Bits: how to pre-order your BA duty free, 180 Avios for giving Tesco your insurance details

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How to pre-order your BA duty free for at-seat delivery

I would be fibbing if I said that I had never bought any duty free items on a flight, but I’m rarely in the mood – especially when trying to keep two children under control.  The pre-order service – known as ‘buy before you fly’ – from British Airways is therefore worth a look, and very few people know it exists.

You can go to this website before your flight, and select duty free items at your leisure from the High Life Shop.  If you sign up for the High Life Shop newsletter, you will also receive a 10% discount code for your first pre-order.

Your items will be delivered to your seat and you will earn 2 Avios per £1 on your spending.

This is only available on long-haul flights, with ‘selected’ routes excluded (a list in on the website linked from the home page).  You need to order at least three days before you fly.

This method also allows you to compare prices before you fly, so you will know if you are genuinely getting a bargain or not …..

Pre order duty free

180 Avios for giving Tesco your insurance renewal details

Tesco has a long-running promotion offering bonus Tesco Clubcard points if you fill in a very short form telling them when your various insurance products are up for renewal.

The number of points offered with this deal jumps around.  Until August, it is offering 75 Clubcard points, worth 180 Avios or 188 Virgin miles. It has been as high as 150 points in the past, but given that the offer only changes twice per year you might not want to wait.

Here is the form you need to complete.  You can earn the points once every two years so even if you have done it in the past it might be possible to get the points again.

You are asked for your car, home and pet insurance renewal months. You only need to add in one date to get your 75 points, so I recommend just doing that if you want to reduce the level of email Tesco sends you later on.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Nick_C says:

    Re the Duty Free pre-ordering, I’ve done this for the 10% discount. Note that if you use a BA Amex, this is not treated as a BA transaction, so standard (not double) Avios on the Amex. (I would have been better using my Lloyd Avios Amex)

    • Klaus-Peter Dudas says:

      But the BA Amex (that gives double Amex) gives 1.5 Avois / £, the Lloyds Amex only gives 1.25 (or are you in your first six months)?

      • Nick_C says:

        I’m still in my first 6 months. And I’ve had over 10,000 Avios on foreign currency transactions 🙂

  2. “Your items will be delivered to your seat and you will earn 2 Avios per £1 on your spending.”

    Whether there’s anyone occupying the seat is another matter entirely given last weekend’s unmitigated disaster.

    • Cant trust BA to sort out a seat, not going to trust them with pre-ordered duty free!

  3. Stu N says:

    Don’t bank on ever getting the Avios. I bought 2 litres of Tanqueray 10 in Nov, cabin crew swiped my BAEC card but after a couple of months the Avios didn’t post.

    I submitted a missing Avios claim and despite sending (by post!) a confirmation email and a print of my collection receipts was told the details didn’t match up (they did) and I had not provided sufficient evidence to enable them to credit my account! I’d taken a photo of the receipt just in case I needed it but I had lost the original receipt in the intervening four months so gave up at that point, was <100 Avios but still most annoying.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      That’s the point when you expect CA to say as a goodwill gesture here’s the points anyway. Doubt anyone goes to that much trouble to con them out of <100 Avios.

  4. krys_k says:

    Last year Tesco had a number of great offers including Avios earning opportunities. Pet insurance (insured my mums cat) and house insurance (it was marginally more expensive than the cheapest alternative, but factoring in the Avios, was a fantastic deal) spring to mind. Are any on the horizon for this year?

    • Tesco is getting a bit smarter on profitability, unfortunately. They told us outright there won’t be any bonus Clubcard points deal on wine in 2017. Tesco Direct is having its own problems – it is losing huge amounts of money and some of their promos are actually loss-making at the variable cost level, yet alone fixed cost level, we were told.

      • krys_k says:

        Good to know. I was holding out for home insurance that has just finished (and reminded me of last year’s offer).

      • Mr(s) Entitled says:

        It is so much tougher when you can’t simply write whatever figures you want in the profitability column.

        • Today I was renewing my car insurance (tesco was cheapest anyway). during the phone call I asked if they had any offers-I was offered either £10 gift card or 1000 club card points.
          Worth asking even if there is no obvious offer.

      • Londonbus says:

        That’s useful to know Rob. I shall order fizz from Tesco but big reds from Vinseleccion.

  5. Twice I’ve pre ordered from BA, twice it’s never been delivered and I’ve had to chase a refund. I don’t think I’ll give them a third chance

    • with another IAG airline it took me about three or four years to get a refund for a pre-ordered meal that they failed to supply. i never pre-order stuff from any airline after that experience.

  6. Michele says:

    I have found the pre-ordering very hit and miss. Sometimes it turns up, sometimes it doesn’t. You often have to ask for it. Once they got confused by the time difference at an outstation and loaded all the duty free for the day after’s flight instead!

  7. keith s says:

    If you preorder does it make it less likely that you will get an upgrade as they won’t want to interrupt that service on board (on the rare occasion they do happen)

  8. OT – my almost daily trips to Waitrose stopped tracking on the Shop VS website on 21st May.

    Is anybody else still tracking ?

    • My last one was 19th May.

    • Fenny says:

      My last was 21 May. I go in every working day and spend something to get my free coffee. I definitely spent £17 one day last week on a bottle of gin on offer and some Fentiman’s ginger beer. I shall dig out my receipts.

    • thomas says:

      last postings on May 20th

  9. Carey says:

    I would never do the pre-order Duty Free again. I did this before traveled from Dubai to Heathrow during the 20% offer discount. It never arrived, and it took me weeks and multiple telephone calls/email to get a refund from the High Life Shop. This is a separate company not part of BA so they couldnt even supply me with the same duty free item which they had on board at the discounted price.

    • being able to see the item on the duty free trolley, but BA refusing to supply – that must have been painful !

  10. I have done this a few times and although I’ve had to remind the CC it’s always so far been preloaded; think I didn’t get the avios once but as someone else said they’re small amounts so didn’t bother chasing. The list of flights is quite random though and different from the pre orders you can do onboard (onboard you can preorder for your return leg). At the cheap end of my gin taste I like the Bombay east so that’s what I usually preorder, they also occasionally have great clearance lines (like dewars signature)

  11. OT – Recently hit my anniversary £15k spend on my Amex Gold PR card in April, but the 10k points have yet to be posted. Does anyone know how long this takes to post? Called them up and they said 90 days, which severely reduces the value if I need to pay 3 months worth of fees….

    Should I just cancel now and take the £12 hit or wait another 2 months for the 10k points to post at a cost of an additional £24+?

    • Took about 4 weeks when my wife did this last year. Never takes 90 days.

    • I spoke to Amex about the very same issue via CHAT yesterday. I was told that as my year ended on 17 May the points would post on or around the 17 June – so 4 weeks as per Rob’s advice above. Fingers crossed. I also asked whether there would be any points opportunity for upgrading to Platinum. I was told no – quite bluntly. “But there are lots of other benefits to the card sir”. I said that in that case I would be cancelling the card, no other offer was forthcoming. Current plan is to apply for the SPG card once extra points hit and I cancel.

  12. Alex W says:

    Ordered the duty free once it didn’t turn up.