Bits: BA lounge access expanded; stay the night in the Virgin lounge

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News in brief:

British Airways adds lounge access at more European destinations

Kudos to BA.

Last September, we published a list of British Airways European destinations which did not offer lounge access.

There are some airports on the British Airways network which simply do not have an airport lounge, as I found out in Pula, Croatia last Summer.  There isn’t much British Airways can do about this.  There are others, however, where there is a lounge but British Airways simply refuses to pay for it.

British Airways is now doing what it can to set this right.  In early February, they added Innsbruck, Ibiza, Krakow and Seville.

As of this Monday, you can now also access a lounge at Porto and Reykjavik.

Anika reviewed the lounge in Porto last year.  Click here to see what you have been missing.

The campaign continues!

These airports have a lounge which BA won’t pay for but you can use a Priority Pass instead:

Lanzarote ACE

Catania/Fontanarossa CTA

Madeira FNC

Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis HER

Humberside HUY

Mykonos JMK

Olbia/Costa Smeralda OLB

Palermo/Punta Raisi PMO (landside)

Paphos International PFO

Thessaloniki Macedonia International SKG (as of 1st July 2017)

Split SPU

Rhodes – Diagoras International RHU

Tallinn TLL

These airports have a lounge which BA won’t pay for and which only accept cash, not Priority Pass / Lounge Club:

Brindisi/Casale BDS

Bordeaux-Merignac BOD

Bari/Palese International BRI

Cagliari CAG

Dalaman International DLM

London City Airport LCY (in the Private Jet Terminal)

And finally, here is a reminder of British Airways-served airports which have no lounge at all so you can’t blame BA for not letting you in:

Bergen, Flesland Airport BGO

Corfu / Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport CFU

Chania International Airport CHQ

Chambery-Savoie CMF

Bergerac-Roumaniere EGC

Friedrichshafen FDH

Fuerteventura FUE

Grenoble-Isere GNB

Frederico Garcia Lorca GRX

Skiathos Island National JSI

Santorini JTR


Kalamata KLX

Limoges LIG

Menorca MAH

San Javier MJV

Nantes Atlantique NTE

Asturias OVD

Pula PUY

Rotterdam RTM

Quimper-Cornouaille UIP

PS.  This is a crowd-sourced list originally developed by Flyertalk readers, E&OE!

Virgin Clubhouse onefinestay apartment

Spend the night in Virgin’s Heathrow Clubhouse!

If you are flying with Virgin Atlantic before 4th March, in any class, you now have the opportunity to spend the night in the Virgin Clubhouse in Heathrow Terminal 3.

The airline has teamed up with onefinestay to build a New York-style apartment inside the Clubhouse, picture above.  If you book in, you will receive:

  • A welcome from their personal butler
  • Afternoon tea before being treated to a relaxing spa treatment
  • A pre-dinner cocktail at the bar, followed by a 3-course meal in the brasserie with wine pairings
  • Access to the cinema room and rooftop terrace
  • Tailored de Mamiel, aromatherapy treatment before bed
  • Breakfast in bed from the Clubhouse’s extensive menu and a selection of newspapers
  • Refreshing shower and steam session, followed by an invigorating spa treatment including a haircut, shave or facial
  • A breezy five minute walk to board their Virgin Atlantic flight

You can book on the onefinestay website here.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

Bits: Big Avios / Kaligo promo tomorrow, the bizarre Priority Pass vending machine at City
Using Avios on Royal Jordanian – Part 3, Boeing 787 business (Crown) class Amman to London
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  1. OT and X/P(from my post at FT) (sorry!)
    Im looking for a bit of advice please…..

    I need to do a tier point run from London to somewhere to make 160TP round trip…

    I’ve so far settled on doing something on IB via MAD to probably ACE or somewhere…, but my main thing is that Id like to use points and money to book the flights.

    However, to use points and money, I have to book via IB and use points from my IB account(no problems there) – however, I’m a little unclear if I book it this way, how I can credit the TP/AVIOS and flights to my BA exec account (Im trying to make silver and need the 4 BA/IB metal flights too…)

    One thought Ive had is to book it, then try to change the enrolled program to BA, but as I’ve never tried this before, and because its points and money, does anyone know if this is possible, or will I endup with the equiv of 160TP credited to my IB account, which is a complete waste of time/money/points ?

    • Remember that Spanish domestic flights in Business do not always generate 40 TPs – some (all?) are 20.

      Somewhere on this list of BA’s 160 TP routes may be easier and cheaper, eg Catania –

      • Rob,

        Thanks – so, I was using the BA points checker – it says for Bronze/Iberia LHR MAD 40TP / 1376 Avios , MADACE 40TP / 1712 Avios, so that should be the full 160 for a return….or is BA lying ?

        However, my question is more around, how easy is it to credit to BA when booking and using Avios on Iberia ?

        • If says that then it will be correct. Iberia will automatically include your IB number if you part pay with Iberia Avios. So, either use cash or – once booked – get the numbers swapped over. This can also be done at the airport if necessary.

      • ACE direct on BA in CE would get you the 160 needed and no faffing around at MAD

        • Correct, but I need the 4 flights on BA/IB metal too….I have 0 right now…(460TP was earned on AA)

          Thanks for all the help on this though – I was just a little concerned about getting the TP credited to the right account!

        • Lady London says:

          If you use an Iberia status card to get into a lounge then beware sometimes lounges will overwrite the frequent flyer number on your booking with Iberia, even if you had previously changed it to BA. So always check a lounge hasn’t changed the frequent flyer number/program on your booking if you used a different card to get into the lounge, than you want to book the miles for the flight to.

          The last opportunity for the frequent flyer number on your ticket to be changed is usually the lounge. It can also be changed by gate staff too. But it’s rare you would do anything at the gate in UK/Europe that would cause that.

  2. bernardh says:

    OT – I used the tricks to convert any number of Accor points into Iberia Avios. How long should it take before they appear on the Iberia side?

    • Dont know about this in particular, but, to activate my Iberia account via the iberia+ store by buying a song from iTunes took 42 days to authorise, then a further 2 days for the avios to hit my account. So, basically, it took the maximum length of time suggested for both things to happen…(therefore, if they state how long it will take, take the maximum length of time and that will likely be it!).

    • ankomonkey says:

      Overnight when I did this multiple times a few years ago. Haven’t done it since to know if anything’s changed.

      • Overnight to 48h seems to be typical for my few transactions in the last six months.

  3. Rob

    I was doing some research on how to get back from Palma last week and saw a photo of you in a lounge at Mallorca airport and it didn’t bear any resemblance to the 2 lounges I’ve been in at the airport at A and C gates. Yours was in the D gate area, it looked a big step up in terms of food etc.
    The two I’ve been in are Valderossa and Meditteraneo I think, poor spelling probably!
    I’ve been accessing the lounges with lounge key but now have priority pass and thought I might have a look at the lounge you used if I can get in…. 😉

    • Not sure where it was but it was down the far, far end of the corridor – eg a lot of passengers end up branching left from the main corridor and down a tunnel. The lounge is not there, you need to keep going and it is at the end, underground (ie there are some stair from the concourse level leading down).

  4. OT – impressed how fast bonus MR points posted. Upgraded PRG 2 weeks ago. Hit the £1k spend within 10 days …..even though my new card only arrived yesterday! Then applied for a supp card for the husband and the 5k bonus MR points posted almost instantly – within 5 mins!

    Still waiting for my welcome pack and email though.

  5. OT – can I use my Curve personal debit card (which is linked to my IHG CC) to pay a credit card bill? Or are there charges to do this? If not this could be a great way to rack up points…

  6. OT: Has Barclays taken down Hilton Honors Platinum Visa card? I can’t seem to locate it on their site. Hilton’s link to the card doesn’t work either.

    • wally1976 says:

      Oh dear…I can’t find it either :-(. Glad I got his ‘n’ hers in January. End of an era…??

      • It has gone. Barclaycard has confirmed. Still waiting for Hilton to confirm.

        • Do you think this was in response to your presentation at the Co-Brand Credit Card Conference, Rob?

        • The Hilton team told me at the conference that they were working on a new benefits package for the card. They didn’t mention that they were about to pull the current one though!

        • Is that for existing card holders too? Or just closed to new applications? Had my card for over 10 years and will be sorry if it goes.

        • Yes it’s been a good earner for me to Tilly and staff were very helpful when I had a fraud issue..

          Well they may be bringing in a visa version of the new American offering 🙂

        • @Rob card with hefty fee that includes Diamond à la US card? 🙂

      • Damn! I was hoping to persuade Mrs Gavin to sign up for it after we have moved house (can anyone on HfP recommend a nice place to live within. 30 mins train or tube journey from St Paul’s?).

        Guess I will keep mine until the better end now.

        • I just got mine last week, looks like it was just in time! (Unless the replacement is better, but that rarely seems to happen)

    • Shame – was on my plans for this year. Just as well the other half got his Lloyds application in the other week.

    • Absolutely gutted! ☹️

  7. OT: Spend £125 or more for a £20 AMEX statement credit. Book, rent & pay by 31 May 2018.
    Could combine well with the Virgin Atlantic 6000 miles offer for Avis rentals of group C or higher for 3 days or more, which expires today.

  8. wally1976 says:

    OT – for anyone interested – I have taken out a new Amex Gold charge card in the last few days. Straight after activating it, I asked on live chat if there was any bonus for adding a supplementary cardholder and was told “no”. So I added one anyway and, sure enough, 3000 MR points hit my account the very next day :-).

  9. What happens to the clubhouse apartment after 4th March?

    The booking form seems to suggest can book it in April onwards or is that bogus? Seems to cost £1 per night!

  10. OT: Lloyds Avios gone from their website

  11. OT: re the Hilton Barclaycard being taken down. I applied for it just a few days ago and was accepted. Haven’t received the card yet. If I do and I spend £750, will they honour the free new night certificate. I applied after a gap of 6months and 2 weeks.

    • There is no 6 month rule with Barclaycard, but you might still get the voucher anyway.

      • I applied a couple of weeks ago and was declined, no reason given. I have a good credit score and cancelled my Hilton Visa over 6 months ago.

  12. O/T is the AMEX travel spend £600 cumulative so I could book three different flights?

    • Yes. Worked for me for 1 flight and 1 hotel

    • Just booked 3 Dubai experiences worth total of £606 for next month, quick save 200 quid before its expire.

    • I’ve been frantically looking too !!

      Maybe 2 TP runs to Malta ! although I’m more tempted by something I’d actually use a PE to Cairo for a trip diving in the red sea – but then flights CAI-HRG are £155 !!

  13. Craig Strickland says:

    OT: Well, off the original topic anyway. Strangely I have just been offered and completed an e-Rewards survey that discussed credit cards that earn status and points!

    • New Card says:

      If you had to guess, who commissioned it? 🙂

      • Craig Strickland says:

        Without wishing to risk the confidentiality agreements, there were several and none of them would be a surprise to readers of this thread.

  14. BA just cancelled my flight to Dublin on Friday 🙁
    Not told me yet but its online when I have a look in my booking.

    I have an airbnb booked which I will not be able to cancel. Do I have to rely on my travel insurance for this ?

    There are other flights BA have not cancelled on that day but they have not proactively moved us onto one of the others – will they ? Or would we need to call up and request that ?
    My Father is thinking he’d rather not go now this weekend so it might be quite a good excuse to bin the whole thing……if BA or travel insurance will cover the AirBnB.


    • They have a duty to put you on another flight or give you a refund, your travel insurer might say it was your choice to cancel if you went for the latter option. I had a flight cancelled recently and not re-booked, they said this was an error when they called but they were selling the seats on the alternative flights for a fortune!

      • Bored says:

        No way!!! How much were they charging for these flights??? £343 perhaps?


  15. Craig Strickland says:

    OT. Looking at using the Amex £200 of £600 spend offer. I can find about £450 of experiences for various holidays that look good. Thinking of topping it up with a car hire, does this get charged immediately and will it count? Thanks.

    • Yes and yes. Everything I’ve ever booked via Amex Travel has been charged immediately

      • Craig Strickland says:

        Here goes nothing then, agent just told me Avis don’t charge immediately.

        • Lady London says:

          With a car hire normally you can choose between pre-paying online on your card immediately when you book, or paying when you return the car. Both have pros and cons. Prepaying is pretty much always cheaper but very risky if your plans change as it might not be rebookable.

          One advantage of prepaying is that it’s usually in UK pounds if booked on the UK website of a car hire company. Once you’ve paid even if the UK Pound value goes down against the local currency where you pick up the car before the date you pick up the car, you are protected from exchange rate changes if you don’t add extras when picking up the car as you already paid everything. Adding extras when you pick up the car will be in the local currency and might even trigger the whole thing to be revalued into local currency (not done that, but think so!).

    • Craig Strickland says:

      For the record, just made one hire car and two excursion bookings. Three separate transactions and have received the thanks for using your offer email.

  16. Hi off topic hoping for some help from the community. Does anyone know whether if you book hotels through Amex Travel, will the stay still qualify as a Hilton stay under the Diamond status challenge, where you have to stay 8 stays in a 3 month period. I was trying to use my Amex £50 voucher for £200 spend which expires today.

  17. The Original Nick says:

    O:T, I have an Avis offer on my AMEX BA CC. Spend £125 or more for £20 back. Maybe useful for some.

  18. So, what does that mean for the SPG & BAPP Amex? Days numbered as well?

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