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Bits: Economist / Avios promo back, Heathrow Rewards adds new partner, Regus Express coming to T3

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News in brief:

13,200 Avios for an Economist subscription and The Economist have brought back their special offer for taking out a subscription.

As you can see at this linkyou can earn 13,200 Avios if you take out a 1-year digital and print subscription to The Economist. The cost is £179.  This works out at 1.35p per Avios.

Alternatively, you can earn 10,200 Avios with a £145 print-only or digital-only subscription.  This works out at 1.4p per point.

This offer is particularly attractive if you are self-employed or run a company.  Whilst I am not a tax expert and you should obviously take your own advice if necessary, it would be hard to argue that The Economist magazine is not an acceptable tax-deductible purchase for most business people.

The price charged seems to be in line with the price charged via other channels so you are not over-paying.

The Economist changed the rules of this promotion two years ago after a large number of people took out a subscription and then cancelled it for a partial refund a few weeks later.  Your subscription is now non-refundable.  However, £179 for 13,200 Avios plus a full year of The Economist in print and online is certainly not a bad deal.

If you have any friends in the United States who may enjoy The Economist in print (you could access the digital version yourself), there is a bigger deal to be had.  The cost is $190 (£142) for 13,200 Avios.

Note also that the DIGITAL ONLY version for US residents is $152 (£117) and you get 10,200 Avios for yourself.

The offer runs until 31st January 2018.

PS.  There is a similar version for 11,400 Miles & More miles (8,700 with the cheaper package) – see here.  This is not a bad deal at all, given how tricky it is to accumulate Miles & More miles in the UK.

Heathrow Rewards adds a new airline partner, launches with a competition

Heathrow Rewards is adding a new airline partner today – Royal Brunei.

You will be able to transfer your Heathrow Rewards points (available from airport shopping, parking or Heathrow Express tickets) into Royal Brunei Royal Skies miles at the rate of 1:1, in chunks of 250.

It joins a list of airline transfer partners that includes Avios, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Emirates, Etihad and Singapore Airlines.

If you transfer your points to Royal Brunei during December, you will be entered into a competition to win a pair of return flights from Heathrow to Dubai with Royal Brunei.

Regus Express business lounge coming to Heathrow Terminal 3

If you have ever used the Regus Express business lounges in Heathrow Terminal 5 Arrivals, Heathrow Terminal 2 or at Gatwick, you will be pleased to know that a Regus Express is opening in Heathrow Terminal 3 very soon.

This could be used as a departure lounge because it is quite well positioned.  It is situated by Pret a Manger which is UP the escalator from the check-in hall.  Regular users of Terminal 3 will know that you turn left at the top of the escalator to get to security.  The Regus Express is on the right, tucked away around the corner.

The problem with using this before a flight is, of course, that you still need to clear security and will need to very aware of the cut-off time.  It will be an option for anyone who is at the airport a couple of hours early and would prefer to do an hour of work in the Regus lounge before going airside.

You will be able to get access with a Regus Gold card or with a DragonPass airport lounge access pass.  I imagine that you can also pay, but if you were planning to do that it would be preferable to clear security and pay for the No 1 Lounge (review) or Club Aspire (review) lounges in Terminal 3 instead.  Regus lounges are not part of Priority Pass or Lounge Club.

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  1. I renewed my subscription to the Economist at end Oct under the previous identical offer and the Avios arrived before the first newspaper i.e. one week.
    I believe that It was the Iberia deal which took a long time to post the Avios.

    • I can echo this. The Avios from this deal posted very quickly last time round. The Iberia deal the previous year took a while but still posted eventually without any follow up.

    • It was also an version of the offer where they took months to post – not just an Iberia one. Glad to hear they are posting promptly now.

  2. For many of us in the UK the economist avios deal is somewhat redundant unless we want to have a print version. Many of our local libraries now offer their readers free online access to a range of ebooks, magazines, newspapers and audio books for free using RBdirect and Overdrive. The titles available often include the economist so if this option is open to readers they could then divert the £179 to buying avios or whatever at a lower price. Readers who are interested should search their own local authority library pages for details of what is available in their areas, many might be pleasantly surprised by what they find.

    • I’m also constantly offered cheap subscription deals to the economist, due to having taken out a free trial subscription once with them.

      Usually the offer is £1 a week for 12 weeks, so unless you can make it a tax deductible purchase, there are cheaper ways to get the magazine without the avios

  3. PlaneSimple says:

    I hate to comment on this Rob but having lived there… where did that image of Royal Brunei come from? It’s the old paint scheme which has never been on the new 787 pictured.

  4. I need 1 stay at an IHG hotel to complete the accelerate promo, does anyone know if a qualifying stay has to be checked in to or would just booking a night and not showing to the hotel/not checking in also qualify?

    • Seriously doubt that a no show would qualify..

    • You need to physically check in but you do not need to stay. However, don’t check out early, leave the keys in the room and do express checkout next morning.

      • Genghis says:

        Is protocol to ruffle the sheets and run the shower though? 🙂

        • It is for me! At least the room cleaner gets paid that way.

          PS. Had to drop my daughter at school at 7am today for netball, as that is the only time (in Central London) they can get access to a court – at Imperial College in this case. Total madness, hence why I am banging out comments before 8!

        • One of the times I was in Russia I checked into a hotel I was not using but I left a couple of large bags with clothes and work things there. When I went back four days later it was gone and I had a huge problem getting it back. When I did everything was there but it was all messed up, somebody had obviously been through it. With hindsight it might have been better to ruffle up the bed, run the shower and turn up briefly each day, unless it wasn’t the housekeeping that was the problem.

        • And what an excellent choice of university 🙂

        • Are you working at IC Alex?

    • Don’t forget the toiletries if they are able to be taken 🙂

    • johnny_c-l says:

      YMMV but of the two no-shows I’ve had with IHG, both posted as qualifying for room credit and accelerate.

      If I was relying on the stay counting for an accelerate target then I’d certainly check in, as you wouldn’t have an argument in case it wound up not counting.

    • Did my first ever mattress run on Friday night at a Holiday Inn. I washed my hands, made a cup of tea and ruffled the bed. Left the room key on the side and the points started to post on Sunday.

      Cost £32 which should bag me 14,500 points through a combination of Accelerate plus a personal offer I received to “Return with 10,000 Bonus Points”.

    • And of course YOU don’t have to do the check in-Just add a second guest who can check in for you….

      • Nick Burch says:

        Unless you’re in Spain or somewhere like that! IIRC Rob booked a mattress run there in his mum’s name with him as a second guest, and almost came unstuck…

  5. OT – does anyone think it’s likely that Tesco will run another bonus Clubcard points on Experience Days soon? I’m coming to the end of all the vouchers I bought last time for meals, hotel stays and pamper days!

  6. Philip White says:

    My current Economist subscription runs until the 5th of Feb. Do we know whether they will “back-to-back” a subscription taken early or will they run it in parallel to the existing subscription.
    If the latter I’ll wait until later in Jan to subscribe through this means, otherwise I’ll get it out the way now.

    • From personal experience they will set up the new subscription to commence with the next available issue so if you were to subscribe now there would be a definite overlap and to try to sort that out will be more trouble than it’s worth (their customer service seems unable to use common sense and follow through on promises). You can defer a subscription although they need 2 weeks notice to do so and I wouldn’t trust them to set it up correctly.

      If I were you I would diarise to take up the offer around 22 Jan.

  7. OT – is it possible to combine IHG accounts?

    I apparently have an old one with 1000 points that are due to expire in January – if I can transfer them into my newer account that’d be great!

    • It has disappeared from my BAPP card and also the suplemenrty card. I spoke to Amex and a very helpful lady checked and said even though it’s not showing the cards are still registered for shop small, she went onto say that if a shop is showing on the map but does not take Amex to call and they will credit the £5.

  8. OT – Shop Small

    Has anyone else been receiving fewer email confirmations for Shop Small purchases – I have only received 3/8 so far. In previous years, it was just the occasional one that seemed to miss…

    • Only received 1 email out of 11 transactions.
      Chased up just now and AmEx saying:
      “There was an internal update received today about Shop Small credits. As per the update, the credit will take approximately 5-7 days to be issued from the date of transaction.”

      Will be interesting to see what credits appear!

    • The shop small offer appears to have disappeared from my online account too (on all four cards). I think their IT may be having some issues!

    • I did 30 transactions yesterday and only got 11 emails. I did 11 transactions in one shop and got 7 emails – and all 11 cards are registered so not sure what is going on. Fingers crossed they all credit ok.

  9. Yes, I got that email – wondering if it’s worth the bother. They still haven’t figured out how to credit avios for flights credited to Aer Lingus partner airlines, have they?

  10. I’ve just had an email from AmEx offering me 3 Hilton Honors/MR point for conversions through to the end of Jan. Which I would be delighted about if I hadn’t just converted 10k for a Tokyo redemption in May. I got good value, but wish I’d have held on for a few more days!

    Unless I only got the promo email after I’d added them as a reward partner?

    • Amex seem to be behind with their email offers. I’ve had two on cards which had already been closed.

    • Oooh hope I get that offer. Was about to convert some MR to my HH acct as need 20k more for a 5 night stay – got 140k at moment and think I need 160k for 4 nights @40k, 5th night free with silver.

  11. FYI – I got an e-mail through from AMEX saying there is a 50% transfer bonus of MR to Hilton.

    • Do you think it’s a targeted offer? Would be perfect timing for me. Looked online and can’t see the offer.

    • I got the email too, unfortunately only have about 1k MR points…

    • Have seen a few folk mention this – no similar email received here!

      • Definitely targeted, article tomorrow.

        • I’m going to transfer what I need to HH as want to book hotel for May but if I then get the email offer after I’ll transfer more as it’s a lot of points. Got almost 60k MR at the moment.

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