Bits: interesting Iberia / Avis deal, 1950’s BA amenity kits

News in brief:

Intriguing Iberia / Avis promotion

Iberia and Avis have launched an interesting new promotion to win a share of 25,000,000 Avios!

This is how it works.  You book and complete an Avis rental, anywhere in the world, between 1st and 31st July.  You then go to this website and input the 11-digit booking reference.

You will instantly receive a prize of between 250 and 100,000 Avios into your Iberia Plus account.

In theory you must be based in Spain to play.  However, it may well work for others unless Iberia is blocking the posting of miles to non-Spanish accounts.

Here is the odd thing.  The rules make no mention of having to credit the original rental to Iberia.  In theory, you can take an Avis rental you credited to another airline, put the number into this website and claim some Iberia Plus Avios too!

Will it work …..?  If anyone has booked and completed an Avis rental this month, please give it a go and let us know.

Avis 350

Old 1950’s BA amenity kits

Reader Kate – who, bizarrely, recognised me in a remote Austrian ski hotel when we were away in February! – was at the IWM Duxford (the Duxford Air Museum) recently and kindly sent me these pictures of old British Airways amenity kits from the 1950’s.

For the man (click to enlarge – you should be able to read the notes):

British Airways amenity kit a

and for the woman:

British Airways amenity kit b

Things have definitely gone downhill since then …. although I haven’t seen the new Liberty First Class bags yet.  I found out last week that Anika got one on the British Airways press flight at Easter but it never made it into the office!

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  1. It’s being reported on FlyerTalk that this is yet another BA IT bug, and that you can still book 1-nighter packages by phone

      • So it’s a bug in the booking process but BA customer services told me it was a new policy?! I think at this point I am actually going to write to them and demand clarification!

    • I’ve been playing around with the system a bit and it’s allowing me the option of paying a deposit with a multi-stop trip, but not with a single destination such as Bermuda. It’s good to know this option may still exist for future reference! I was definitely told that it was no longer the case by Customer services though, which is very annoying if it turns out I was given the wrong info.

      • I’ve put a post on Flyertalk as well to see whether anyone has a definitive answer. If true, it means that I’ve been experiencing this “glitch” for 3 years and also been lied to by BA!

  2. Andrew says:

    The other negative change is the loss of ability to book a holiday from a regional airport.

    Any attempts to do a search on a holiday from Edinburgh or Glasgow results in an error and defaults back to Heathrow.

    • What an absolute shambles – or is it a ploy to make you book separately and have to collect and re-check your bags?!

    • Dave Barron says:

      Yeah noticed that too. Can’t book BA holidays from Newcastle anymore either. Clearly yet another BA IT failure after their recent “improvements”. BA is becoming a farce. How hard is it to get this right? Or is it the next stage of rebranding to London Airways?!?

    • Quelle surprise on that front sadly – all the low fare finders, etc. rarely worked except ex-LON either. Stupid on their part though, will both lose them business and tie there phones up more.

  3. Not sure what i am doing wrong, as i also have a booking for next week done via Avisba website. But when i put in the reservation no and press submit it tells me the reservation number is not correct or does not qualify.

    • Nils Krumrey says:

      That website seems to be a bit flaky (continuing the trend of shoddy IAG IT). I had a completed booking from this month (booked directly pre-paid with Avis UK but credited to BA) where it wouldn’t accept the reservation number, so I thought I’d try the rental agreement number even though it is a digit short. Because I had left the last digit filled in from my previous attempt with the reservation number it actually accepted that and I supposedly won 1000 Avios. That number was definitely NOT valid.

      We’ll see whether it posts 🙂

  4. Robbie says:

    I tried two Avis bookings one is my regular monthly rental and is not credited to any FFP and the other was for a weekend rental that was for the 30th June to 2nd July (Which I thought may be enough in July to count and was credited to BA) neither one worked but at the same time neither one rejected. On clicking submit it simply reloaded the page but gave no message of any time.

    Sorry I couldn’t help to explain it but I guess either my bookings are not qualifiable or the website is not working at the moment – I may try again in a few days.

    • kwisstan says:

      I have “won” 500 avios for my rental last week, the original credit was BAEC. Rental was ordered on 2nd July and rental period was 3rd until 7th.

  5. Washbag marginally better than old one. Contents exactly the same (I.e. Poor)

  6. Clive says:

    OT question, if anyone has an idea: If you land at LGW in Virgin UC, which I think doesn’t have an arrivals lounge, and then have to transfer to LHR to fly economy on another airline – could you use your LGW boarding card to use the LHR arrivals lounge when you get there? 🙂

    • If I remember rightly they check your name on a list of UC passengers arriving into lhr and so eligible to enter – at least that’s what they have done with me. So I’d guess not.

    • Lady London says:

      If your other airline goes from Terminal 2 then I’d recommend the Plaza Premium lounge. Its not an airline lounge so you’ll have to pay in some form but always well run.

  7. Hi,

    Just looking for some advise here, I have booked a flight starting in AMS – CPT but have to change airports on the way back in London. Firstly, am I right in saying I will have to collect my luggage and head to the different London airport. And secondly if I “miss” my last leg do I still get the avios and TPs for the 3 legs I did take?

    Much Appriciated.

  8. Markc62 says:

    Just input an Avis rental number for a booking in the U.K. next weekend. We booked direct with Avis as there were problems trying to book it via BAEC as we usually do. According to the Avis Rep, we get the same benefits as If we had booked via BAEC & it wa a few £’s cheaper too! The booking is in my partner’s name and he doesn’t have an Iberia Account. However, I used his e-mail address, my name and Iberia Plus account number, and I “won” 1,000 avios! Not an earth shattering amount but as the saying goes “every little helps”! Assuming they actually post to my Iberia account of course!

  9. Geoff says:

    Just entered details for a rental in Orlando booked in Feb for late July so not yet taken and booked through Just received 1000 avios so a double bubble.

  10. Clive says:

    “Steve Rothstein bought a golden ticket from American Airlines in 1987 — granting him a lifetime of unlimited travel.
    He clocked more than 10 million miles and 10,000 flights.”

  11. O/T just got an email from Club Carlson for a 75% bonus on points purchased. I’ve never dabbled in hotel points before. Is this a good offer?

  12. Fenny says:

    OT: Can anyone please remind me of the Hilton public sector code. I had it on my old laptop that died and never managed to transfer the “sticky notes” to the new machine. Ta.

  13. Tracy says:

    Just won 9000 Avios on Avis booking. Booked in April through Expedia for 14 day booking 28th June to 12th July. Thanks for the heads up for this promotion 🙂

  14. Doesn’t seem to work for me. The avis no I have 8 digits then GB then 1 digit. Have others that have won had a similar code?

  15. netxu says:

    Just “won” 18.000 avios with an avis rental booked last week through the avisiberia website (nnnnnnnnESn format). The car rental is for mid-august and the avios are supposed to post 6-8 weeks after the rental and no later than September 30th, so… let’s see what happens!
    Thanks for the post Rob!

    • the real harry1 says:

      haha just put in a swiped reservation number and got:
      Congratulations you have won 1,000 Avios!

      Following the completion of your qualifying rental, your Avios prize will be awarded. Please note it can take between 6-8 weeks for Avios to be credited to your account after the rental period has ended.

      Note: Incorrect, incomplete, duplicate or false numbers may have triggered this prize notification, but prizes will only be awarded to valid Qualifying Reservation numbers with a corresponding Rental Agreement number. Only one entry per reservation. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

      • the real harry1 says:

        and again! another 1000 Avios

        • the real harry1 says:

          Congratulations you have won 18,000 Avios! 🙂

          3rd time lucky

          Not actually giving them my real details as I guess it’s a fairly easily detectable fraud

          but for anybody less scrupulous, easy to dredge up genuine reservation numbers online…

        • BrianDT says:

          18k for me too, booked a cheapo,very, (sub £20 for a day !) However, when i went back a bit later to screen save, the page had reverted back to inputting the rental details again, which i was loath to do, just in case it got screwed up.So, we will see as I can’t see anyway to retrieve my ‘winnings.’

        • the real harry1 says:

          18K seems to be coming up fairly often – I reckon the chances of getting it are not too bad at all (and if you don’t win 18K, the other amounts are pretty good, so equate to a decent discount on cheap rentals)

          somebody with more time could try (say) renting 2 cars a day @ £20 – for a few days – to see what the return is

  16. Holiday guy says:

    My Avis booking ref number is shorter than 11 digits (UK rental). Format is #NNNNNNN, any idea how we can get the 11 digit number?

  17. Just won 18,000 with a rental from DFW for a week!
    Now the long wait to see if they post……

  18. Avis booking made yesterday, 18,000 Avios bonus. 2nd booking today, tried entering rental agreement number but no response. Tried re-entering several times today to no avail. Has anyone found a way around this? Booking made via Iberia website, meets all criteria.