or when a family/ friend member dies

        2. To minimise future problems (it is preferable to have individual a/cs in some ways, eg for permissibility of switching points between BAEC/ Iberia) – if one member looks like they’re about to shuffle off the old mortal coil: make your HH a/c the one, then close the a/c after death (not informing of the death) allocating 100% of the points to the surviving member.

        3. Set up the BAEC HH a/c AFTER death of the person in question, having first removed all points from your own a/c over to single a/c. Don’t inform BAEC about the deatjh. You can then use up all the points as BAEC takes them proportionately from all a/cs but if only 1 a/c has points, 100% will come from that a/c.

  2. Is there no WiFi in the terminal? I think at least 4 hours would be necessary but perhaps the point is to get you to pay

  3. OT – BA 2-4-1 question
    I’ve read the two “Everything you need to know about the 2-4-1” article and I can’t see an answer to this specific question. I think it may have been discussed in comments before but I can’t find the answer.
    If I book a return (open jaw, if that’s relevant) on the 2-4-1 and then want to change one leg (i.e. outbound or return) if a better flight opens up, can I change one leg without losing the whole booking? If you can’t change and need to cancel and rebook, do the flights instantly go back into the pool and then can be rebooked straight-away?

    • Yes, a competent agent can change one leg without any trouble. There is no guarantee that a cancelled ticket goes back into the pool – the system looks to see how full the flight is and, if it looks as if the tickets can be sold for cash, they go back as revenue tickets.

      • Louie says:

        If by a better flight you mean a different time or a different day, you should be fine. If you mean a different destination, you can only change if the new destination is in the same zone (so same number of Avios required) as the original one.

        • Thank you. Great to know where I stand and I trust this advice far more than whoever picks up the phone at BA.

  4. Billy says:

    Delighted that PP are continuing to innovate as add value to their card.

  5. Sussex Bantam says:

    @therealharry1 – you won our exchange rate bet ! Well done…

    Remind me which charity you wanted the money to go too ?

  6. Wally1976 says:

    OT – just wanted to thank those who gave me a bit of advice yesterday. For anyone interested, it is hopefully now sorted. I phoned Tesco Bank and then had to phone Lloyds too. I made the initial call both times and handed over to my wife to do the security bit then hand back to me. There was a brief ‘moment’ when Tesco unexpectedly asked her for her first car (a question I hadn’t prepared her for) but otherwise fine :-). Hopefully that’s the end of it. Lesson learned is not to request a balance transfer to an Amex card where possible!

    • the real harry1 says:

      did they let you off the interest becoming payable issue as well?

      • wally1976 says:

        Yes, no problem at all, they said they’d waive any charges and make sure the 0% deal still stood 🙂

        • the real harry1 says:

          always pays to be pleasant 🙂

          some people (unfortunately includes my wife!) think you get good results by being a bit: ‘I know I’m right, put it right, lowly vassal!’

          she probably is right, 100% of the time

          just that the vassals don’t like being spoken to that way 🙂

  7. O/T – Re the 2-4-1, if I book over the phone, would I be able to split the payment across two different cards? Wouldn’t mind combining a 2-4-1 redemption with the £100 off £500 Amex offer!

    • Genghis says:

      Officially aren’t you meant to pay with “the card”? Difficult to explain that one…

    • Jerry says:

      When you come to pay they will ask for the relevant BA Amex that the voucher was earned on. You can read out any Amex number, but not 2 different ones. They will also charge the offline booking fee wiping out £30 of the £100 saving. So I would book online and be happy with the £100, this worked for us last time the offer was on our card.

    • Outbound online on one card then another card for the return on the phone

  8. Curious says:


    BA Holidays – is it possible (either on a flight+hotel booking or a hotel only booking) to select a specific room type? Am looking at a Hilton and BA only seem to say ‘Double with Continental Breakfast’ but no option to choose a differing room type?

    Also, if booking & paying via this for example, etc, will payment show as having been BA on my credit card statement? (for the 100 off 500 offer)

    Lastly, anyone know the BA holidays telephone number?


    • If there are different rooms available, there’s usually something along the lines of “see other room choices” and a link to a page showing the options and different pricing.

      You can make telephone bookings via the usual customer service number, but they will charge you for doing so unless it’s a trip you can’t book online.

  9. mark2 says:

    On June 8th I shall be on a cruise ship off Alaska with WiFi.
    Does anyone know please whether I can watch the BBC News channel on a tablet using something like WatchTVNow and TunnelBear?

  10. Optimus Prime says:

    Was going to use PP for the first time in LHR T5 and there’s a 30 minutes wait. My boarding gate will be announced by that time so… Might as well downgrade from Amex Plat to Gold, PP doesn’t seem useful to me.

    • That lounge has always worked that way, but the new 175 seat Plaza Premium will make a huge difference when it opens in Q4.

      • Optimus Prime says:

        Fair enough. I guess it makes more sense if you arrive at LHR with plenty of time ahead.

        This time they’ve started boarding just 15 minutes after gate announcement! That’s a record for me!

  11. dldsguest says:

    May or may not work for you: I had the same problem just now with only 5% showing – I went to the part payout option, deselected one item, clicked recalculate and the 25% bonus appeared. Added the item back in to make it a full payout, recalculated again and the 25% bonus remained so did my transfer. So maybe a glitch in the system that the recalculating solves?

  12. dldsguest says:

    May or may not work for you: I had the same problem just now with only 5% showing – I went to the part payout option, deselected one item, clicked recalculate and the 25% bonus appeared. Added the item back in to make it a full payout, recalculated again and the 25% bonus remained so did my transfer. So maybe a glitch in the system that the recalculating solves?

  13. the real harry1 says:

    last time, when it said it had dropped to 5%, you still got 25% for another 12 or 24 hrs

  14. Aeronaut says:

    Sleep pods really shouldn’t have wifi… sleeping doesn’t require an internet connection!