Bits: enter our City Airport competition, £15 Addison Lee code, off to cricket at Old Trafford?

News in brief:

Last day to enter our exclusive City Airport competition

Today, Monday, is the last day to enter our London City Airport competition.

One lucky reader will win two passes to the First Class Lounge in the Private Jet Centre, which includes being driven to your plane.  We reviewed City’s First Class Lounge here.  This is worth £190.

The runner-up will receive two passes to the Business Lounge in the Private Jet Centre – our review is here.  This is worth £70.

To enter, visit this HFP article and complete your details at the bottom.  Good luck!

PS. If you’ve got any friends who use City regularly, why not send them a link to the competition?


£15 Addison Lee sign-up code

As it desperately tries to stay relevant in the age of Uber, Addison Lee is offering £15 off your first ride in London if you download their app and take a ride this month.

You need to enter code WELCOME15 into the app.  Your ride must cost £10 or more and you must choose to pay by credit or debit card, not cash.

Addison Lee

Off to the cricket at Old Trafford?

If you’re planning to be at Old Trafford for Lancashire v Worcestershire on 16th August or England v West Indies on 19th September, Hilton Garden Inn has a competition for you!

To promote its hotel, which faces the pitch, it has set up four pitch side beds, including room service and private bar.  If you can’t imagine what that looks like, try:

Hilton Garden Inn competition

If you already have a ticket to the game, you can win an upgrade to one of the beds via this website.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Robstaaaar says:


  2. BAGoldCard says:

    Watching cricket is like watching paint dry, so I’d probably fall asleep if I went. Those beds would be really useful.

    • You don’t go to a cricket match to watch it…

      • Lady London says:

        I always wondered that. Why DO people go to cricket matches then @John?

        I used to fall asleep so often even when I was keeping score at cricket matches, I was the cause of quite a few ten-ball overs before someone nudged me to wake me up…!

        • Well when I went to Lord’s it seemed that people went mainly for the drinking. Also, people were always coming and going, sometimes they would not be back for hours.

  3. OT:. Looking for cheapest way to generate virtual debit/credit cards.
    Thanks in advance

  4. OT- IHG Black Cancellation

    Do I need to pay-off IHG card balance before my anniversary statement (Month 12) is generated to avoid paying fees for second year?
    Or can I let the statement post first and pay-off using DD as normal/pay-off using debit card just after statement is posted and then notify CREATION that I do not want to continue with the card to avoid paying fees for the second year?

    Would like to hear thoughts from readers who have cancelled their card.

    • the_real_a says:

      Rob posted a detailed article a few weeks back, and since then the woeful customer service staff seem to have been retrained. The key is your application approval anniversary date (creation can tell you what this is) – provided the purchases have SETTLED on your account by this date are greater than £10k then you can phone up to cancel the card before the statement is produced and get the free night. The women i spoke to confirmed i would get the free night voucher and made a note on the account to that effect should any problems arise. I received a closing statement and was not charged the annual fee. I chose to clear the account with a debit card but the direct debit would have been taken had i not done this. I was told to expect a 4 weeks wait for the voucher to post, which in my case should be sometime next week.

  5. OT: looking to book BEG-LON on points. Only option is Air Serbia which I can book through Etihad. I don’t have any Etihad points so transferring Amex MR to Etihad will incur a certain risk if the seats go. However, Alitalia offer a 15 day hold on points redemptions if you don’t have the points. I’ve used this before and it was v good. So my question is…

    Can I book Air Serbia using Alitalia Millemiglia?

    • Wouldn’t touch Alitalia given they might go bankrupt any day now. If you have any Miles&More you could route via Vienna on Austrian. It’s seemless travel. If there are any problems/delays, they usually drive you from one plane to the other. Air Serbia direct flights don’t always work for me as they leave in the morning on certain days…

      • PS To answer your question, I don’t think you can book Air Serbia on Millemilglia, only with Etihad.

        • Thanks for your idea. No M&M points, I’m MR rich but have little/nothing elsewhere.

          Hasn’t Alitalia been on the verge of bankruptcy for months now?

        • Lady London says:

          Wow. Just think if the national carrier for Italy goes down, then who can lay claim to being the national airline of Italy? would… gasp!! Ryanair -have the best claim?

        • It has, but last month Etihad and Ryanair submitted offers last month for full takeover if I remember correctly. And if Ryanair takes over… If you’re travelling soon, in a few weeks that should be fine. Etihad is on MR. You could reedem MR points for Etihad Guest and then book Air Serbia with them.

  6. Amex- got some Amazon offers 500MR for £25 on Gold and 1000 avios for £25 on BA

    Not sure if they will work with topping up account, as says excludes 3rd party sellers, so looks like it won’t just work on any transaction labelled amazon

  7. OT- Curve Overseas Use

    I know this has been discussed few times now, but not sure the conclusion/real world experience is.
    If I use Lloyds Avios card and set the card currency to the one curve supports (EUR for example) and
    use the card to withdraw cash in that local currency what are the fees to be paid (if any)?

    • Optimus Prime says:

      No fees but the £200/month limit still applies. If you go over it then there is a 2% fee.

    • I withdrew 50 Eur on my Lloyd’s card like this, charged 50 Eur by Curve so no fees

  8. OT: Emirates and Arsenal tickets

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the Emirates website for points redemptions for tickets and box seats at the Emirates ground this season. Other events are there, and other football matches have been and gone (including Arsenal’s pre-season tour) but no sign yet of any seats for this season. Rob, I know you’ve used this one before so it might interest you too – do you have a contact at Emirates who would know if this is going ahead this season? Thanks. (I declare an interest as the supporter of a team that’s just made it to the Premiership for the first time…)

  9. OT: New York City.

    Looking to take the better half to NYC for her 40th in mid Nov.

    looking for advice on flights and hotels

    I have 115K Virgin Atlantic points (plus 25k amex points)
    My gold card status expires end Nov
    We’re MAN based but would like to sample the LHR clubhouse at least once. can probably get a lift down.
    More than happy to travel ecomony providing gold gets me an exit row seat for free.

    Hotels (looking at 4 nights wed-sun)
    No significant points (unless i transfer the the amex points)
    I do have Gold status for Hilton, IHG, SPG (And Marriott) unitl 2018
    not bothered about lounge access as we’ll be heading out, free good breakfast and upgrades more welcome.

    Looking to spend about £1250-1500 on travel and hotels plus the points. also looking at virgin holidays as gold get 10% off.

    any ideas?

  10. flyforfun says:

    Re Lounge access at City Airport. Normally I used to scoff at the thought of it, but I hadn’t flown out at a peak time in a while and hadn’t realised what a Zoo it’s become. Flew out 7pm last Thursday and was shocked to see how busy it was, with all available seating taken. Walked to the new gate area and was at first pleasantly surprised to see the new seating at the gate area until I realised it was also being used by people not flying from that gate!

    Also, the flight started being called just as the plane landed. People were standing on the stairs down to the gate for about 20 minutes before being released onto the plane. Not great for those carrying large bags as one lady was.

    • It was the same at 7am last Thursday. Also, the security experience reminded me of the “old days” at LHR slow track.

      However, the lounge is still pointless unless you are driven to the plane.

  11. OT: i know no one has a crystal ball but what would you do?

    I need 2 flight tickets in business to Auckland for January 2018. I have been looking at the prices and the best option is Stockholm to Auckland at £2,241pp.

    Should I wait for a Qatar sale?

  12. Can anyone work out where the WELCOME15 code goes into the Addison Lee app? I’ve inputted my card number and still can’t figure it out.