EXTENDED with bigger discounts – the SWISS business class sale from the UK

SWISS has extended – until 12th July – its rather uncharacteristic deeply discounted Business Class sale from the UK.  The prices are EXCELLENT as long as two or more people travel together.

Some fares have been reduced even futher.  Bangkok is now just £1,230 compared with £1,529 last week.  Dar es Salaam is £1,399 (was £1,526).  Hong Kong is £1,280 (was £1,579).

New destinations have been added too – Havana at £1,396, Punta Cana at £1,396, Rio at £1,378, Sao Paulo at £1,307.

The fares are good for travel until 31st March 2018.

SWISS has a fantastic business class product, by all accounts.  I haven’t flown it – I was lucky to fly the excellent SWISS First Class product on my last two flights – but it looks great.

Swiss business class 1

The seat above is the most coveted – the layout is either 2-2-2 or 1-2-1 depending on row. The seat above, for which SWISS will charge you a fee to book (all other seat selection is free), is regarded as the ‘throne’.

Swiss business class

As you will need to be travelling with a partner to get these sale prices, however, one of the centre pairs above or a window pair will suit you just fine.

Swiss business class 3

This is the new extended list of fares on offer:

Tel Aviv – £577

Cairo – £671

Muscat – £977

Dubai – £1,028

Delhi – £1,079

Mumbai – £1,128

Beijing – £1,178

Shanghai – £1,178

Bangkok – £1,230 (was £1,529)

Nairobi – £1,278

Hong Kong – £1,280  (was £1,579)

Sao Paulo – £1,307

Singapore – £1,378

Rio – £1,378

Havana – £1,396

Punta Cana – £1,396

Johannesburg – £1,397

Dar es Salaam – £1,399  (was £1,526)

Johannesburg is a fantastic deal, as are the Indian, South American and Chinese routes.  The Middle East pricing is pretty good too although BA can get as low as £1,300 in a sale.

The miles you earn from these flights will go into Miles & More, the Lufthansa /  SWISS programme, or any other Star Alliance airline.  If you want the flexibility to top up your account, SAS and Singapore Airlines are Amex Membership Rewards transfer partners whilst Miles & More and United MileagePlus have their own UK credit cards.

You can depart from London Heathrow, London City, Manchester or Birmingham.

Here are the key dates:

Book by 12th July

Travel between 1st July and 31st March 2018

Minimum stay 3 days

No changes / no refunds

Blackout dates apply

The SWISS booking page is here.  Remember that you must book for TWO or more people to get this pricing.

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  1. Is their a handy list of blackout dates, got pals (who aren’t points collectors) that are interested in SA over Xmas…

  2. Does anyone want to go to Hong Kong with me…. Or in other words, any deals for people whose spouses can’t get leave?

    Also looking to go to Austalia later this year, should have booked MH but couldn’t decide in time, any good offers?

    • YES!!!! (but Mr Cate wouldn’t let me go with a complete stranger to Waitrose let alone off the internet 🙂

      • Ronster says:

        Hi everyone.

        Now this could be a good idea.

        When 2-4-1 offers come around and when people are finding it hard to use their 2-4-1 BAAMEX vouchers.

        Maybe we could post (in a separate section,)where we are heading+ flexible dates and see if anyone on HfP wants to go as well?

        You would have to work out how to pay any additional “charges”+ maybe a nominal charge to the person holding the avios.

        Sitting next to each other would obviously not be compulsory lol


  3. Whatever you do, don’t book the ‘throne’ seat unless you have small feet – there’s only a tiny foot ‘cubby’ that feels horribly claustrophobic when you try to turn over when lying flat.

  4. H Ahmed says:

    As always, most of your articles have so much misinformation. No row on Swiss Air’s longhaul aircrafts is configured in 2-2-2. All rows are either 1-2-1 or 2-2-1.

    Not surprised by your misinformation though as its pretty evident you’re not really in the league of high flyers clocking up very few butt in seat miles in a year.

    • Richard says:

      Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning. Chill out – Rob’s doing a better job that any of us, hence why so many people come to his website every day, including yourself. Why would you still come here if you don’t like it?

    • Crafty says:

      You’re not really in the league of constructive commenters.

    • Genghis says:

      At least the purpose of the articles themselves isn’t for credit card referral links

    • Oh go away.

    • Thiago says:

      Hey mate you woke up in a bad mood today today? Don’t be rude fella.

    • Very true, but as this site plus SP currently takes a combined 80 hours per week between Anika and myself to keep going, I’m not entirely sure when (or indeed why) I would fit in a world tour of long haul airlines ……!

      Excessive flying is dull. If I stop finding it fun I can’t easily write about it in an exciting way. Heading down to Tel Aviv for 3-4 days purely to write a piece on Swiss J is not exactly a good use of time either.

      Remember that I hired Anika because, basically, I didn’t actually want to spend all my time flying around and staying in luxury hotels ….. I am happier paying her to do it. I’ve got my kiddies to keep an eye on! I am doing 80 nights a year in hotels as it is ….

      • simmo says:

        Anymore roles going Rob? 🙂

        • It is likely that anything else that comes up will be openly advertised on here. However, I doubt Anika will give up the travel without a fight!

        • AndyR says:

          If I recall correctly in Anika’s review of ANA J class she said she doesn’t look forward to flying long haul even in business?
          I love being in the air so would be more than happy to do those ones and for free. The further the better! 🙂

        • Incidentally, how did you recruit Anika? Is she a friend/relative of your wife, or is the nationality just coincidence? Entirely out of curiosity, I think she does a great job, I’ve just always wondered and this seems a good opportunity to ask!

        • Through my wife. I wanted a 20/30-something female to write Shopper Points part-time for a similar target audience and she was already doing some freelance stuff for a fashion site. She’d done a fair bit of premium travel so it wasn’t too hard to bring her over here too and make her full-time. Most of what she does is still behind the scenes though.

    • Roger I* says:

      Apart from being rude, you’re talking rubbish.

      ‘Swiss Air’? What’s that – Swissair? No, they don’t exist any more. The successor airline is Swiss International Air Lines, often referred to as SWISS.

      Really, a pedant should have known this before posting. Have a nice day.

    • Scott says:

      What a fanny.

    • joelyp says:

      As always? On the rare occasion that an article has an inaccuracy, Rob corrects it promptly (normally after someone has the grace to point it out constructively, you may wish to note!), and also flags that he has corrected. Full transparency.

      Rob regularly steals a march on other websites in terms of news, and I value the depth of the site’s analysis.

      As echoed by others, what would bring you to be so unreasonable in your reply? Has Rob run your cat over, then reversed to finish the job? I can’t think of any other reason…

    • Nate1309 says:

      There are words for people like you H Ahmed. None of which would pass the site filter. Rob and Anika do a great job on the site and being just a team of two, there are going to be the odd errors in facts. Most readers are helpful and point them out constructively!

    • Prins Polo says:

      Looking forward to reading your own blog Ahmed.

  5. Talay says:

    I wish they would run these with a 2 plus option, so that 3 people could benefit. Of course, any even number can benefit but that benefit is somewhat muted if your £1200 discounted ticket is accompanied by a £2400 3rd (or odd numbered) ticket to make up your group.

    I see the logic in asking a minimum of 2 people but why not use it as a minimum ?

    • Mark Priest says:

      it is for 2 plus. I booked for three of us to Shanghai when the sale was first released and paid £1178 per person.

    • Jas Gill says:

      Many thanks; just booked Delhi for five of us in October. About time I took the kids back to their roots !

  6. Howard says:

    H Ahmed – I cant believe you said that. This is a brilliant free website with an incredible amount of highly accurate information. On a personal level I used to hate flying not least because I was a nervous flyer but thanks to Robs brilliant work I can fly business or first and I now enjoy the experience. If Rob is wrong why can’t you just say he is wrong and he will check and amend.

  7. Thiago says:

    Morning Rob, I am trying to book 4 seats to São Paulo, o tried to have a look on the Swiss website to find out the Blackout dates but couldn’t find them. Could you post the link please? Thanks

  8. Mark Priest says:

    Gutted, booked shanghai but wanted to do Hong Kong, Would have booked at this new price

  9. Pierre says:

    Not only is the sale extended, there also seems to be additional availability. During the original sale there was not a single day’s availability for a return flight during March 2018 from JHB. I managed to find a few earlier this week which had opened up.
    As Rob says- these are excellent prices for business class to Jhb!

    • Sarah says:

      I’m not finding the super cheap prices to JNB for the dates I’m looking, but did notice that on the way out, First was half the price of Business, and only £200 more than Economy.

  10. Marty says:

    Hi everyone. OT but has anyone seen their 1000 avios from the Marriott promotion. I signed up before they withdrew offer.

  11. Looking at good open jaw prices of GBP 2600 LHR-HKG SIN-LHR but trying to add HKG-SIN just collapses in a myriad of options, no prices obvious until times selected, then in excess of GBP4000 each. Tried to book avios HKG-SIN but says no flights available, wondering if that’s because my avios balance is too low as they’re all in BAEC at the moment? Any ideas anyone?

  12. Sucks to be a single traveller 🙁

  13. Super helpful post, thanks Rob!

    Quick question: Does anyone know if SWISS is cracking down on throwaway ticketing, i.e. what are my chances of getting away with dropping the last leg of the trip (ZRH – LRH)?

  14. Jamie says:

    O/T I want to book the Miami edition hotel which is apart of Marriott, if I book it through say Expedia or any other hotel website, will I still be able to get my Marriott benefits because I have gold status? Expedia currently have a good deal at the moment

  15. Rashad says:

    Dear all,

    I am about to complete my studies and want to do travel in style to Australia and tick new places off my list places to visit. Currently have OW Gold status


    – To tick Australia Continent
    – Visit: Colombo, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast (New Places)
    – Travel in Premium cabin if possible
    – Cover new airports and experience luxury airport lounges (F Lounges)

    Proposed Itinerary

    1. Lisbon via London to Dubai by BA for £380 in WTP
    2. Abu Dhabi to Colombo by Etihad in J for 57,000 Etihad guest points plus 990AED
    3. Colombo to Sydney by MA via KL in J for £953
    4. Sydney to Brisbane by Qantas -18.000 Avios +£25


    total spent in cash:£1565
    points used: 17,000 existing Etihad points plus 40000 MR, plus 18000Avios
    lounges: Lisbon – have not explored yet, London Galleries First, Abu Dhabi Etihad Business lounge, Dubai – BA F Lounge, Colombo – have not explored options yet, Kuala Lumpur – BA and Qantas First Lounges, Sydney – BA Lounge, Brisbane – BA Lounge

    Advise Required:

    I would appreciate any input you guys might have to enhance this trip or if possible to travel even cheaper(cash wise). I am intending to take this trip beginning of September for 2-3 weeks. Very flexible from mid of August till 20th of September.
    I have 100,000 Avios plus 47000MR points towards this trip if required

    Thank you all in advance

    • Premium cabins,…..and you take ba premium economy?…….its fair to say the fun in your itinerary starts in AUH!

    • Clive says:

      I’d recommend you look at devoting more time to this trip. Australia in 2/3 would be a stretch, but including stopovers too in that time might be a bit much, even without the travel time and jetlag. Bon voyage 🙂

    • Bluenose says:

      Hi Rashad,

      Re travel cheaper when paying cash, are you aware Columbo typically is a cheap place for business tickets?

      For CMB-SYD, SYD-BNE; have you looked at doing this as multi-city on the one ticket? It might be around same price as CMB-SYD only.

      Someone (Sri Lanka airline?) is launching CMB-MEL soon, if you want direct to Aus. Then use Avios for MEL-SYD/BNE, etc.

      How are you getting home? I’d be looking at CMB-Aus return, then CMB-UK one way, if paying cash.

      As a sweeping statement, paying for one way Aus-UK/EU is more expensive than U.K./EU-Aus.


      • Rashad says:

        Hi Bluenose

        many thanks for your message. Apologies, I did not include that above quoted were return tickets:

        1. return Lisbon via London to Dubai by BA for £380 in WTP
        2. return Abu Dhabi to Colombo by Etihad in J for 57,000 Etihad guest points plus 990AED
        3. return Colombo to Sydney by MA via KL in J for £953
        4. return Sydney to Brisbane by Qantas -18.000 Avios +£25

        to elaborate above:

        1. I am hoping to upgrade to J to DXB, spend 2 days in Dubai, then picked up by car provided by Etihad from Palm Jumeirah to Abu Dhabi.
        2. Flight to Colombo is relatively short and I will spend a night in Hilton Colombo
        3. Flight to Sydney via KL spending about 3 hours in the airport. I have chosen to fly to Sydney as I want to visit City for a day of sightseeing and stretch my legs and pick up a night flight to Brisbane where my friend will pick me up for 7-8 nights stay.

        Retuning back I will be flying directly from Brisbane to Colombo, changing flights to Any Dhabi and spending two nights in Dubai before returning to Europe.

        Many thanks

        • drjoe100 says:

          Rashad, in case no one has mentioned it, etihad has removed chauffeur service.

        • Genghis says:

          Thought UAE pick up was still ok?

        • Yes, still works to/from Abu Dhabi.

        • the real harry1 says:

          mate, I wouldn’t do that

          just get out to Australia the best & cheapest way possible (directish), yes go to Brissie after Syders, don’t ps around with the other bits, life’s too short

  16. I can see the Singapore rates are the same!

    Booked Singapore for 7th December – 1st January in the initial sale and its codeshare flights with Singapore Airlines A380 from Zurich.
    Not a bad price for Singapore airlines business class which is a far superior product!